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Rich Daughter Becomes A Little Helper

I was looking to make some extra cash, as I was recently “down sized” at my job at the finance company. Living in this fairly well to do middle class neighborhood was difficult so I took any odd jobs that came my way. Being a skilled carpenter, a trade I learned from my father and his father before him, I was able to take on a few nice projects. But all in all I still needed additional income. Hence, why I decided to take on the role of Santa Claus this Christmas.

My neighbors are pretty affluent, always jet setting here and there. Tom is the V.P. of a major company and constantly has to fly away on business, pleasure or for entertainment purposes. So most of the time, I have no sympathy for them, however, it was that they had to leave a few days before Christmas on business and wouldn’t be back until Christmas day/ afternoon, leaving their two c***dren, Jake, a 10 year old boy and Sarah, a 13 year old girl with their live in nanny, Fatima. They were heart broken as well, but business being priority, they had to take this trip, he and his wife. So they asked me if I was able to play Santa Claus for their c***dren on Christmas Eve. They both still believed and it would warm their hearts knowing that at least some joy would come to their c***dren. Fatima was a middle aged Spanish nanny who spoke broken English, but a dear sweet woman, and knew of the plan for me to be Santa. They gave me several bags of toys and other items for their c***dren, the key to their house and a brand new Santa suit. Tom explained to me that the c***dren told them they hoped Santa would still come by their house on Christmas Eve, even though their parents weren’t home and that they were going to wait up all night for him to come. So I couldn’t pass up the chance to help, plus Tom insisted on paying quite a hefty sum for my time, even though I told him I would do it with pleasure. He knew my situation and I thanked him for his kindness.

So when the day of Christmas Eve arrived, I was working on replacing a skylight for a customer several towns over. It took me well into the evening as the lumber yard not only delivered it late, they sent it with the wrong pre fab curb and I had to make several adaptations to make it work properly. Of course, the hole in the roof was there, since I had already removed the old one and I promised the homeowner I would finish, as they were having company, I stayed late until it was done and completely weather tight. So by the time I got home, my wife and k**s had left me a note that they would meet us at her s****r’s house if I wasn’t too tired. They understood our situation and knew I was working around the clock. Plus we would have tomorrow to celebrate the holiday. So I ate the leftovers that they had put out for me and laid down for just a moment, resting my feet from being out on that cold roof all day.

The next thing I knew, I awoke to the sounds of a police siren in the distance and looked over at my clock. It was 11:30 p.m. and I had not gone over to my neighbors to play Santa yet! I quickly jumped into the shower, got into the costume, and loaded my sleigh (pick up truck) and headed about 3 blocks away to become Kris Kringle. The streets were empty as I pulled up, so I moved up a few houses, carried all the sacks around the back of the house, outside their f****y room sliding door and peered into the dimly lit room. I guess everyone had gone to bed, as the glow from the 9’ Christmas tree was all that I could see. I knew the housekeeper would have kept a low profile as she was instructed by her employer. But I did expect to see the k**s there, at least watching TV. I let myself into the house and quietly began the task of bringing in the gifts to place under the tree. The whole time I am thinking how I am going to get the k**s to see me so I don’t blow the whole act and upset the parents for showing up so late. Once everything was inside, I moved further into the room by the sofa and to my surprise, I spied the c***dren on the couches, Jake in his sl**ping bag on the small love seat and what I supposed was Sarah on the other sofa. I nearly fell over the large coffee table covered with two plates of cookies and a big tall glass of milk when I saw what appeared to be a Christmas Angel.

