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One Torrid Night

“One Torrid Night”
I had no idea how a sexual impulse one night while we were fooling around would excite us so much later. We have been married for nearly 27 years and we have just found our love life again after some barren years. A year previous to this story I had come out of the closet and told my wife about my crossdressing, fortunately she took this news rather well but in return she told me she had strong bisexual feelings. This had added a whole new dimension to our lovemaking. Her toy collection gained a slim strapon cock and this she uses on me from time to time. Chrissies toy collection is quite impressive and often during our lovemaking one would be introduced as a second cock. Ground rules about Chrissie’s female partners were laid out early on, although I am okay to see other crossdressers I am in no way allowed to see any females, not that I want to as I am very happy with the way things are. A while later and during our lovemaking one of us suggested that how about another cock for her to play with – a real cock, a crossdressed cock. Then all three of us could have some fun.
I suppose it all started in a kind of innocent way. I liked nothing better to do than to watch my lovely wife getting dressed. I'd lie on the bed and watch her pull on her black pantyhose positioning myself so that her pussy was just inches away from my nose. It's lovely just to lay there and breathe in her sexy scent. This developed into me lying on my back and she would deliberately back onto my face teasing me, from there it became serious pantyhose facesitting!! Lovely!!
One night we were looking at a group for facesitting and downloaded a movie where the man wore a black double ended dildo face gag. The man was lying down with his arms tied to his sides while the woman rode his cock facing away from him until he came then she backed up and rode the protruding cock gag. We both watched in awe, we hadn't thought of doing this! A little while later and she had ordered a gag just like that. One night we re enacted this scene and it was mindblowing for the pair of us. The only difference being that I was “Michaella” or “Emm” as one of my friends likes to call me. Over my black bra, knicks and black pantyhose I had a pleated khaki mini and a black sweater. A short blonde wig and 4 inch black shoes completed the outfit. Having gotten dressed I was ordered to lie down and from her toy drawer she selected the black double ended penis gag. Luckily for me the mouth end was smaller of the two ends, my tongue moved over the head of the cock as she buckled the leather strap behind my head. At first I found it a turn on to have this in my mouth but it soon became something I wanted rid of. I got comfortable and put my hands under my body in submission as the naked Chrissie climbed onto the bed. Soon I felt the familiar warmth of her pussy as she straddled my cock and lowered herself down. Chrissie rode my cock with abandon showing no mercy. Past the gag I could see her smooth pale buttocks rising and falling. I lay there with feelings of trepidation as I knew how all this was going to end and was not sure if I was going to like it or not. I was buried deep within her as she played with her clit bringing herself off to yet another orgasm. I could tell how damp she was as the cool air of the room cooled her escaping juices that had run further round my sex. It had been a few days since I had cum and I knew that when I did cum it was going to be a big load. I might have cum sooner if it were not for my concerns about trying this idea out. I heard her moan again as she came again pushing down causing my cockhead to push against her cervix. It felt like a finger pushing on the eye of my cock giving me untold feelings, feelings enough to push me over the edge. I felt the familiar surge of impending release. Muscles tightened, cock twitched in anticipation. Lifting my hips off the bed impaling Chrissie my first jet pumped into her womanhood. Again and again I thrust my hips at her letting loose my cum into her insides. I felt gloriously spent. Chrissie wasted no time in lifting herself off my still twitching semi hard cock and backed up the bed to my face. Holding the black rubber penis as she would prior to mounting a cock I looked up at her gaping sex seeing our combined juices hanging there but before any drooled out she had slid down onto the shaft for her second helping of cock. Any doubts I may have had completely went away and my cock was coming back to life in her hands as she rode my face. Juices escaped and run onto my face and onto my chin – I had so many new sensations to contend with it was mindblowing! Chrissie was having another orgasm, quicker than I would have thought proving that she was equally as turned on as I was. I had hoped she was going to ride me for a bit longer but I think she wanted to just prove a point and show me that she had done what she wanted / we wanted and so she rolled off looking absolutely exhausted but very happy with herself.
