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The Lesbian and the Leatherman

The Lesbian and the Leatherman (It’s not what you think!)
and there is nothing disgusting

Robert was what we called a ‘leatherman’….he was one of the older well tanned men that sat by themselves in a beach chair, slathered in suntan oil, along the edge of my favorite nude beach. The ‘leathermen’ never bothered anyone and rarely seemed to talk to strangers. Most were in good shape for their age and the tan, oil and solid age wrinkles really did make them look like leather.

When I returned to the East Coast this summer the first place I went was my favorite nude beach. I recognized Robert still sitting in almost the same spot I saw him in years ago. Robert recognized me and we nodded. A nod that turned into a long conversation and eventually I told him about ‘My story’…The trip to Lesboland’…how I finally admitted to being a lesbian and how that story just lifted a burden off my shoulders.

Over the next few trips to the beach, Robert told me his story too. What was strange was our stories had some very similar co-incidences. We both had some connection to a farm, we were both shy and ‘water-sports’ played a large part in the sexual encounter we experienced with a perfect stranger. Of course, my story was with another female. But in both our cases the women were much older than us at the time.

I know Robert was shy, I had been shy too but I could see he became aroused as he told me special parts in his story. I was aroused too. Probably far more aroused than Robert could imagine. So, with that thought in mind, I decided to tell Robert’s story here:

Robert lived in a farm town that was quickly becoming over-run with new housing developments. k**s from the suburbs were moving into his high school in alarming numbers. These street-wise k**s quickly outnumbered the ‘locals’ and treated him and most of his friends with contempt.

The young men would saunter past him, dropping crude remarks about hillbillies and dirt farmers, occasionally bumping him as they passed. But Robert was a true gentleman farmer and never let their crude ways bother him. After all, he thought: “The big dopey bulls and farm a****ls are always bumping and pushing him. These skinny, soft wannabee tough guys are harmless.”

He was more concerned with the way young ladies acted though, like he was a freak show. Sometimes he would catch a few girls in the hall silently staring at him; and then they would turn away and giggle or cover their mouth and murmur things to one another, usually ending with a big laugh at Robert’s expense.

Robert did not set out to be a loner but by the last year of high school he had become one. Most of his farm buddies had already moved away to more rural areas. Robert had almost become one of a kind in his school. To make matters worse, Robert still dressed in the familiar plaid flannel shirts and jeans so typical of farm hands. He wore a baseball cap that said ‘Purina’ on it where the next generation of hats would say ‘Yankees’ or ‘Adidas’. But he did not know better, nor did he care.

In the last month of his senior year his school announced a nearby community college would be having a ‘career day’. A symposium set up by the businesses in the area to promote classes offered by the college that would enhance the job market. It was designed to appeal to both the college crowd as well as the vo-tec group. Robert’s teachers just assumed Robert would be in the latter group and suggested he attend the Friday show at the college. They said they would arrange transportation for anyone that went to the show and every student would get credit for the school day they would miss. Robert really could not refuse.

Friday morning came and Robert was disappointed the so-called transportation was a car pool rather than a school bus and that he was assigned to ride with five other students. His car-mates were called ‘preppies’ back then, they would be called ‘yuppies’ now.

Robert sat quietly in the back of the car on the way over and endured more crude remarks like “hey, I smell hay!” and other non-sense. Robert did notice though, over the last few months he was still treated as an outcast, but no one actually threatened him, or even challenged him. He was beginning to wonder if perhaps his quiet demeanor was beginning to make his tormentors think twice about a confrontation. It did not matter, Robert did not care, in a few weeks he would be done with school and on his own.

Robert had just turned eighteen, slightly older than the average senior high school student and although he did not look to be older than most of his classmates, (in fact he looked much younger) he was seriously thinking of the armed f***es, which was one reason he attended this symposium today, to speak with the different recruiters and see what was to be offered. They quickly covered the few miles from the suburbs to the community college on the outskirts of the county seat and arrived in the student parking area about nine am. It was here, as the students were climbing out of the car that they surprised Robert with a proclamation: ‘They were planning on spending less than an hour in the convention center. Then they were heading into the city for the rest of the day and evening!’ Robert had a choice, he could join them if he wanted, or he could find his own way home. Robert had no desire to wander the city streets, besides his parents would be expecting him home for dinner at the least. At the worst, Robert had not much over a dollar in his pocket! He said thanks but he would find a way home. They went their way probably relieved that Robert was not going with them, but even more-so because Robert was the one who opted out of a ride home, letting them off the hook for abandoning him.

