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Second generation lesbian debut

My mother came out of the closet when I was two years old and growing up I always dreamt of marrying a woman and being like her but social setting changed that dream to being with a man. Part of me knew I was bi or even les the whole time. It juse finally struck me at a moment I didn't expect.

I was 15 years old at softball practice I twisted my knee pretty bad and had to go see the nurse. I was late getting back to the showers due to my injury so I was getting in while everyone else was getting out. As this was happening I found myself excited at the naked girls. Everyone was gone by the time I got out. My mind was racing not able to believe I could be gay. One of our assistant coaches Vanessa came up to me and asked what was wrong. Vanessa was 19 years old about 5'10 and very strong and curvy. I lied and said I was worried about my injury. She wrapped her arms around me and I cried on her shoulder she told me about how a broken leg cost her her scholarship and she started to cry too. Then she leaned in and kissed my cheek. Vanessa knew my injury wasn't serious and she asked what was really wrong. I told her the truth about my homosexual thoughts and she said she went through the same thing. Her mom was a lesbian too and she told me about her struggle and how she still was hiding in the closet. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and then I went full on her lips rubbing her body up and down. she laid me on the bench and told me I was the most beautiful girl on the team. Kissing me passionatley she undid my towel. I was shaking with excitment. she was feeling me up and i was on that fat ass of hers. then her lips youched my vagina and i knew this was right as the shiver of passion ran up my spine. she was down there for about ten minutes and I had my first two orgasms ever. Over time we had a relationship and it was amazing until she moved away I'll never forget my first lesbian love.

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