A couple of nights later I did what she likes the most. After long kisses I make my way down her body to her sex and spread her legs I just love to give her oral sex, she tastes divine. She was on her back where I could see her big beautiful body as I licked and kissed her vagina and rubbed her breasts with my hands. She really seems to like that. She looked at me and could see that I was as hard as rock, the pantyhose and knicks bulging showing the outline of my maleness. She smiled at me mischievously.
I couldn’t help but rub my cock through the nylon as I watched her lightly run her hands up her body. I moved closer pulling the combined waistbands down exposing my erection and rubbed my cockhead over her glistening pussy. The way her juices and my precum coated my head looked so sexy.
Chrissie is always turned on when Michaella performs on her fuelling her bisexual fantasies really turns her on and tonight she was very turned on. She was so wet and open for my cock. She moved her hips up wanting to take my cock into her. Her legs then spread open and wrapped around me. As she lifted her hips my cock went into her all the way. I moaned as my cock was swallowed up in her. Wow, she was so wet and it felt so warm in her.
I began pumping harder in her and could feel her gripping me with each stroke. I felt my head bump her cervix with each thrust and it was making me crazy looking at the sexy expression on her face. Her eyes glazed over in sexual ecstasy and I knew it would not be long before an orgasm.

"I love you..." She moaned. She rubbed and held her breasts keeping most of her flesh still as I pumped into her. Her hands roamed downward to tickle and play with her clit bringing on yet another orgasm for her. The redness around her neck down to her breasts showed me that she was sexually on fire. She reached to my thighs and stroked the nylon pantyhose – this must be playing tricks in her mind feeling femme clothes and having a cock pumping away. From there she grasped my breast flesh forming them and playing with them. Sometimes I can last a long time and sometimes I just have to look at the sheer horniness in her eyes to send me over the edge – this was one of those times. She looked so damn horny, I felt the release of control go and I was now in the hands of Mother Nature. Feeling the surge I panted. "I’m gonna cum!" I could feel tremors all through my cock as I felt my orgasm begin. My balls tightened up against the base of my shaft and I felt my sperm begin to pump up into her.
"OH... I am cumming!" Her legs tightened around me and pulled me in as deep as I could go. I could feel my cock pulsing in her.
I came and I could feel it gushing into her, spurting into her warm wet sex. She then had a large orgasm that made her shake with pleasure. Lights flashed behind my closed eyes as jet after jet of my creamy cum pulsed from my cock.
We began to subside and calm down. We both lay there holding each other for a few moments enjoying the moment we just had brief though it had been. I could feel our juices oozing out of her and cooling over my shaft.
I was suddenly hit with an insane notion and the urge was just too great to stop. I pulled my dick from her and began kissing my way down her body. When I reached her tummy she panted. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She moaned when she realised...
When I reached her neatly trimmed pubic hairs I lifted my head and looked at her open vagina. It was beautiful and I could see my sperm oozing from inside of her. What was I thinking? I pushed my lips to her lips and licked tentatively at first... I was licking my own cum from her very soaked vagina and I was getting hotter than I could believe. After a minute she started moving her hips in motion and obviously liked it too. I haven’t tried anything like this before except for the other night with the gag, but licking my sperm from her was very exciting and she appeared to like it as well.
She slowly built up excitement and came again, while I lapped up our juices from her. She then just went limp. I pulled up and knelt by her collapsing on the bed next to her. We were both breathing hard and panting.
She said "That was soooooo sexy. Mmmmmmmmm, my god it made me so hot!" She moved up to me and asked "What made you want to do that?"
I said, "I'm not really sure. I have had an urge to want to do it to you for a while and it was really strong then, so I just did it. I could never do that as “him” though only now dressed as Michaella." She said, "Well did you like it?” I told her "Like it? I can't believe it but yes, it was very kinky and exciting." She said "Knowing that you were tasting your own semen from me, sort of short circuited my brain for a moment. Did it taste okay to you?"
