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Crossroads Part 2 (fiction)

Crossroads (Part Two)
The earlier rain had returned and through the intermittent pattern of rain then windscreen wipers I watched as she pulled the car over into a small unmade lay-by running the wheels over humps and through puddle filled dips coming to a stop under the shelter of some overhanging trees. With an urgent look in her eyes she leaned over patted my thigh and said, "Sorry hon, but I really need to go". With that she opened the door and turned in the seat stretching her long shapely legs out into the cold night air. Soon she was assuming the position of a lady "caught short". Semi squatting with her knickers behind her knees. I had no idea what to do - I MEAN, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! The emotions running through me were in turmoil before this. What the heck was I getting into? Was I looking at a pretty lady peeing behind the privacy of the open car door or was I ogling at a man in ladies clothes? Was I supposed to be a gentleman and look away, or was I a pervert if I took pleasure in seeing a lady pee? What if I was looking at a man - does that make me even worse......... thoughts, thoughts, thoughts all running around. The door closing brought me back to the real world. "You okay, you look miles away?" Rachel asked her hand back on my thigh. Her hand may have been high up on my thigh but the gesture and her concern was entirely feminine. Turning I smiled and assured her with, "Yeah, I'm okay Rachel, just deep in thought ......... I suppose" In the fading interior light my eyes took in my new companion. Rachel had an air of innocence with just every now and then a hint of something deep and sexy. As I said my mind was in turmoil, I was thinking of later, not just meeting other crossdressers but later back at my flat. How this day had changed from just another Wednesday to what is happening now.......... "I need to get my act together and relax", I thought to myself. The lights of a distant pub grew larger as we approached. Rachel slowed and turned into the car park and slotted into a space close to the pub door. Switching off the ignition the drops of rain could be heard on the car roof and soon the outside world became a blur. I was beginning to feel nervous. Rachel retrieved her handbag from the back seat and with her sun visor pulled down she checked her makeup. Was it my imagination or was she gaining femininity the closer the time came to meet her friends? I didn't have much time to ponder this as she leaned over and pulled my mouth to hers and gave me a long and lustful French kiss. Wow! It was so totally unexpected that the meaning behind it was pure sexual rather than with any tenderness. Rachel was getting "hot"! "That’s to keep you going until later", she said, the lights of the pub catching her eyes. It was not done out of mischief or of teasing me, the tone of her voice dripped lust. Exiting the car we walked quickly to the pub door. Opening it for Rachel she entered and I followed rather sheepishly not knowing what to expect.
My gaze was diverted from Rachel's swaying short check skirt with her ass working side to side under it as I was taken in at the sight of such a leg show as there inside at the bar standing were three other long legged beauties. They obviously knew Rachel as polite greetings and curious glances cast at me passed between them. "Mmmm doesn't look as if they are here yet" she said casting quick looks around the rest of the empty bar, "they should have been here by now". While I was ordering a white wine for Rachel and a diet drink for myself I looked around and saw Rachel rummaging through her handbag and she was soon making a phone call on her mobile phone. I gave her some privacy and waited for her to finish before joining her over by a large welcoming log burning fire. Sitting down beside I could see something was not right with her and she explained that due to the adverse weather her friends were not going to turn up. Well it looked as if it would just be a cosy evening with us two getting to know a bit more about each other. I certainly didn't mind as I found Rachel quite attractive and the way she was sitting close to me we could have been taken for a "couple". Her short skirt was providing me with plenty of glimpses of her thigh and I loved the way she kept touching me every now and then. But I knew she had been let down and I kept the conversation as light-hearted as possible to keep her from getting moody. In between sips of her wine she told me what she knew of the other girls standing by the bar. I couldn't help myself - I just had to keep looking over and admire what I saw. I knew they were men - I am not homosexual - not even bisexual (I don't think?!) but the more I looked the more I lusted!! The door opened and in walked another girl, "Rachel!" said the newcomer, "Oh, and you’ve brought a friend too" she cooed. I stood to make room so