Robert entered the college hall and started looking at all of the possibilities that awaited him upon graduation, focusing on only a few that would suit his lifestyle. While walking around Robert spotted a booth called “Student Assistance”. The post board in front of the booth listed information and assistance with student loans, transcripts, and way down at the bottom…transportation. Actually the transportation assistance meant a list of rail and bus lines and requirements for driving to and parking at the college. But that was close enough for Robert to ask about transportation, so Robert asked the young lady attending the booth if she had a list of bus lines back to his hometown. Robert explained he begged a ride here to the symposium, but needed a ride back and was not familiar with the bus lines. Actually, Robert was not only unfamiliar, but to that day had never actually ridden on a line bus! Robert was a little more naive than you would imagine.

The pretty college girl seemed a little confused herself and turned to a woman standing at the back of the booth. “Missus J something,” she said, Robert missed her name or even if she was a Miss or Mrs. “This young man needs a ride home later, he lives out by you, do know what bus he can take?” The woman was probably twice Robert’s age, but he had no clue whether she was twenty-five, thirty-five or forty-five at the time. Robert had no experience with females of any age. He never even thought about looking for a wedding ring, of course to him, back then, that would mean nothing anyhow. He only noticed she was wearing a pleated beige skirt, a similar color wool sweater with some kind of maroon logo or crest on the chest and white tennis shoes and white socks. She had auburn mid length hair, brown eyes and gold earrings. In other words she was not dressed like a student, nor was she dressed like a conservative teacher either, beyond that observation Robert had not a clue.

The woman walked up to the front of the booth and asked where Robert was headed. He told her where his school was and that he lived about a mile out of town. “What time are you heading back?” she asked. Robert just shrugged. She, paused a moment, as though she were thinking about bus routes, and then to Roberts surprise she suggested she may be able to give him a lift, at least to the town center just north of his school, if not directly to his school. She said she lived not far from there and she would be heading back around two PM. Just in time for school to let out for the day. It worked for Robert. He thanked her and said he would wander about the symposium and stop back at the booth around two.

But just an hour or so later he spotted Missus ‘J’ walking by. As she caught his eye her face lit up….”Wait”, she said, “What’s your name again?” “Robert” he answered. “Robert, if you’re ready to leave sooner we can stop on the way home for a hamburger”. Robert’s head was now spinning. He wasn’t sure if she just invited him to go with her to the cafeteria, or to leave for home early or to stop for a hamburger with her on the way home. He just nodded ‘ok’. Robert had no idea what he nodded ‘ok’ to. Missus. ‘J’ just smiled and said to meet her at the exit door exactly at noon.

Her car was nothing special, a full sized generic automobile with wide bench seats, automatic transmission, no console in the middle, even the radio was as simple as you could get. She started the car, pulled out into traffic and reached to turn the radio on. Robert, who seemed about as shy a person you would ever meet, glanced in her direction as she reached for the radio button. He could not help but notice her legs. Her skirt was bunched up just a tad, not much, not anywhere near where you would think it was deliberate, at least not yet. But enough for Robert to notice. Not a big deal. But Robert noticed. He also noticed she did not keep her knees tight together as she was driving. They were not far apart either, but her pleated skirt, falling just above her knees gave her a very relaxed look. Relaxed for someone that was driving in traffic. Robert had never paid attention to anything like that before. He tried to stare straight ahead. He did not know what to say. Conversation did not come easy for him. But Missus ‘J’ bantered a bit on the way home. She asked him what he was studying. “Agriculture” was all he could say. She asked him how he was doing in school. “Ok, I think” was all he could answer. Each time he answered he would glance her way and noticed her skirt seemed to be higher and higher on her thighs. “White Castle?” she said. Huh? He was thinking, but then realized she meant what kind of hamburger they would stop for. Robert replied: “yeah, I have less than two dollars with me, that’s ok”. Missus ‘J’ smiled at Robert and said it would be her treat, she was glad he went out of his way to attend the symposium and she would be glad to buy, and that she knew of a great place to stop and eat them. A few minutes later she pulled in the parking lot. “How many?” she asked as she shut the car down and reached over for her purse. “Just two” Robert said glancing her way. But Robert was stunned to see Missus ‘J’ had rocked her knees to the right, in his direction on the seat, and as she reached forward to retrieve her purse from the floor she allowed her knees to separate quite a bit. Robert had a clear view right up her skirt, all the way to her white panties. And the view was even better with the spring sun making everything so bright. Robert said it seemed like she hesitated a moment, she looked him right in the face and said “Two? You sure? They’re tiny”…Robert nodded and she was out the door. Robert tried to catch his breath.

