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Short Skirt, Long Legs, Sexy Pantyhose

Sometimes I try to think back to see where my pantyhose fetish started and I believe that it began about the time I was going through puberty and just getting used to having erections. We had a school bus driver who was a very pretty redhead. She was about 18 years old with long legs and she always wore pantyhose with extremely short skirts (which were in fashion back then). I remember getting onto the bus in the mornings and being greeted by those long luscious legs. Once in awhile, she would turn to the back of the bus yelling something at the students just as I would be getting on the steps. The view was fantastic. I could see just a little bit of muff but it was only a quick glance as I didn't want to get caught looking up her skirt. She didn't wear panties and looking back at it now, I believe she was quite the cock-tease.

I had my own issues as the hormones were running wild and I was having erections almost constantly. Unfortunately, tight pants for the guys were also in fashion at the time and anyone around me could tell when I was hard, as my dick was somewhat larger than average. Later, I would be teased in high school about my big schlong, especially when we had to hit the showers after PE. It received a lot of attention, and although it was a little uncomfortable, I really did enjoy showing it off.

Anyway, the fascination with girls wearing pantyhose stayed with me and became part of my sexual activity with the females, when it was okay with them. I still have that fascination today and I do think I owe it at least partially to that hot redhead school bus driver. Speaking of her, a few years later...when I was in my late 20's, one of my buddies (he and I were doing threesomes with his wife now and then), let me in on some interesting info. He had been fucking a hot redhead off and on and she found out that he knew me. She had heard that I had a big dick and wanted to know if that was true. He told her yes...that it was fairly big but not huge. He asked me to join them for a threesome and it was every bit of the fantasy I thought it would be. She was in her early 30's now, but still very pretty and in good shape. While my buddy licked her twat, I positioned myself and straddled her pointy tits so that each hard nipple was massaging my ass cheeks. Then I fed my cock to her, letting her lick the head all over. Then I'd rub my hard dick all over her face while she continued darting her tongue all around it. I came all over her face and she thought that I'd be finished. She didn't know that I was multi-orgasmic and our sex play continued the rest of the afternoon, even after my buddy had given up a long time earlier. Needless to say, she was well fucked by the time we finished and my pecker finally lay limp on my drained balls. I counted 10 orgasms that afternoon. Actually, I could have fucked her more, but I think all her orifices had been worked over pretty well by now.

I did let her know how I appreciated the hot leg show she used to put on for us guys and that she had been one of my longer lasting fantasies. She loved hearing that and was even very accommodating during our future fucks when I asked her to keep her pantyhose on for awhile. My size and the fact that my dick is curved a little make anal sex a little more difficult, but not impossible. One of my favorites sessions with her was when I penetrated her tight ass while she still had on pantyhose (with just a little hole poked in them so that I could poke her). I could feel my balls just smacking away at her pussy while I banged her ass. I finally let loose streams of jizz up her ass and with the way she was reacting, I think she felt each and every powerful spurt full on. My buddy could never keep up with me in the sex department, even when were fucking his wife, but he did join us now and then for threesome fun. She and I kept it going for a long time though. She finally moved away but I will always remember with fondness the hot bus driver with the really short skirt, long legs, and sexy pantyhose. I honestly still get hard just thinking about her.

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