I laughed and said. "Well it was different. Yes it was okay."
She laughed and said. "I love you."
I said that it wasn’t just the tasting of my sperm that really turned me on; it was knowing that the sperm was in my sexy wife and I wanted to try it. Something about that really made me hot for her, so I wanted to do it and dressed as Michaella it didn’t seem so bad.
She then said smiling, "Since you are turned on by seeing sperm in me, just suppose if it was from another man, would you still have wanted to eat me afterwards then too?"
As she said it, I guess my cock sort of sprang to life with a slow surge and she noticed it too. She touched my dick and slowly stroked it and said. "I guess I have my answer. You are so sexy and this is making me horny talking about it, but I really don't think that I could ever do it with another man though." I said that I understood and then we slowly drifted off to sl**p. We didn't talk about it again for a couple of weeks. About two weeks after we had that erotic night, I brought it up again while making love. She was holding my cock and stroking a dildo slowly in and out of her pussy gradually building up to an orgasm.
As we were kissing, I said for her to imagine another cock here with us. I wanted to take our play this bit further by deliberately implanting the idea into her mind and to let her also know I was sharing the experience with her. Although in the past we both “knew” she was having a two cock play I wanted it to be said. She did not say anything, but her kisses grew a little deeper with me. “It’s fucking you now while you are holding another cock in your hand” I whispered to her. We continued to kiss heavily and I was rubbing her breasts with my hands. I then took over the lifelike dildo giving her random strokes with it that sent her over the edge. She stopped kissing me and asked me hesitantly, "If we did decide to do it, who could it be, I really don’t want another man, but if it were to be another CD we could all have some fun?" “Well darling, we’ll have to have a look and see, but I want you to make the final decision” I said not wanting to take control of the situation. I have met quite a few CD’s in the past and have met some new and interesting ones online. It was decided that whoever we wanted to meet had to be smooth and femme and of a similar age. We both get turned off when we get A/S/L’d and a big turnoff for Chrissie is the type that say hello can I fuck you! We both wanted to build a relationship first before inviting a third person into our bed and my wife! We had also decided that we were going to ask the third person to email us both so nothing would be hidden from each other.
I stopped for a moment to think about it, one name that popped into my head - Tara. I told her that I knew a crossdresser from my local venue and also the Internet named Tara. I hold my hands up and admit that I liked Tara a lot, she is good looking, has a good body, clean and honest. She also puts a lot of effort into looking her best. I told her that I didn't message or email her very often, but she is a nice person and good looking. I told her that Tara was about 5' 5" and 110 pounds. She mostly wore a blonde bob style and she is of a slim healthy build. She said that she wouldn't promise anything but would think about it some as a fantasy anyway. That was all we spoke of it but I could see that she excited.
After a few emails, messages and photo swapping later I told Tara what I wanted for my wife and myself. I told her to hold tight and I would see what could happen since she hasn't agreed to it yet. But there was a very good chance of it happening and to email Chrissie and introduce herself.
I had to choose the right time to tell my wife and a few days later on a night of passion, I brought it up again. She was horny and I asked her again if this is what she wanted. I told her about Tara as my friend was going to email her and I didn’t want the email to be rejected out of hand. She said that maybe we can just meet her and I can say no for sure if I don't want to." Obviously our sex was very good that night with both of us thinking about the possibilities. I suggested that as I trusted Tara that maybe she could come here and we could just have a social evening. But even as I said that I felt that I had pushed Chrissie just that bit too far.
With that, a week passed and we planned to meet at a local crossdress venue that has a restaurant and bar where we discussed that she could just meet Tara and see if she was interested. I was dressed in a green sweater, tartan mini skirt, black pantyhose, 2 inch heels. Chrissie did my makeup and I must admit I looked GOOD! We arrived and soon saw her there and she soon joined us. Tara looked really sexy, she had obviously put extra effort into looking this good. She was wearing a business suit the skirt of which came to her knees. The three of us kissed politely although there was more than a gleam in Chrissie’s and Tara’s eyes. We sat down at a table and had a few drinks and talked. Tara told us that she had a dreadful journey getting here and was not looking forward to going back tonight. My wife said "not to worry your'e staying with us tonight!" Just like that! They certainly clicked as I knew that they would as Tara is so femme and very passable. We drank and continued talking and we all became much less tense as we talked more freely.