On the 8 foot long burgundy leather couch was a sight to behold. A young girl wearing a white lace nightie that just barely covered her bottom, was laying face down on the luxurious cushions, her head facing the table. In her hair she wore green and red ribbons with a ponytail, her long splayed legs exposed to the “silent night”, her pretty little feet so dainty bearing soles of pink flesh. She had one leg pulled up slightly, exposing her white silky panties, the shiny material glowing from the distant but heavily lit Christmas tree. She was resting on her hands and had the most serene look upon her face, those pouty lips, perfectly formed and sculpted face, long eye lashes and cute little nose. If I did not know what age she was I would have pegged her for a smallish woman with such curves. This little girl still believes in Santa? While it was hard to believe, I found it wasn’t the only thing that was hard. I paced the room wondering what I was supposed to do. Should I wake them so they can see that Santa did indeed show up? Do I just eat some milk and cookies and go? After pondering this dilemma, I figured it would be best to rouse them and then before they were fully aware, slip out with a Ho Ho Ho ! and them rubbing the sand from their eyes.

So I crept over to the couch in my black boots and red and white furry coat and pants and as I approached Sarah, she stirred slightly and the smell of vanilla perfume wafted my direction. I stood still and took in the beauty that lied below me. I wanted to reach out and grab a handful of that panty clad ass but I refrained and got down on one knee beside her. A sudden pang ran through me as I knelt beside this teen honey and I called out her name ever so softly. She didn’t move and I called out again in my deep but low Santa growl. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open and she jumped back against the couch with a squeak and I realized that I am in quite a scary costume to be waking up c***dren with. Thank goodness she squealed and then put her hand over her mouth to stop herself and upon realizing it was me, the jolly old elf, a big grin shown upon her face. “ I just knew you would come!” she said in a hoarse whisper and a big smile from ear to ear. She reached out and hugged me, her arms around my neck, nearly pulling off my beard. I felt her pert C cup breasts against my chest as she hugged me so tight. She was sitting up, on her side, as she released me and I began to stand up. She got to her knees and bounced on the couch, the tops of her breast visible with the plunging top of her nightie she wore, complete with lace piping on the neck line. I began to motion to the presents I brought by the tree and she let out another squeal as she jumped to the floor and began jumping up and down, her legs straight together and her hands making a small clapping motion. “Oh my god oh my god oh my god!” she kept saying, putting her hands to cover her mouth and nose. I was a little dumbfounded and could not believe, once again, what I was witnessing. This hot box of rocks was acting like a, dare I say it, c***d ! A very young c***d. I knew that they sheltered their k**s and spoiled them but I did not expect such innocence, at least not in this way.

As if she just remembered, she called out her b*****r’s name and ran over to him. She tried to wake him and at one point he opened his eyes, smiled and then laid back down, balling up and facing in to the couch. She just laughed and ran back to the pile of presents. I figured this might be a good time to slip out the door, so with limited words, I explained that I should be going now and to take care of her b*****r and be good and all that stuff. I headed toward the door and Sarah screamed out “wait!” and I turned to see this girl with a sad face and a disappointed look. “You didn’t have any of the milk and cookies!” she exclaimed, her hands on her hips and her pretty painted toenails pointing my direction. She came over to me and e****ted me back to the couch and pushed me over to the corner and asked me to sit down. She turned her back to me and bent over to pick up the plate of cookies and gave me yet another view of her ass, this time with the panty askew, exposing almost one whole cheek. As if she read my mind, one hand reached back to pull her panty back into place as she spun around and shoved the plate in my face. Once again, she was bent at the waist, now her breasts just above the plate of cookies. I made like I had a tough time selecting, all the while, staring at her cleavage before me. I took one cookie and smiled as she stared at me waiting to eat it. So I nibbled on it and nodded and gave a hearty laugh. “Jake and I baked them tonite while we were waiting for you!” she explained and she placed the plate back on the table. She stood there in front of me and I felt a little awkward, so I asked her if she had been a good little girl, which seemed quite natural to say for Santa, but extremely funny sounding as soon as the words left my mouth. She seemed to take this as a cue because before I knew it, she was on my lap, her ass on one knee and her legs across the other, onto the couch. She began to tell me how she has been pretty good, except for wishing ill on this girl or that girl in her prep school, usually catty stuff, or the usual fights with her b*****r.

