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Turned into a big black cock sucking whore

hello. My name is Markie Dunlap i live in a town just out side of Kansas city Mo.My girl freind talked me into going to a bar to watch female impersonaters.So after convincing me to go we got ready and i went to warm up the car. lisa said that she would be right out that she needed to make a phone call and she would be right out.After about 10 min. she came out and we drove to a bar named MISSY B. As we parked and started walking to the entrance to the bar she told me that she had a suprise for me and that it would change my life and hers forever.As we sat and watched the show a very large black male asked if he could join us and my girl freind said of course.and he prosided to sit down next to me and ordered us drink as we drank our drinks and watched the show i noticed that Lisa started talking with the black gental man. AS we finished our drinks he would continue to order drinks one right after another. After fore rounds I had to use the restroom.I exused my self and as i walked to the restroom a large black male followed behind me.As i entered the rest room the black man grabed me by the neck and f***ed me into a stall and told me not to make a sound and if i did i would regreat it.After forcing me to sit on the tolet he told me that i was to do as he said or that he would have the black gentalmen sitting with lisa harm her and that if i did what i was told Lisa nor I would be harmed.He asked me to nod if i under stood and i noded yes. The back man told me that I was now his white sissy slut and that i was going to suck his cock and that i would also swallow his cum. As he undid his pants out ploped his black cock and it was the bigest cock i had ever seen in my intire life. As he grabed the back of my head pulling it towards his massive cock i saw a flash and looking up i saw that he had a camera ann was takeing pictures of me as i begain to lick and suck his massive cock. As i sucked his massive dick he took picture after picture and that if i failed to make him cum that he would post the pictures all over the internet and email them to my f****y and freinds and that lisa had given him all the information that he neeeded and that i was now a sissy and that he was now my Master and that he also was to be my owner.

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