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My cousin filled me with cum

My cousin and I have a little tradition whereby every time he comes to stay with his parents – we fuck!
This all started when we were about 15 with an awkward snog and a fumble, and ever since we’ve taken it further and further. He was the first boy ever to eat my pussy and my god he was good! I’d discovered masturbation a couple of years earlier, but when he first tongued my pussy I thought I was going to pass out! I was giving him blowjobs by the time I was 16 and we were soon shagging properly whenever he and his f****y came to stay, which is about twice a year. We’re both now 20, and so experienced it just gets better. We don’t bother too much if one of us has a girlfriend or boyfriend – it’s our little secret.
His mum is my dad’s s****r and we all get on really well – little do they know just how well me and cousin Danny get on!
They were due to visit a few weekends ago and my heart leapt. I was trying to decide what to wear. I really wanted to wear a dress and no knickers, a) to give him ‘easy access’ and b) to tease him. The problem was, I knew my pussy would be leaking and I didn’t want to leave a wet patch on my dress or on a chair. One of the occupational hazards of being female! Or should I wear tight jeans and take as many opportunities as I could to show off my firm little bum? In the end I decided on a compromise – a dress but with knickers.
I was constantly wet for about a week and as soon as they arrived, I knew our little tradition would be continuing. He gave me a big hug and the cheeky bugger deliberately pressed his cock against my tummy – needless to say it was rock hard!
My pussy started to swell and tingle and I just knew it would be soaked. I’d shaved it that morning, so it was nice and smooth for him.
I offered to make some tea and asked him if he’d give me a hand in the kitchen. He got the hint, and as soon as the kettle was on, we started snogging - hard, wet snogging, tongues everywhere. I was in a dilemma – on the one hand I desperately wanted him to feel me up, but on the other I didn’t want to get too carried away and not be able to go any further with our parents in the next room.
But he soon made the decision for me, as his hands slipped down my body and under my dress. He stroked my little bottom, then moved his fingers slowly round to the front of my knickers. He started stroking my pussy through the thin cotton of the gusset, gently teasing me with just one finger. Then he slipped his finger under the elastic and pressed gently on the slit where my pussy lips met. They opened, releasing a pool of juice all over his hand. I tensed and gasped, trying desperately not to make too much noise, and with the dirtiest, sexiest look on his face, he brought his sticky fingers up to his lips and licked them clean.
I honestly would have had him over the kitchen table there and then, but we had to control ourselves and make tea! He promised to continue where he left off later.
So there I was, trying to drink tea and make polite conversation with a dripping pussy and soaked knickers. Danny was sitting opposite me in such a way that I could clearly see he had an erection, but no-one else could.
As luck would have it, it was a cold, clear, sunny day and soon as we’d finished our tea, his parents suggested we took the dogs for a walk. Trying to sound casual, I suggested Danny and stayed behind to clear up the tea things and ‘catch up’ – which to my amazement worked!
They then spent what felt like an age putting on coats and wellies and finding the dog’s lead, but finally they said goodbye and closed the door and headed off.
Danny was standing behind me as we saw them off, and they’d barely reached the end of the path before he was groping my tits and running his hands all over my bum and pussy. He pulled my dress up and off, followed by my teeshirt, then turned me round and we started snogging again. My firm little breasts were now naked and pressing into his chest, as I reached down and put my hand down the front of his jeans. He was rock hard. I unbuttoned his shirt and tugged at his jeans. We pulled off the rest of our clothes and fell onto the sofa, writhing around in a tangle of horny limbs, tongues and hands.
My pussy was pouring and his thick cock was leaving big wet patches against my thigh as we rolled around. I opened my legs, hoping he’d get the hint, and sure enough, he wriggled up and sank his cock deep inside me.
It felt indescribably, unbelievably good. I’d been so worked up, so horny and desperate for this moment. My masturbation levels had rocketed that week and at last I had the real thing.
We lay side my side, thrusting against each other and snogging wildly. He was so big, so incredibly hard, and filled me completely. Our groins were a mess of sweat and juice, and my shaved pussy was glistening. After about 20 minutes, Danny rolled over until he was on top of me and started fucking me seriously hard. He angled his cock so it rubbed on my clit as he hammered in and out of my pussy and I came hard – yelling loudly enough to wake the neighbours! I looked down and noticed he’d been fucking me so hard that he was making cream out of my cunt juice – it was thick and white and covered his cock as it emerged from my sopping hole.
By now he was going at an incredible speed and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Sure enough, he started grunting and groaning and I felt his cock get even bigger inside me.
“Cum in me – fill me up!” I begged him – and he did. With a final, almighty thrust, he emptied his fat balls into me. Glob after glob of thick, fresh sperm shot up inside me. I could feel each spurt as it splashed against the fleshy walls of my cunt. I think I counted eight loads before he finally collapsed onto the sofa next to me, his cock still inside me.
As we slowly recovered, his cock slid out of my pussy, followed by a slow trickle of spunk. I said it felt like a massive load and he said he hadn’t wanked for a week because he wanted to save it all for me.
We thought we’d better clean up and open some windows, since the room smelt strongly of sex, pussy juice and spunk and it would have been obvious to our parents what we’d been up to.
We managed one more shag that weekend – a silent fuck at night. I was lying in bed masturbating when I heard the door open and he crept in, wearing just a dressing gown. I scrambled onto all fours and told him to fuck me doggie style and give me another load. We had to keep really quiet as our parents were all sl**ping nearby, and at one point, the bed started squeaking, so we got onto the floor to finish off.
He was able to fuck me much harder then, and I came twice before he whipped his cock out and sprayed another thick load all over my bum and back before creeping back to his own room. I then had to stagger to the bathroom and try and wipe the spunk from my back while looking in the mirror!
Those were the only two shags we managed, but god they were good! I got another hug (and another erection pressed into my tummy) before they left – with the promise that they’d be back at Easter. I can’t wait….

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