I was taking it all in and oddly enough this girl felt light as a feather there in my lap. Every once in a while, as she was talking on and on, I stole glances down her top or stared at her long limbs and sexy feet moving back and forth. My hand was supporting her back and I found myself rubbing her in a “comforting” motion. Suddenly, she stopped talking in mid sentence and I was caught off guard, staring at her lips when she reached down behind her and lifted herself up. She began feeling around and I heard her exclaim “what the heck…” and a jolt of lightening coursed through me as she grabbed hold of my now rigid North Pole. She kept moving her hand over it, around it, pulling it and she had a confused look on her face. I stammered something as she continued her assault and almost pushed her off my lap. I motioned to get up as she now was kneeling beside me on the couch, she placed a hand on my leg and one to her mouth with a wide eyed expression. “ I thought I was sitting on your belt buckle or something, it was poking me in my…uhh…butt… and I was, uhh, it was hurting me…… soooo sorry!” I gave a little laugh and assured her it was fine. Once again, I motioned to get up. “Don’t go! Please!” she said and this look of complete sadness came over her. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t Santa after all. For years this girl has been left alone many times by her parents and I believe, at that moment, I was a representative for her father. A deep pain welled up inside me and I motioned for her to come to me. I outstretched my white glove and took her into my lap once more, her knees now rubbing against my groin, her head to my shoulder as I held her. “Its ok Sarah, I know you are sad and miss your mother and father, I am sure they miss you too.” She begins to apologize for grabbing at me and I assure her it was fine.

She did shock me though by asking “why was it like that?”. I found myself at a brief loss for words and then, hidden by this new persona, I figured, well, its not me talking, its Santa, so I began to explain that by her rubbing and moving about, the sensation made me grow with excitement. “Excitement?” she says with a puzzled expression. It dawned on me that no one thought Santa was supposed to get “excited”. “Well, you are a pretty little lady and then, when you moved about…..I uhhh….became, excited, or aroused.” Then I threw a typical Santa laugh in for good measure. I began to enjoy the part. “Because of me?? ohhhh wow! “ she said and smiled at me with the prettiest blue eyes this side of Sombertown. She once again cuddled to my shoulder and said “ I didn’t know that I could do that!” “Ohh you would be surprised at the things you could do!” I spurted and once again found myself grasping at the words in the air. “Really ?? Like what??” she says, shifting in her position, again, grinding her supple thighs into my aroused cock. Her hand drifted down from my shoulder to my crotch and began moving again over my nether region. She found what she was looking for and repeated her question, rephrased…” What could I do ?”. I hesitated only briefly before saying, “Well, for one thing, you can use your hands, ummmm…like you are now.”, and she continued to rub me through my velvety red trousers. I heard my Santa voice begin to reduce it’s guttural resonance and a little bit of heavy breathing was in order. She looked at me, not so much in a sexual way, but as a c***d filled with wonder on Christmas morn. Her face was serene and eyes wide as she let her palm graze over the head of my cock, randomly attempting to make a closed fist around the shaft, only to be blocked by the thin layer of fur on the suit.