Tara left us for a short while to order some more drinks from the bar and while she was away I looked at my wife and said, "You know that its okay and I wanted to know if you liked her or not. But I see you have made up your mind already you 'lil devil. I bet your knicks are as damp as can be!"
She said, "I can't believe this, it's going so quickly but you know and I know that we both want this to happen.... so why not, we're both grown up and I love you with all my heart".
Tara returned and we continued to talk for a few more minutes at the table. The three of us then decided to make our way home before the night got too old or we had d***k to much to drive.
Arriving home to our bungalow, in the hallway Chrissie said "Well why don't we all get comfortable. Tara if you want to freshen up the bathroom is over there and the guest room is just behind you." I left them to it; I was a bag of nerves as I headed off towards the kitchen to get us a bottle of white wine and some glasses.
When I went back through into the hallway to see how things were going, I saw Tara had dropped her bag next to the bed and that they were sitting next to each other lightly kissing and touching each others legs, Chrissie was nervous, but you could see that it was an excited kind of nervous. This was all happening so quickly but I suppose we all knew what we wanted – so why waste too much time! Tara was getting quite turned on by the situation as she began to kiss on her neck and nibble on her ears. Chrissie was now breathing hard and I could see her skin starting to flush. Tara began to undress her and soon had her sitting in her black bra, knickers and stockings. I don’t ever remember a woman looking as good as she did just at that moment. Chrissie slowly reached out and touched Tara's arm with her hand as she leaned forward to kiss her back. Her passion was strong enough now that she was no longer overly embarrassed with us both here. She asked Tara to take off some of her clothes and looked over at me with a smile and said, "You too Emm, only fair…. okay?"
I went into our bedroom and undressed down to my satin black undies and put on a satin suspender belt and some barely black stockings which almost matched Chrissie’s outfit. When I returned I watched her still sitting there in her undies. Tara reached over and unfastened Chrissie’s bra and exposed her beautiful breasts. Tara could not help but reach out and touch her nipples and rub her breasts with her hands. She then leaned over and put her mouth on one of them. I couldn't believe how hot this was making me and you could tell that she was starting to become very hot too with her uneven breath. I sat next to Tara and stroked her tan stockinged legs and when she came up from sucking Chrissie’s nipples we kissed. Knowing where her mouth had just been made it kind of kinky for me. Chrissie shuffled around a bit and I watched her as she removed her knickers while sitting on the bed. She must have been relaxed from the wine, because she is normally shy, but I guess she was taking advantage of this experience too. I think we were both of the same mind – now or never.
Tara couldn't confine her erection in her knickers any longer as the head of her cock peeped above the waistband. Chrissie saw that and slipped off the bed and knelt between her legs, her hand rubbing on the bulge. "Mmmm" She said to us smiling. She doesn't do oral sex very often, but she was excited now. Tara moaned into my mouth as Chrissie took Tara’s cockhead into her warm sexy mouth wrapping her lips around her cock kissing it and then sucking on it. Her hands began to pump the lower part of Tara’s shaft as her mouth licked all over her big throbbing head. Tara was moaning like crazy as she sucked taking a good length down into her mouth. I put a hand on the back of Chrissie’s head partly to say “okay hon” and partly to feel the eroticness of her head going up and down on another cock. Tara had an idea of her own and bent to take my cock into her mouth. I shifted position and she went to work. I watched her blonde head bobbing on my cock and my wife’s brunette head going up and down on Tara’s cock – What a sight!
"If you keep this up, I am going to cum quickly!" Tara said as my cockhead left her mouth. I felt so turned on that I might have joined her in cumming but kept quiet about that. Tara sat up and Chrissie then slowly pulled her mouth from the cock and sat back and then lay down full length next to her on the bed legs apart.
