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I followed my wife after work. (pure fantasy)

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and have been happy until the last few years. That is when she became distant and cold toward me sexually. We are in our early 50's, my wife 1 1/2 years my younger. I am 6' and she is 4' 11", so you can see that sex standing up is difficult. My wife is beautiful to me and would just fit into the category of BBW. Brown to auburn hair with a great rack, 36d. She has been in a job that has changing hours and are mostly opposite of my work schedule.
We had a talk about her disinterest in sex and I was told that she was just to busy and tired from working different hours. That is when I began to think she was cheating on me. She insisted that her best time to work was early so she had enough time after to do her shopping. That left her many hours before I would get home at5:45pm. I took some time with it and came up with a plan:

Pick an early day for her.
Borrow a car from a friend.
Follow her after work to check her out.

So a day came that was going to work out, I had use of a car that a bud of mine wasn't using and she didn't know. She left for work at 4:30am, I woke at 5:30am and did my normal thing but got dressed in street clothes and packed my work clothes to change into later. Left the house to get the other car and called work to say I was sick. I drove around and just hung out until about 1:15pm, then found a good parking spot to watch her car from. My wife came out of work and got in her ca. I was sure she was just going to the store as she drove in that direction, but then she turned down a street and entered a residential area. I was following just close enough not to be noticed. After a few more turns she finally stopped in front of a 1 story house, got out of the car and locked the doors. She then walked straight up the walkway as if she had done it many times. I stopped the car about a block away and watch her as she knocked on the door, then it opened and she entered.I gave it a little time so whatever was going on could begin, I was really starting to get pissed that my wife was in a strange house. After 5 min. I got out of the car and walked the the house, cutting thought the yard to start looking in the windows. All seemed normal with no activity behind any of them, so all that was left was the front door which with luck had a half moon glass in it. I got to the door as quietly as i could and looked through the glass, what I saw was unbelievable.

The living room was at a right angle to the door which gave a perfect view. I saw a man, maybe in his early 40's, setting on a couch with all his clothes off and flung on the floor. Next to his clothes was a shirt and bra. I looked in shock as between his legs was a woman with her head buried in his crotch, head working up and down. It was my little wife giving him head, something she hated doing for me, as she said it hurt her jaws to much to keep them open for that long. Now my cock is nothing to write home to mother about, 5 3/4 full up and straight thicker at the head and slim at the base. Then I saw my wife raise her head up and from her mouth started to appear a huge cock, at least twice my size. she pulled clean off of it, leaving thick strings of spit dangling from its head to her mouth. She then slurped the spit back to her mouth and continued down his shaft to his balls. My God, she was deep throating him in front of me without stopping to gag or complain. She moved up and down with steady motion for what seemed forever then the man put his hands on the back of her head to hold her in place. Then he started thrusting up to her mouth, fast and firm. I knew he wanted to cum and was waiting for my wife to lift way and let him shoot, she has only let me cum in her mouth once and when I let my load loose she almost threw up as it hit her throat. Now she was pinned to a huge cock that was going down her throat with no where to go. He Gave a few short strong pumps to her mouth, then through the door I could hear him moan as he lifted his hips up and pushed her head down. With a great cry he let go his waiting sperm from his balls, shooting down her throat. He pulled back to fill her mouth and I could she that the amount of cum was greater than she could swallow, as white globs started to escape her lips and run down to his balls. I was beyond pissed of, but could not move, held there by the shear a****l lust that i saw. Then i realized that I was hard, harder than I had been in a long time. I was enjoying watching my wife being a slut. My cock was throbbing in my pant and i felt a wet spot from a lot of precum.

I returned to watching as my wife was cleaning off his huge member and wiping the cum from her face, then licking her fingers clean. I was amazed that he was still hard. As I was about to leave, thinking that all was said and done, my wife got off her knees and started to remove her pants, then her underwear. WTF is going on now i though as I reach to rub my restrained cock through my pants. My wife then stepped to the couch, straddled his legs, and in 1 smooth downward push impaled herself on that giant dick. I heard her gasp as she hit bottom, how could she fit all that inside her. She then settled into a nice grinding motion as she work that cock up into her belly. Now that her big tits were in play that SOB fucking my wife had 2 hands full of her breast to rub and suck, which he did like a newborn getting his first feeding. Now from my experience sucking her tits was the next best way to make my wife cum short of eating her out. From the sounds that i could hear, both were to far into their lust to even think about anyone watching the, as they went at it with abandon. It was not long before my wife screamed that she was cumming and begged for him to cum deep inside her. As they both threw back their heads and cried out I knew that he had shot his 2nd load into her, this time deep in her hot cunt. They bucked and thrashed as orgasm took them. My wife collapsed onto his chest breathing as hard as he was. For sure now it was over, but should I confront them here on his turf? What happened next simply took me blindsided.

As they recovered, my wife stood up and gave a hand to her lover. As he stood she took his place on the couch but on her knees with her hands on the back rest. Jesus Christ she was not done yet and I could see that his cock was not done either. From a side table I then saw his grab a dildo and hand it to my wife as if this was all part of some fine stage performance. it was plain that what was happening was not the first time. My wife took the dildo, wetting it in her mouth, sucking it deeply, then reached down between her legs and inserted it into her waiting gash. Then the most impossible thing occurred, With stiff cock standing straight out, my wife's lover stood behind her stroking his cock as she diddled herself. Then moving forward he placed his cock where I was never allowed to. With no complaining or slightest admission of pain, I watched as 10+ of ragging manmeat pushed up and into her asshole. It was the only place it could be going as my wife was still pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt.

I had never been closer that i fingertip to getting into her ass because she would cry in pain that in was to big for her to take. Now something multiple time larger that my finger was sticking in her as, buried to the balls. He let her ass spread inside to take him, then began to pump her, at first with nice easy strokes, but that didn't last very long as she yelled for him to use her like the cumslut she was. With that he took of for the races, pummeling her with full long strokes as she cried out with wanton lust for him to screw her asshole, all the while drilling herself with the dildo.

There was no not knowing when he unloaded for his third time as he called out to her to take his cock and all his sperm in her ass like a good cumdumpster that she was. He stiffened his legs,rammed his cock home and emptied into her, as she pulled the dildo out and let loose a stream of liquid from her hot cunt all over the floor. She had squirted for him but not for me when I begged her to. As he filled her ass she reached to her cunt and brought cum soaked finger to her mouth, licking them clean just to return them between her legs to repeat it. Soon his cock relaxed from her and she pushed him out of her ass. They both lay on the edge of the cough and floor kissing and rubbing each other in post-qoitus bliss. I could hear them talking about how wonderful it was and my wife said that she had never been fucked by me like this. How she had waisted so many years not being fuck properly. He said to her that these last months with her were the best sex he had ever had and could hardly wait until she returned. With that they got up And heard them saying that it was time for her to take a shower to clean up so the her husband would never know what she was doing. They never looked my way, but walked hand in hand around the corner and disappeared.

My mind was racing still as I took in all that had happened. My wife was a slut and was cheating on we while denying it. I took off to the car and waited, planning how to confront her later at home. With in 20 min. she appeared at the door, walked to her car as if nothing was out of the ordinary, got in and drove off.

Things were going to change at home later, just don't know how it will turn out.

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