I was in deep already and I was thinking with the wrong head perhaps, but I motioned for her to sit next to me on the couch and began to stand. Her eyes grew even wider and she began to get nervous, but I assured her I wasn’t going anywhere. I stood and faced her and clutched my faux belt. I began to loosen the buckle and let her know that this will not be bothering her anymore. She gave a soft chuckle as her eyes sparkled in the Christmas lights in the dimly lit room. She sat patiently with her legs beneath her and hands at her sides, looking up at me in awe. The belt fell to the area rug with a soft thud as I hooked my waist band and dropped my pants and boxers to my knees. “Go ahead, you can touch it now…..” I said in a low soft tone. She reached out and took hold of my member and caressed it slowly and with great trepidation. I let her know it was ok, she was still on the nice list and I wasn’t in any pain. In fact, rubbing it the way she was had made it feel better. She scooted to the end of the couch cushion and I felt her warm breath on my genitals as she moved in for a closer look. “Now about the other thing that you can do to make it feel good…..if you kiss it and get it a little wet it will glide right through your hands, like magic!” She looked at me and then leaned in and planted a soft kiss with those luscious lips of hers right on the helmet. As if she knew what to do, her tongue darted out and licked the underside of my penis head and peered at me for approval. I nodded and smiled and she continued to give small licks to the point that her lips were touching my penis on almost every time. “It’s just like a candy cane, only a little bigger, in fact, you can suck on it too”, I assured her. At that moment, it was her lips that was drawn into a bow and with no hesitation, she parted her lips and slowly slipped my rod into her hot little mouth. Her head bobbing and soft lips rubbing along my shaft made my knees weak and I thanked my lucky stars for getting here tonight. She used all her talents while holding my cock at the base, every once in a while using a jerking motion, getting her fingers wet with her saliva. She was becoming very good at this and I placed my hands on her shoulders. She felt so small and petite under my touch and I moaned with pleasure at the site and feel of her skills.

I felt the rush of cold air as my cock popped out of her mouth and she stroked me while saying, “please don’t go anywhere, ok ?” and she got up and ran off towards what I imagined was the bedroom. At this point, I recalled that the housekeeper was somewhere in her lower level quarters and I hoped she did not bother waking up. I glanced over to see her b*****r, Jake, still in dreamland as I stood there with teen saliva dripping from my cock onto my Santa suit. Only 2 minutes passing, she returned with something in her hand. It was a jumbo candy cane about the same thickness of my cock and 10” in length. She went on to explain that her mom had gotten this for her and one for her b*****r and she kept it in her room. A naughty little smile came across her face and I saw that she had been practicing. “Did you ever use it to make you feel good?” I said with a smile. She nodded yes while holding it up to me to show me that the wrapper was half off and signs of wear was showing along the top. “I would suck on it before bed and one night I got the idea to rub it on my chippy.” She stood at about 5’3”, only 6” shorter than me and I took a step closer to her, placed one hand on her waist and reached out for the striped treat with the other. She handed it over and I held it up as if inspecting it’s condition. I placed the candy rod just in front of her lips and watched her lick at it and then take it deep into her mouth. She slid up and down on it slowly as I pulled her tighter to me. My hand moved down to her ass and I caressed the silky material over her warm tight buttocks. I withdrew the jumbo candy and just looked into her eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, our eyes darting left and right. I lowered my head to meet her lips and as we kissed, she closed her eyes and the taste of peppermint and warm honey filled my cavity. Her tongue darted into my mouth and entwined with my tongue and I had the feeling she was an accomplished kisser. My hands began to roam into her panties and I gave her little ass a good squeeze, cupping her small cheek in my palm. I pushed her back as she fell onto the couch and asked her if she was ok with being naughty with Santa. Sarah nodded her approval and that was all I needed. She sat back propped up on her elbows, her legs slightly parted and her feet barely touching the floor. “Will you remove your panties for Santa?” I whispered. She complied and lifted her butt to remove them, sliding the white sacred cloth down her smooth, long legs. They fell to the floor and she placed one foot flat on the couch and the other onto the floor, exposing the smoothest pussy I’ve ever seen. She had wisps of blonde hair above her mound of pleasure and her lips were small envelopes of pink standing guard of her hot little hole. Awkwardly, I pushed my pants to the floor and stepped out of them, my boots getting caught up for a moment. Once removed, I knelt down close to her pussy where I got the most heavenly scent of teenage lust pouring from her crevice. I licked the candy cane pole and then with the moist end, rubbed it against her little clitty. “Like this, honey?” I queried, as she closed her eyes and bit her lip, nodding in silence. I rubbed a little more and she reached over and parted her labia to allow for better exposure of her sensitive button. After several minutes of rubbing, grinding and her hips gyrating, her pussy became quite lubricated and the jumbo stick slid nice and easy into her waiting hole. I went slow at first and seeing that she could take a little more, began my pushing and prodding with the candy. A few moans and whimpers filtered through her pillow like lips, like a dove of peace cooing its sweet song. I couldn’t help but kiss her inner thigh while jousting the sweet stick into her.