I watched (while now slowly rubbing my cock) as Tara moved up to her and crawled up in between her legs. She then eased her large cock up onto my wife’s opening. Chrissie reached down and took hold of Tara’s cock and rubbed the head of it all around her lips and opening making her squirm with desire. Tara then slowly put her large head up to my wife’s opening. I was in a spellbound watching her about to insert her manhood into my beautiful wife.
Tara began to lightly push into her opening and Chrissie then started to moan lightly with delight as Tara began to put it into her. You could see that she loved it as with each inch of her girly cock slowly that slid into her Chrissie would raise her legs a bit more. Tara would push in an inch, pull out a half inch, then push in another inch. I moved and could see her balls were pressing up at Chrissie’s ass and then knew that she had taken the whole cock inside of her. It was so sexy to see. You could see the contented expression on her face. Having another man in her for the first time in several years...and me there with her! I stroked Tara’s sexy ass and gently crept up behind her. I just wanted to lay my cock in the V of Tara’s ass and feel her ass bump against my sex as she pumped in and out of my wife.
Tara was on top slowly thrusting in and out and kissing her lips, her neck, and her breasts. Tara seemed to be very good on her, maybe because she was different and Chrissie really appeared to love this attention. Chrissie being shy at first would only let Tara kiss her very lightly on the lips and would shyly turn her cheek away. It took her a while to warm up to kissing what was virtually a stranger. As time went by though, she began kissing Tara back deeply and long, much as we have kissed on many, many thousands of occasions. She is the best kisser that I have ever been with. This all was happening while we slowly pumped in motion together.
Now slick with her juices, I moved to better watch as Tara pumped in her, going in and out of her. They stopped only to change positions a few times. First, Tara was on top, then Chrissie would move on top. They kept the pace going slowly like she likes it and built up gradually. They increased the speed and moved passionately for several minutes as they kissed, held, and touched each other. Chrissie then reached her hand over to me and I leaned over and kissed her. As I kissed her, it was so exciting feeling her face move to their sexual motion. We both could feel and appreciate this very erotic kiss and position we were in. She kissed me deeply and I could taste her desire from it. She then took her hand and tried to reach my cock as she and Tara continued in motion together. She was on the bottom again and really couldn’t do much, so I moved further onto the bed and guided my erection to Chrissie’s sweet mouth. Tara leaned closer and kissed me and then kissed my cock and Chrissie’s painted lips. Next I sucked on one of Chrissie’s swaying nipples and Tara joined me by sucking the other. Chrissie was cumming and cumming. The sound and scent of her wet sex filled the room. I moved to behind Tara and felt her slimy cummy shaft. Kneeling I managed to get in between them and taste the juices on her cock .The sight of my wife’s sex lips wrapped around this cock almost made me cum! Tara pulled out and presented me with her cock a shuffling on the bed told me that I was soon to be joined by Chrissie. Tara soon enjoyed two tongues playing with her sex. Her cock went to the back of my throat and I gave her a few gentle sucks while I was being kissed by my sweet wife. Chrissie soon wanted more and it was not long before I was aiming Tara’s cock head up to the entrance and into the sex of my kneeling wife. I watched as Chrissie’s breasts moved to and fro, her nipples grazing the bedding. I moved around and held my wife’s head, we looked into each other’s eyes – she was gone on some higher level. She soon went to work on my erection while Tara and I kissed deeply our tongues working on the insides of each other’s mouths. I could see that the situation was getting the better of Tara and that she wasn’t going to last much longer as her movements began to become more erratic.
Holding onto Chrissie’s hips her thrusting was now becoming wilder and within a minute, she buried her massive cock deep inside of her. Within seconds of feeling Tara starting to cum, Chrissie began to cum too. As she was cumming she moved her hips around with large movements and they moved wildly together for several seconds. Chrissie really let go and enjoyed it with moans and sighs Tara’s heavy balls tightened as she began to shoot off deeply into Chrissie then pulling out and creaming the rest of her hot load into the V between her buttocks. Tara’s still thrusting cock lay in the V pulsing and jerking for a few more seconds as Chrissie moaned as yet another orgasm shook through her body and mind.
