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Transvestite in trouble part 5 - "ride a cock

after feeding me Mary, untied me from the chair, other than keeping my hands tied behind my back, and a short chain between my ankles. She attached a studded collar around my neck attached to a dogs lead, and led me from the room. I teetered on the heels behind her, taking little fairy steps due to my chained ankles. she led me alomg an empty white corridor and into another room.

the room was decked out like a c***ds play room, on a rug in the centre of the room was a large rocking horse unlike any i'd ever seen. protruding up from the saddle was a 10" cock shaped dildo, and protruding backward from the horses head was another.

mary intied my hands, and taking a short gingham check dress from a hook on the wall, said "hands up" I did as i was told and she pulled the dress over my head. the skirt was full of white lace folds, like a french maids dress and fell over the tight pink latex basque i was wearing easily. I caught sight of myself in a large mirror on the wall opposite, blonde pigtails, little girl dress, white stockings and these stupidly high red heels....jesus i looked hot!

mary left the room. and in entered Lexy. she was maybe 20 or 21 years old, georgeous, with long dark hair, she wore a black latex catsuit, heels and a large black strap on. two guys followed her in with camcorders and another with a normal camera. I stood silently.

"hello pretty" lexy said as the guys set up their equipment. "me and you are going to have some fun today ok?! she said..."yes" i replied.

"Call me mommy" she replied
"yes mommy"

lexy removed the plug from my plopped out leaving my asshole gaping for a moment.....lexy grinned up at me....she unzipped her catsuit a few inched and took out a key on a chain around her neck...."Andrew says I shouldn't but I'm going to take your cock out of that cage ok?"

"yes please mommy"

"now you're to be a good girl for mommy ok?"

"yes mommy"

we don't want your dirty spunk over you nice clean dress do we?"

"No mommy"

a camera flashed....i realised the guys were filming...the show had started.

"now then christina I'd like you to suck my cock?"

Christina?....I liked it....i like to be called girly names, i felt my cock begin to stiffen. Lexy looked so hot.
I dropped to my knees and took the strap on into my mouth

"thats it suck mommy's cock like a good little girl"

i sucked her, licked her like a true whore....what the fuck was happening to me. again the camera flashed. one of the camcorder guys moved in for a close up.

I sucked on the dildo for a few minutes, until lexy, holding the leash around my neck beckoned me to my feet. I stood, teetering on the heels as lexy unchained my ankles

"good girl" she said "now do you see any toys that you'd like to play with?"

my eyes fell on the horse

"oh baby you want to ride mommy's horsy dont you?"
"yes mommy"

She led me to the horse.
"ok christina, as you've been a good girl you can ride the horse"

she nodded toward the saddle, and i mounted it. slipping my heels into a stirrup each side, with the dildo behind me.

"no no honey, on the dildo" said lexy
I stood in the stirrups and tried to find my ass with the the end of the phallus
still holding my lead, lexy used her other hand to guide the dildo into me. I lowered myself, again close up guy moved in and camera flashed.

slowly the dildo slid into me.....thank god it was lubed, almost all of the way into me.

"oh come on chrsitina.....all the way now, i saw how Andrew was ball deep in your pussy last night....i know you can take horsy's cock"

i sat into the saddle....may ass full of dildo...gasping for breath for a second. Camera flash.

Lexy moved to the front of the horse, smiling she gently pulled my leash
"now horsey's other cock" i leaned forward in the saddle, the dildo in my ass moved with me. i took the other dildo into my mouth. Lexy passed my leash below the horsed head and secured it. I realised i was unable to back off the cock in my mouth. She then took some cord from the floor and tied each of my feet into the stirrups and my hands below the horses head. competely trapping me, impaled on the horse's back. my cock was rock hard below the folds of lace in my dress.

"Now ride her" Lexy said

I began to grind on the dildo in my ass.....oh fuck it felt good the horse rocked back and forth, accentuating the feeling....the horse rocked, i rocked back and forth taking the dildo in my mouth, into my throat each time i rocked forward.

after a few minuted Lexy reached below the horse, flicking a switch, the dildo in my mouth bagan to pump back and forth, like it was fucking my mouth, almost gagging me. Another switch, this time ass dildo bagan to vibrate and pump into me....oh god i was in exstasy!

again i rode the horse, harder now griding my hips back and forth, letting the dildo fuck me.

I could feel my orgasm rise.....i'd never cum just by anal felt awesome...oh god it was here i was moaning like a slut through the dildo leashed into my mouth.

"oh christina you're not going to spunk over horsy are you?"

"sorry mommy" i spluttered

I couldn't stop....spurt after spurt i came howling in exstasy, my hips pumping as i grinded into the dildo.

lexy unleashed me, and freed my from the stirrups and gently pulling the leash usherd me off the back of the horse.

"oh dear christina...what a naughty girl, look at horsey's saddle.....other girls will want to ride him, and now she's covered in your filth cum"

"I'm sorry mommy"

Lexy pulled my leash and guided my face to the saddle...
"clean her up" she said

I readily licked up my cum.....i was shaking, the orgasm had been so intense i happily savoured my spunk in my mouth

close up guy moved in....the camera flashed.

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