Missus ‘J’ returned with two bags, one with burgers and fries and all the extras and one with two soda containers. She handed the soda bag to Robert and placed the burger bag on the floor. After driving out of the fast food parking lot she took a turn onto a small road that ran behind the town where she said she lived, she was actually driving in the opposite direction from Robert’s school or home, but he sat quiet. The road was bordered on one side with train tracks and on the other side with trees. A mile of so down this road she turned into a gravel road that led into a county park. At the end of the road was a tiny gravel parking lot carved out of the woods. It would probably only park about ten cars, but there were none there today. On one side of the lot was a wooden outhouse with a door marked ‘men’ and one door marked ’women’. Missus ‘J’ said, “let’s park as far away from there as possible…….sometimes it stinks!” At the far end of the lot was a tiny grassy spot with one green painted picnic table. Missus ‘J’ pulled the car up near some bushes. Not so close that Robert could not open the door but closer than he expected considering the lot was completely deserted. The hood of the car was pointed at the picnic table about twenty feet away. The whole area was shaded by the canopy of huge oak and maple trees. It was very quiet once the car was turned off. Just the sounds of birds and a few grasshoppers could be heard, and maybe the rustle of a squirrel or chipmunk scurrying about. “Let’s go” said miss ‘J’ as she grabbed the bag of burgers and headed for the table. Robert followed with the bag of sodas. They placed the two bags on the table and Robert was ready to swing his leg over the seat and sit down when Missus ‘J’ said “wait Robert! Do you have to use the bathroom first?” Robert thought that was a weird question. He assumed she meant ‘let’s wash our hands before eating’ or something, but once again could do no more than shrug his shoulders and gesture with his hands like ‘I don’t know’. Missus ‘J’ reached in the bag of burgers and took out a handful of paper napkins, then rolled the bag tight closed again. “Follow me” she said, as she headed back towards the car. “That outhouse is gross” she blurted out. Robert was just following behind her and did not have a clue as to what was going to happen next. As they reached the passenger side of the car, the side near the bushes, she handed Robert the wad of paper napkins and turned to face him. In what seemed like one motion Missus ‘J’ reached up under her skirt and quickly and smoothly pulled her underwear down to her feet. And then just as quickly stepped out of one leg and then the other leg and then walked over and just as smoothly flipped her panties onto the front seat of the car. Robert could not speak! Missus ‘J’ then walked back to near the bushes where Robert was standing and with just as fast a motion, although to Robert it seemed like slow motion, Missus ‘J’ lifted her skirt all the way to her waist, then paused a moment as she stared at Robert, then slowly she squatted down towards the grass and just as smoothly spread her knees. Now Robert could not even breathe. He did not believe what he was seeing. Missus ‘J’ had a full bush of auburn pubic hair, but it was soft and straight. Not short and curly like Robert would have imagined. After all, Robert had never seen a woman naked there before, specially a woman squatting and getting ready to pee. Missus ‘J’ put her hand flat over her crotch, Robert could see her fingers spread her hair and her lips. Robert never really ever thought about the lip part before. He never really considered the mechanics of how a woman actually peed. But then, before his eyes Missus ‘J’ was pouring a solid stream of pee between her crotch and the grassy ground just a foot below her. It didn’t splash, but Robert could actually hear the stream……a sort of whoosh. When it stopped he could see her just seem to relax and then squeeze; he wasn’t sure what he was seeing but at that exact moment Missus ‘J’ asked for the napkins. She did not actually ask but just sort of hand motioned. Robert handed her the wad but she only took two and handed the rest back to Robert. She patted herself dry, she seemed to take longer than Robert would have expected, especially when she stood back up with her skirt up around her waist. She motioned for another napkin and this time Robert handed her just one. Missus ‘J’ spread her legs kind of bowlegged and once again patted herself dry, only this time she said “ there is always one drop that squeezes out”.. Robert had never seen anything like that before but he never had a female speak about something so personal to him before either. Robert was in shock. Missus ‘J’ wiggled her skirt back down in place and wadded the napkins up and dropped them into the backseat of her car… ‘Ok, now you,” she said, “I’ll watch and make sure no one sneaks up on us.”