I felt she was now ready for the gift of my North Pole. Having taken the sugar stick so well, this was going to bring great joy to the world! I dropped the candy on the table next to the glass of milk and dove between her legs. I lapped up the sweet nectar that had come from this young honey pot, treasuring every lick like it was my last piece of pumpkin pie. She bucked and pushed her moist folds into my face as I continued to barrage that succulent and tender baby lamb before me. Although I was having the time of my life, I stood and guided my length of steel to her waiting and warm vagina. Poised at the entrance, I looked up at her and said “ho ho hooooo!” as I plunged in deep. “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Comet, on Cupid….” I exclaimed…..well, not really, it was more like “ohhh yeahhh….uh huh….mmmm, so fucking good!” while being literally balls deep in this teen baby doll. Sarah placed her hands on my shoulders and used her hold to push back into me, lifting her ass off the sofa to collide with my tuft of pubic hair, grinding her clit in symphony with my primal pounding. It was going to be a quick sleigh ride if she kept this pace up and I didn’t want to cum down her chimney and be responsible for little elves, so after a few more pushes and kegel exercises to keep it strong and lasting, I decided it was time for a White Christmas! I pulled her shirt up and began massaging her pert mounds of flesh, her small nipples erect from the constant aroused state. I bent down to taste these snow white perfections and knew that they needed further attention. So firm to the touch and standing upright all on their own, I kneaded them like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t stand it any longer and my loins were burning like the heat miser’s ball sac and I pulled out of the happiest place on earth and unloaded snowball after snowball of hot sticky cum onto her flat toned belly, tits and neck. She jumped and squealed at the sudden wave of cum that had splashed onto her pre heated body and slowly came down in a series of ooooohs and ahhhhs.

Knowing my job was done here and it was well after midnight, it was time to jump on the Polar Express and head for home. I leaned down and planted a soft and gentle kiss and then moved to get my pants. She sat up and watched me get dressed, silently sitting Indian style on the couch. As I buckled my belt, she stood up, grabbed the glass of milk and handed it to me. I smiled and took the glass and although I was lactose intolerant, it felt good to quench my thirst after this session. I drank it down with fervor and handed her back the glass. I pulled her close and said “You make sure you are a good little girl and keep this our secret, ok ?” She slipped out a meek “ok Santa” and as I turned to go, she said…”Santa ? Are you for real ?”. I thought a moment and my heartstrings reverberated and I said “Yes, Sarah, there really is a Santa Claus.” And with that, I went out the back door regretting only that I did not go in Sarah’s back door. She watched me from the window as I bounded out of sight.

