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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 11-13

( this is all fiction, read at own risk )


“Are you scared Melanie?” asked Uncle Richard as he stood naked at the foot of the bed. He could read the look in her eyes; he had lots of experience with first time reactions from young girls. The innocent ones just had a worried look, they thought ‘how will that big thing fit in me?’ Those with a bit of experience were either overconfident or fearful of how much it would hurt to have a huge adult cock stuffed into their tiny cunt.

Mel knew that his cock was going to be bigger than her b*****r’s. But after finding sex with her 10yr old b*****r easy she had hopped that she could fuck her uncle with out it hurting. Now she was not at all sure, so she nodded “Yea just a little.”

“That’s ok.” Richard said to his naked 12yr old niece. “We’re going to make things easy for you.” He turned to sexy naked wife, “Get the ropes.” He said with a smile. Mel and Josh exchanged puzzled looks.

“Come here and help me tie down your s****r.” Aunt Beth said to Josh as she got some straps out of a drawer. They were the nice comfortable restraints, not the nasty leather ones used for more hardcore games. With only a squeak or two of protest Mel allowed herself to be spread out wide and tied to the bed. Beth made sure to crawl around on the bed, her naked body on top of the p*****n girl, brushing against her, as she explained how to secure the straps to the bed frame.

Once Mel was helpless, Uncle Richard asked Josh “What do you think we do next?” This was a learning experience as well as a pleasure ride.

“I guess we take turns fucking her.” The boy answered.

“Not a bad idea, but no. When you’re going to have sex with a girl, especially for the first time, its important you lick her little pussy.” Richard explained “It makes the girl wet and juice and I always find it makes my cock extra stiff.”

So they took turns licking the helpless nearly hairless 12yr old pussy.

Aunt Beth went first. An expert at both cock sucking and cunt licking she had been doing it almost all her life. Every new little girl was a thrill to explore, but Mel was special. Beth had wanted to have her way with her niece since the first time she saw the c***d naked. Starting slow the woman licked up and down, teasing the girl. Only once Mel was showing clear signs of enjoyment did Beth really start eating her baby soft cunt.
This was 100 times better than the brief experiment Melanie had with her girlfriend at a sl**pover last year. Soon the p*****n was shivering with a toe tingling orgasm.

Next it was her little b*****r who got to climb between her spread open legs and lick her. Mel didn’t really notice how hesitant and clumsy her broth was. She was too happy; high from her first orgasm she just wanted more attention. Both aunt and uncle offered advice to Josh, telling him how to commit oral i****t. At first the thought of licking her cunt repelled the boy, but soon he started enjoying the way he could make his s****r moan by pushing his tongue here or there.

Eventually Richard took his place between the trembling young legs of his niece. The smell of her sexy wet pussy was so marvellous. It made him horny enough that he was not going to be slow and gentle. As he placed a full mouthed kiss on her soft pussy lips, he thrust one finger up her slippery little ass. Mel gasped loud and lifted her hips off the bed. She could hardly catch her breath as her uncle finger fucked her bum and tongue fucked her cunt.


Josh was watching his s****r's face with rapt interest when a soft hand firmly removed his from his cock. Without realising it the ten year old boy was frantically flailing away at his straining member while he watched Melanie's face contort with pleasure as Uncle Richard feasted on her engorged cunt and fingered her freshly cleaned and lubed bottom.

Glancing up at Aunt Beth who squeezed his hand before letting it go. "I don't want you wasting any of that delicious cum. There will be plenty of times for you to spurt today but here on the floor is not one of them. Your first load is going to be in my mouth and your second up my horny cunt. How does that sound?"

Josh's eyes were torn away from his s****r as she lay there panting, a sheen of sweat covering her as she pulled against her bonds and jutted her hips towards her Uncles mouth.

He looked Aunt Beth up and down and grinned as it finally sank in that he would be having sex with a grown woman and a particularly hot one too. Last night with Mel had been great but the thought of getting to cum inside his hot Aunt was just as enticing for the horny ten year old boy. Most boys his age were just starting to think about sex but he had already lost his virginity and from the sound of it he would get to do lots more today. He was intentionally trying to not think about Uncle Richard doing stuff with him, he wasn't too sure about that. But Aunt Beth, hell yeah.

Beneath Richard Melanie was on the brink of another orgasm. Little whines of pleasure were escaping her and she was frantic for the release. Grinning Richard sat up and smacked his lips. Blinking her glazed eyes focused on him as the sensations suddenly stopped. "Please, no I need...."

Taking his aching cock in his hand he guided it to the saliva covered folds of her sex, engorged with her arousal and spread open and ready. Although she wasn't a virgin after last night with Josh, Richards cock was over twice the length and much much thicker than the little boys. Richard knew it would fit, he had fucked much younger boys and girls than her. And if it was tight he just needed to f***e it in a little. But to his experienced eyes Mel was as ready as she ever would be to try adult cock and to be initiated into her new place in the valley they called home.


Melanie bit her bottom lip and tried not to scream as her Uncle’s huge cock head pushed into her wet 12yr old pussy. She was as ready as she could be, after being licked and fingered by her Aunt, her b*****r and her Uncle too. Her cunt was dripping wet and the tingling itch down in her tummy told her she needed to be filled. But still it hurt enormously to have his adult cock f***ed up into her tight young cunt. Mel whimpered and tugged on the restraints that held her arms to the bed , her fists clenched tight. She would prove that she was no baby. She would not cry or bed him to stop.

Uncle Richard f***ed half his cock into her yummy young niece, using short sharp thrusts. Then he paused to smile back at his wife and made sure she and a good view. His thick cock was stretching Mel’s puffy lil pussy wide open. It was a delicious sight.

Aunt Beth sat naked in the armchair, her 10 year old nephew Josh was sitting on her lap. Her hand as stroking his stiff young cock as his fingers eagerly rubbed at her pussy. “Now watch, you s****r is about to take it all, all that cock into her tiny cunt.” Beth whispered into the boy’s ear. “She will scream, and when she does, I want you to shove your fingers as deep into me as you can.” Josh gave a small nod of understanding.

Richard changed his position slightly. Instead of holding Mel’s slender waist, he reached way up to take hold of his shoulders. At the same time he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her tight p*****n slit. Then with great f***e he thrust deep into her and pulled her body to him, making sure she could not try to squirm away.

Mel took the first thrust with a startled gasp. ‘Oh god, it was so big and it was going so deep, he was going to rim my poor pussy apart’ she thought frantically before the second big thrust hit. This time Mel screamed. She would go on screaming and gasping for many long minutes, as her uncle fucked her deep and slow. Eventually Mel fell into a rhythm and her shrieks of pain became simple gasps of exclamation each time his cock slammed into her cervix.

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