Robert never thought about that possibility, he did know it was almost impossible for him to start to pee if some other guys were in the room. If someone was actually watching him, never-the-less a woman, he was sure it would never happen. But Robert surprised himself, he did not actually remember unzipping or pulling it out. He said if he were not shaking so badly, unable to breathe and his heart was not pounding so hard he probably would have run away. He was glad though that he didn’t. Whether he had an erection or not, he could not remember. But here, now with Missus ‘J’ staring at his penis, especially with a smile on her face, Robert relaxed a little and almost couldn’t stop if he tried. A long strong stream arced out over the grass. Missus ‘J’ moved in closer and Robert turned away so as not to splash her. “Hold still” she said, “I just want to watch.” As Robert finished up, also squeezing out the last few drops Missus ‘J’ said “You guys are so lucky, all you have to do is shake the plumbing” as she smiled. Robert was watching her face and did not realize she was reaching for him. He instantly felt it though as her warm soft fingers squeezed the tip of his dick, a forefinger curled below and a thumb on top. It was like a feeling of electric surging through him. With the same confident motion she pushed the hand that Robert was using to hold his dick away. Her fingers went from two fingers on the head to four fingers below the shaft and the thumb on top. Her hand moved back and forth a few times, like she was jerking him off. Only Robert did not know that then, no-one had ever jerked him off before! Only she would stop after a few times and actually shake the head so a drop of pee would fly off. It looked like she was mesmerized by it. Robert was in a different world himself. But then suddenly she dropped it and simply said “Let’s eat!” and walked back to the picnic table. Robert said he could not help but think on that short walk to the table which hand she was going to reach into the hamburger bag with. The one that spread her lips or the one that held his dick. It was a strange thought, but it didn’t matter, she took out her own burger and fries and handed Robert the bag with his still in the bag. He was also surprised when instead of sitting on the opposite side of the table from him, she came around to his side and swung her leg over the bench. Once again Robert got a great, but quick shot of her ‘upskirt’ as her leg lifted over the bench. Maybe it was his imagination, but Robert swore Missus ‘J’ hesitated for just a second or two when her legs were at their widest.

They ate but said little. Robert had not a clue as to what to say or how to act. All he could think was: ‘Wow! What just happened?’ Time flew by, they gathered up their trash and Missus ‘J’ flipped it into the trash barrel by the side of the parking lot, but not before grabbing all the unused napkins. She walked back towards the car with Robert but they both ended up walking to the passenger side where Robert had been sitting. A little awkward at first thought Robert, since Missus ‘J’ should be driving, but then Missus ‘J’ gestured for Robert to get in first. “Slide over” she said. Robert realized her panties were sitting right there on the front seat, in plain view, he didn’t know what to do other than to lift himself over them as though they would break if he touched them. Missus ‘J’ picked up on his awkwardness as she slid into the passenger seat behind Robert. She picked up her underwear from the seat, took Roberts hand and placed them in his hand. “They won’t hurt you Robert” she said. “They don’t bite”. She took them back from Roberts hand, wadded them up and rubbed them down Roberts cheek, and across his lips. Robert could smell her perfume and powder as they passed under his nose. They were soft and silky and smelled beautiful. Robert was frozen. Missus ‘J’ pulled the cars passenger door closed and sunk down in the seat. With the same smooth motion as she had done when she lifted her skirt before, she now lifted the front of her sweater. In two seconds and with what seemed like two blips, her breasts were exposed. Missus ‘J’ was not wearing a bra. Robert had neither noticed nor even cared before; her knit wool sweater had hid the fact. But now her milky white breasts and big pink nipples just called out to Robert. Once again Robert could not breathe. Missus ‘J’ reached out and took Roberts hands in hers, she placed them on her breasts and squeezed Robert’s hands into her chest, her breasts were soft and warm. She took one hand and placed it behind Roberts neck and pulled his face down to her breast. She took her other hand and squeezed her own nipple and pushed into Robert’s mouth. Robert no longer cared which hand was which like he did before. Robert kissed her breast and sucked on her nipple. First one, then the other as she gently directed him. And then he felt her push him up. Not away, but up, giving her more room. She hiked herself up in the seat and once again hiked her skirt up to her waist the way she did before. She kicked off her tennis shoes and pulled her left leg up onto the seat and bent her knee and leaned it against the backrest. Her right leg was stretched out across the car floor. Robert now had a full view of her pussy. She took Roberts hand again, only this time pulled it close and flat against her crotch. She rubbed his hand into her. He could feel her heat, she was red hot, soft and wet. He did not know what he was feeling. She reached down and separated his finger from his hand and pushed it into her. First one, then two, then three fingers. Robert could feel way up inside of her. He felt tightness and looseness and ridges and bumps and wetness. She was no longer pushing his fingers in and out but rather holding them steady as she was pumping up and down against his hand. With her free hand she pulled his face to her breast again. He sucked hard. He could feel every pulse of her, he could smell her perfume, her powder and he could smell her wetness. It was a delicious combination. It was something Robert would remember for the rest of his life. It was something that would trigger an erection and maybe even an ejaculation instantly for many, many years. Missus ‘J’ moved faster and harder and suddenly grunted and groaned and shuddered and then went limp. Robert just lay there still. He could smell the perfume in her cleavage, he could feel her nipple was still rock hard against his cheek. His fingers were still deep inside of her and he could feel the spasms still pulsing, tightening the loosening, he could feel warm smooth silky liquid running down his hand and over his wrist. They just stayed there like that for minutes, till nothing was moving. It even seemed like the birds outside had stopped chirping. With ever gentleness Missus ‘J’ lifted Robert up and off her breast, and slowly pulled his fingers out of her. She reached up to the dashboard and grabbed a few more of the napkins leftover from lunch. Robert never had such respect for napkins as that day. She patted herself dry, or at least as best she could and swung her legs back over the seat. She slipped her tennis shoes back on and opened the door.