she could sit next to Rachel. "Alice" said my companion, "lovely to see you again hon" as Alice kissed her on her cheek. "Hello Alice, I'm Mike and very very new to this!" I said as she came to me and kissed my cheek. Swinging her bottom into my crotch as she went to sit in my seat next to Rachel. "Can I get you a drink?" I asked. Alice asked for the same as Rachel so I got us all another. While standing at the bar I watched the pair of them chatting, and thought how feminine the two of them are sitting there. Under her coat Alice was wearing a figure hugging black dress and later I was to learn that she had on black stockings. I set the drinks down and went to sit so that Alice was in the middle but Alice had other ideas and made it clear that she would rather I sit in the middle. Rachel’s earlier good mood was returning after finding out she'd been let down. During the evening we all had a good chat and Alice and Rachel found out all about me. I had certainly clicked with Alice and felt that we not only looked alike but thought alike too. At some time Alice and Rachel moved their heads close together to share a juicy bit of gossip and I looked down at to female heads above my sex. It sent a shiver of erotic sexiness through me as did the heat from their thighs pressing against mine. At some point during the evening I relaxed and my hand wandered down and I found myself touching Alice's thigh and felt the button of a suspender clip. Reflecting back on that evening I didn't realise it at the time but I was so totally at ease in their company - where did my nervousness go?! I suppose the biggest life changing thing that happened was that I never considered at the time that out in the car park when I had been kissed deeply and passionately - by another man!! I had been so taken by Rachel at the time it had not even crossed my mind that we are the same sex. What’s more I loved it! Alice was interrupted by her mobile phone. I stretched my legs out towards the fire and put an arm around Rachel, "Hey what about me!" Alice said with a mock pout while putting her phone away. So not to favour one or the other I put my other arm across her shoulders, "now how am I supposed to drink?!" I laughingly said. "Don't talk to me about that Mike" Alice said with some concern "That phone call was to let me know the police are stopping a lot of cars tonight near where I live, I should be okay with what I have had to drink, but "a" I don't want to get stopped just in case and "b" I didn't bring a change of clothes so it could get a bit awkward". "Never mind darling you can stay with me and Mike. Leave your car here and I'll drop you off tomorrow" Rachel suggested. We enjoyed a lot more talk over a meal and a few more drinks, and so it was that the three of us returned around midnight to my small flat.
Almost embarrassed I opened the door to my flat and I vowed that I would take some time off and tidy and decorate it but at least it was warm and home. Time for a revamp of it and me! I noticed that Alice kept looking at my female clothes on the bed brushing them aside she sat down and then I saw she was lazily fingering a pair of black satin knickers. Well I hadn't any alcohol inside of me and it was time to pour myself out a nice large glass of wine. "Cheers!" we all said. The two girls had made themselves comfortable sitting side by side on the bed. "You’re not coming near me with a razor until you’ve sobered up Rachel!" I said in a mock challenge. "No I'm not" she said quite firmly and I nearly relaxed, "instead we are both going to shave you!"
Inside the privacy of the flat the atmosphere was turning to sex. Rachel was drinking white wine and Alice chose the red. Alice looked deep into Rachel's eyes and said lets make some rosé wine and with that they both took a sip of their wine and then went into a hot and sexy passionate kiss. Alice broke the kiss and said "mmm think it needs some more white" looking at my glass. I knelt on the floor between them and took a sip of my wine then kissed Rachel then turned to Alice. She had a kind of a****l lust in her eyes as she passed her glass to Rachel then held my head in her hands and kissed me so damn deep. Her tongue roamed around inside my mouth, the combined flavours of the wine tasted good. But the sheer eroticism of the situation was mind blowing - I didn't ever want it to stop. "Oh "M" you are so naughty" she gasped breaking the kiss. I smiled........ "Me, naughty!" I thought but if that’s the game you want to play with me then give me another glass of wine and I'll be naughty. My first glass of wine was a large one and it combined with the company had gone to my head. I stood up on now wobbly legs and kissed Rachel again, "thanks Rach" I whispered. "We need to get you sorted" she said "don’t we Ali" turning to Alice for support. They got up together and came up behind me and one of them playfully smacked my bum (I suspect it was Alice) as they pushed me towards the bathroom.