As they stopped, they just knelt there for a minute. As Tara calmed down, she gripped her semi hard cock and rubbed her cock head in her cum tracing it back down past Chrissie’s puckered hole down to her clit and back again. Tara looked up at me and smiled; taking her face in my hands I kissed her as my hand went to her cock and the puddle of semen on Chrissies back. Tasting a cum soaked finger I knew that my wife wanted me to go down on her and clean her up but I wanted to wait until I was told. I then looked at Chrissie and was mesmerised by how beautiful she looked as she knelt there. Tara moved away and flopped onto the bed close to Chrissie who turned to me and said “You know what I want you to do don’t you Emm” . Tara and Chrissie were kissing as I took in the scene before me. Chrissie was wet and her skin was red from their heated passion. As I sat on the other side of the bed, I could see that her vagina was soaked and cum was oozing out of her. She looked over at me and smiled contently. She then pulled me to her and we began to kiss again with Tara still next to us. I smiled at her and started kissing Chrissie very deeply. We kissed so deeply and it was so exciting knowing that she was with Tara just a moment earlier. As we continued to kiss, I decided to kiss on her blushed red neck and so I continued down her back to absorb and kiss her spent beautiful body. She was still wet from passion and I was just in a trance from how desirable she was.
I then spread her knees further open and moved down between them. I began to lick all around her ass and thighs and could feel the heat from her body on my face and lips.
As I moved my mouth around I finally slid my tongue next to her vagina and could smell her sexy scent, but this time it was different. Tara's eyes grew wide while she watched me down in between her legs. Stroking her cock she fed Chrissie her manhood while I busied myself at her wet well used sex.
Now feeling so much passion that I would do anything, I slid my tongue inside of her and tasted their juices that had just mixed together. She let out a breathy sigh as my tongue finally touched her spot.
Cum was oozing out of her and was smearing on my face and in my mouth. Her skin was still red from being rubbed on. The lips of her sex still fully swollen and opened. It was so sexy seeing her kneeling open like that. As I licked all of Tara’s sperm out of her opening, it made me hotter and hotter. Then I slid my tongue and mouth into her vagina lips. My mouth pushed into her as I sucked her juices and semen that was inside of her.
It was so strange, but I have never done anything so hot in my whole life. The thought of us doing this was more of a turn on than I could have ever imagined. I must have licked and sucked on her for several minutes as she started building up again.
It was very exciting getting to taste, feel, and eat her. Just drinking her up. Knowing that my lady was at last living out a fantasy, it made it so very exciting.
She appeared to enjoy it too as she was moving to the motion of my mouth and Tara’s cock. I could occasionally see her looking up at Tara and this must have been an additional turn-on for her; being watched while having oral sex done to her by me. Tara then moved over and sat on the bed next to her and caressed her hanging breasts and kissed her as I continued to lick her beautiful bottom cleaning the cum trapped between her buttocks.
She looked back at me and said, "This is so sexy! I love you down there while Tara looks and touches me. Oh, this feels so good. I love this!" Hearing her made me want her so much that I dug in deeper and was moving my tongue right onto her clit. I was licking and sucking her just the way she likes it and she was now moving wildly and about to have another orgasm. I felt Tara’s finger touching and lightly rubbing on her anus as I had my mouth on her clit.
She started moving fast and I could taste her juices more as she began to cum on my mouth. She let out some sighs and rotated her hips as she had a large, long orgasm while we were both there touching her. Wow, what a night that turned out to be.
After we finished, we hugged and kissed and I eventually opened that bottle of wine! We sat and talked and talked about crossdressing, women well you name it and we talked about it. I knew that Chrissie would probably not want sex again just yet but I was hoping that maybe we could. I put an arm around Tara and let that wander down her back……..

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