She stepped out of the car and took Robert by the hand and helped him out. But before Missus ‘J’ sat back down on the edge of the passenger seat, she lifted her sweater the rest of the way over her head and d****d it over the open window in the car door. She reached down and unbuttoned one button on the side of her skirt, zipped down a short zipper and stepped out of her skirt. Then she d****d the skirt over the rear door. Missus ‘J’ was now completely naked except for her white socks and tennis shoes; she was absolutely beautiful. Robert remembers the picture of her standing there as though she were made of pure silky white marble. Her auburn hair and red lipstick just enhanced the image even more, the birds were beginning to chirp again. Missus ‘J’ bent forward and reached into the backseat to retrieve the used napkins, then she bent over even more as she reached to the floor of the front seat. Her one leg went up and spread as she reached even further. Robert had a full and complete view of her ass cheeks, pink asshole and beautiful hanging pussy lips peaking out of her somewhat wet auburn pussy hair from behind. Robert noticed her long pussy lips swung in unison with her gold earrings. A marvelous view, a wonderful sight!

When she stood back up straight, she just turned slightly and strolled to the trash barrel. Her ass cheeks bobbed up and down one at a time as she took slow but deliberate steps. I am sure it was for Roberts benefit. Robert said the scenery of the last minute or two is what sent him in search of nude beaches around the world, finally settling in on my favorite beach where he could sit quietly and check each woman that walked by as he was looking for the perfect Missus ‘J’ look-alike to watch the rest of the day. I did not want to tell Robert I was more aroused than him; and as wet as a forty-something woman could get sitting in a beach chair. I am glad I was sitting on a beach towel.