I lay in the warmth of the bath being thoroughly pampered by two lovely ladies. I was given the odd instruction now and then like lift your arm, lift a leg etc. My chest and legs were quickly shaved and I was told to turn over. I heard them giggle, "Must be my bum sticking out of the water like a little pink island" I thought. The razor went to work everywhere. My buttocks were pulled apart by Alice while Rachel deftly wielded the razor. At last I was asked to stand, the plug was pulled and the shower was turned on and I rinsed myself off. I looked down at my sex, I smiled, and I was left with a Brazilian tuft above my cock. As my hands went around my body washing the hairs away I was amazed at my smoothness. I hadn't been that smooth since I was 11 or 12 years old!
Alice and Rachel had a big fluffy towel in readiness for me, but they were so busy chatting that I had got out of the bath and reached for a towel before they realised. "M?" said Rachel "Yes hon" I replied somehow feeling a bit more femme after the shave. Alice said, "We were chatting about the new you and wondered if you have thought of a name". Rachel continued, "What about E, M, M, as in "M" - Emm that way it stills stays the same as what we have been calling you all night". "Well that’s a good name!" I said "thanks girls". They looked happy with my response and got busy with the towels. Alice run her hands over me and declared me dry, cheekily she checked me more than I have ever checked myself - obviously my ass, cock and balls must have passed her inspection the second or third time she checked them! "Sorry Rach, sorry Emm" she said desperately as she dropped to her knees and put her mouth around my cock "Mmmmmm" came her moan of enjoyment. Her head bobbed back and forth on my growing erection. Her tongue was giving me some wonderful feelings while her small hand pumped on what she could not get in her mouth. Her moans of pleasure as she busied herself turned me on even further. Rachel got down next to her and Alice still holding me by the base of my cock passed me over to Rachel's waiting mouth. "God I needed that, I'm sorry, I just could not help myself" Alice said looking up at me with lust in her big blue eyes. Rachel proved to be equally good at sucking my cock. I felt Rachel's hand creep around to explore my bum, a finger searching and finding my secret place. Gently she ran a painted finger nail across the sensitive skin of my opening all the while not letting up on my cock. A silent signal crossed between these lovely girls and once again I felt the warmth of Alice's mouth engulf me once more. Rachel moved behind me and Alice shuffled to be more central to my sex. Alice's hands pulled my cheeks apart and Rachel took this as a sign to lick her way down between them until she reached my hole. Placing saliva there her tongue worked around and around finally relaxing the muscle enough for her tongue to enter my body. The sensations I was receiving from this pair drove me to the edge of cumming. I put a hand on top of each of their heads feeling their actions in giving and receiving enjoyment from what they were doing. I didn't want to cum and gently I pushed on top of their heads to let them know something was up. Alice stood up and took of her black dress; she was a vision of loveliness there in front of me in matching black lingerie. Rachel stood up very close to my back, so close that her body pushed against me. "Fuck me later Emm, please fuck me", she whispered hotly. She pushed a fingertip into my ass as she breathed into my neck. I was falling in love! Alice came forward and her arms went around me and held Rachel. Alice had a small cock which didn't grow much more as she pressed into me from the front, her black satin knicks only being pushed out a very small way. Rachel fidgeted behind me and then appeared at my side. I knew she had black undies on as they were the ones I had selected for her, but Rachel had gone one step further and had taken her knicks off. So here I was with my cock pressed against Alice and I was looking at Rachel's growing erection. My hand went down between us and I stroked Alice over the top of her knicks. Her cock fitted nicely in the palm of my hand, satin against satin soft flesh. The three of us went through to where my heap of clothes lay on the bed. Alice took the lead by saying she'll put my makeup on for me and Rachel said that it would be a waste of time putting outer garments on "except for the high heels" she had said with a wink. Alice got quickly to work and Rachel made approving noises while supplying more wine. I was soon asked to put the undies on and between Rachel and Alice the wig was brushed into place and after slipping into the shoes I was paraded in front of the full length mirror. This was not me I was looking at - couldn't be!! I looked at the shoes and the legs that were made shapelier by them, further up I looked until this pretty lady smiled back at me. I was looking at a lady with male eyes and I was liked what I saw, I fancied her something rotten!! Tears welled in my eyes, I felt so, so, well, complete, I think I realised that all along there was this person inside but I had hidden her so completely, in turn denying my self in becoming whole. It was a truly "biblical" moment in my life brought about by my two new friends - my two new friends who would become my lovers and one of which would become more than a lover in time.

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