Sarahs Best Christmas
As she watched him disappear around the corner of the house, she wondered where his sleigh was or if she would see him fly through the air. After a few minutes, she decided that she wasn’t going to see that and she realized that Jake had missed Santa entirely ! Her bare feet padded across the radiant floor over to where Jake lay sl**ping on the couch, never budging an inch since earlier in the night. She shook and said “Jake! Jake! Wake up!” He moved about, keeping his eyes closed and she shook him again. This time he squinted with one eye open to see a blurry version of his s****r standing beside him. He sat up in confused state and looked around. He noticed that the milk was gone, the cookie plate was moved and there was a big candy cane on the table and a strong pungent smell in the air. “What’s going on ? Did Santa ever show up?” he asked. Sarah began to grin from ear to ear. “Ohhh yes he did cum, Jake. We tried to wake you but you just couldn’t get up” said Sarah. She sat next to Jake and placed a hand on his leg and her hand brushed something small but hard. It is very common for young boys to wake up with hard ons and Sarah had seen Jake before in the shower or changing in his room. So curiosity had gotten to her and she began to formulat a plan. “Did you see him ? What did he say ? Did he bring us presents?” Jake said, all excited and now wide awake. “Yes, he did….”, she says, “and he felt bad he missed you. So he told me what he wanted me to give to you for Christmas for him. He said he knows you would like it. All boys do.” Jake just sat there waiting to hear what it was going to be. Was it a football ? Remote control car ? Telescope so he could spy on the neighbor girls when they were at the pool or better yet, in their rooms ? Jake was starting to realize that the opposite sex are built a lot different and he got funny feelings when he looked at them. Sometimes he would fondle himself while looking at pictures of pretty girls in the magazine or when he thought about the girls in his school.

Sarah stood before him while Jake appeared to be in a daze, thinking about something, probably the gifts under the tree left by Santa. Jake suddenly became cognizant that his s****r was now standing before him. Now with the lights from the tree shining upon her, she appeared to look as beautiful as an angel. He always thought she was cute but never in such a manner like this. His eyes dropped to her lower half, noticing that just below the hem of her t-shirt, he spied some light colored hair and other meaty protrusions of which he had no knowledge. Her long legs went on forever and with this thought, she began to bend at the one knee in a sexy fashion and reach down to the bottom of her tee and proceed to pull it up over her head. Sarah stood there with her boobs jutting out and little pink areolas and erase sized nipples. Her smile was wide as she slinked down next to him and said “Merry Christmas, Jake….from Santa…” and began to pull down at the waistband of his pajama shorts. His little 4” penis sprang up like a jack in the box with a slight curve to its left and he sat still in utter amazement. He was frozen with surprise and felt her warm hand close around his little soldier. She lowered her head into his lap and a jolt ran through him when he felt a hot wet sensation around his cute erection. Her fingers tickled his small sac and he was elated with the strangest feeling and sudden passion for his s****r. Confused, but with immense excitement, he laid back and did his best to enjoy what was before him. His s****r’s head was bobbing on his pecker, her tongue swirling around the cock and he would flinch every time her teasing tongue tip hit the underside of his soft velvety cock head. She was enjoying it immensely and so glad she had practiced recently on such a large member to hone her skills. His hairless body was so smooth and nice to touch as she ran her hands all over, feeling his flat little belly, soft baby balls and even his ass felt creamy and delightful. She let her tongue wander below his balls towards the puckering starfish and felt him tighten up. She had her hands on his cheeks and had fun pulling them apart, feeling his resistance as she was able to bury herself deeper into him and then back up to his little prick. She was using her pointer and thumb locked in a circle around his shaft to massage his penis while sucking and knew that he was enjoying himself, as he lay there panting. As if a volcano was about to erupt, he felt a surge begin down deep in his lower region and begin to make its way up his tiny shaft, feeling similar to an urge to pee. He started to tell his s****r that he had to pee and to lay off but she knew better and she kept pumping and sucking when all of a sudden, the earth shook and for the first time in Jake’s life, semen came rocketing out of his piss hole, straight into his loving s****r’s mouth, spilling out the side of her lips as she deep throated him, moving slowly now up and down his shaft. She swallowed her b*****rs cum and felt very special to be her b*****r’s first ejaculation recipient. Sarah played and sucked until his little dick became limp with exhaustion and he said, “ok, ok…!” and pushed her head away with a giggle. She got up on the couch next to him and laid her warm naked body against him and smiled. “Now this is our little secret from Santa, ok Jake?” He sighed and shook his head in agreement while she ran her finger through his hair. She wondered what time her parents were getting home later today and her thoughts already turned to when they might be leaving for their next trip.

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