When Missus ‘J’ returned from the trash barrel she backed up to the front seat and sat down on the edge and pushed the door wide open with her knee. Her feet were still on the ground outside the car but she spread her legs as wide as she could. She beckoned for Robert to stand between them, Robert did not know what to expect next. Missus ‘J’ reached out and zipped Roberts fly down, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. She did not pull his trousers down but smoothly and expertly took his penis in her hand. She stared right at it, bent forward and kissed the top of its head. She lingered there a moment,…. and Robert could feel the warmth and wetness of her tongue slide side to side across the coronial ridge, and back over the foreskin, and he could feel the suction as she kissed along the top of his dick. And the wetness as she ran her tongue along the entire length back to the head where she ringed the head with her lips and gave one last wet kiss before she started stroking it. With her other hand she cupped his balls, gently squeezing and the same time pushed her forefinger back just enough to reach his asshole. She ran her finger around in a little circle, a familiar act we lesbians call ‘rimming’, and then she pulled her hand away for a moment. He could not actually see what she was doing, but it appeared she was reaching down into her crotch. And then she brought her finger right back to his asshole. Robert could feel her fingertip was now warm and wet and slippery. And then she pressed her finger far up and into him and squeezed and pulled at his balls and in about five more strokes Robert came in huge long bursts. Some bursts flew to the right and landed right on her sweater hanging over the car door, some landed on her wrist and hand but most on her legs and right on her crotch, right in her still wet, soft and silky pubic hair. One huge burst even flew right over her head and landed on the car seat, she did not seem to care one bit. When he was done she just held him for what seemed like minutes. He felt himself going soft. He even felt what seemed like a second burst of cum drizzling out as she pressed her forefinger up hard into him again and squeezed his balls one more time. His knees were about to give way. Robert had to remind himself he had stopped breathing…or at least it seemed like that. Missus ‘J’ took her panties from behind her on the seat of the car, wiped Roberts dick ever so gently and wiped her legs with them. While still sitting, she then dabbed the cum off her sweater with them, paying special attention to the big drops that had landed right on that maroon crest. Finally, to Roberts surprise, Missus ‘J’ then gently put her now soaked panties in the glove compartment and closed it up.

As Robert told me his story I could see his dick rise and fall equal to the intensity of each sentence. I could even see little glistening drops of pre-cum form right on the tip. Robert discretely tried to wipe the drops away, but he also would quickly and absent-mindedly stroke his dick every once in a while. I loved seeing him do that. I could feel my clit hood swell up too. I knew I was wet but there was nothing I could do about that. After I watched Robert touch himself a few times I could resist the temptation no more. I touched my hood on the side. As any woman knows, that sometimes works like squeezing a squirt can! How such a little press could release so much liquid inside of me I’ll never know, but it felt soooo good. Specially knowing Robert knew what I was doing. But I knew what he was doing as well. Before long the two of us were facing one another, sitting in opposite beach chairs both masturbating with deep, friendly, loving intensity. I took Roberts dick in my hand just before he came, and he stroked my clit with his forefinger just as I came. We finished, we relaxed, we caught our breath and Robert continued on with his story as though nothing at all had just happened between us,

Robert continued: “We better get going” Missus ‘J’ said. “It’s really getting late”. In what seemed like less than two minutes the two were both dressed again and rumbling out the gravel road back to the main road. Missus ‘J’ was driving a lot faster now than she had before and after a few twists and turns arrived at the main street in Roberts town. As they passed through town they stopped at a red light, and just before it turned green Missus ‘J’ said: “Robert, I can’t take a chance on going by your school, please, will you do me a favor and hop out now?”………once again Robert seemed to have no control over his answer and just said: “yeah, sure”. He stepped out and closed the door and she was gone……..just like that. They never even said ‘goodbye’!

Robert never saw ‘Missus J’ again. After graduation he spent the summer helping his father on the farm and left in the fall for the military. Robert liked the structured military life and made a lifetime career out of it. Although he did marry a few years after joining, the marriage did not last long and Robert spent the rest of his time in the military moving from place to place around the world, finally retiring not very far from my favorite beach where I first met him a few years ago. Robert had become one of the ‘leathermen’, just sitting and relaxing and watching the girls go by.

It was only a couple years ago that, while looking at ancient photos and news articles from his old hometown on the internet that it dawned on Robert to google the next town over, where Missus ‘J’ was supposed to have lived. After going through scores of ancient newspaper articles about that town, there in full black and white and aged sepia tone was a photo of his beloved ‘Missus J.’ Her real name was actually a much longer European name. Hard to pronounce but starting with the letter J.

“Missus J” the article said, “was the way the students fondly addressed her”. She had just been promoted from assistant to Dean of the college where Robert had met her only a few months before the article was written. Now he knew her name and could look up more about her. Maybe even look her up in person!

But Robert was let down with a crashing blow when he found her obituary; she had died only a few years ago, at the age of 92!

Robert went back and looked at the news photo from almost fifty years ago, she was beautiful, and Robert even thought he could still smell her perfume. And there on that maroon college logo worn proudly on her sweater, Robert swore he could see a few stains of something white!

I drove back west a month later and decided to tell Roberts story here. I too, will probably never see Robert again either.
Lori aka Roberta xxxxx

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