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Interstate Reas Area Whore

Driving down the interstate the sign said Rest Area one mile. My heart skipped a beat and there was slight stiffing of my male meat in anticipation of events to unfold. This interstate rest area was always packed full of eighteen wheelers as many as forty. Surely one or two of these truck drivers would be horny enough to over look the fact that this slut had a little something extra a top her nylon covered legs.
I had a black merry widow corset on that pulled my waist in a nice four inches. Eight garters held up my coffee colored FF nylons. I had on five inch red stiletto pumps. My black paten vinyl skirt came to my mid thighs and laced up the back from hem to waist line. The skirt fit like a glove. I had chosen a red silk blouse with flared sleeves and a scooped neck line. My makeup was very slutty. Long false eyelashes, green eye shadow, heavy eyeliner, and my favorite candy apple lipstick. Yes I felt like a slut, looked like a whore in hopes that I would soon be treated like both.
I turned my 1960 VW off the interstate onto the access road to the rest area, my cock stiffened a little more but my red rubber panties held its growth at bay. As always this rest area was packed with eight wheelers and few passenger cars. I parked in front of the restrooms and up from the vending machine area. No one was out milling about. I got out pranced down to the vending machines and brought a coke; then walked back to the pay phone. I lit a cigarette and pretend to make a phone call wondering if I had caught the eye of any of the truckers. After a few minutes I hung up the phone and returned to my car and lit another Misty 120.
A trucker left his cab and walked by my car looking nonchalantly at me as he passed by on his way to the restrooms. A few minutes later he came back out the building and walked straight towards my car, Bingo! I rolled the driver side window all the way down as he approached. He asked if everything was okay. “Why do you ask, sweetie,” I replied.
“Well I saw you on the phone thought maybe you had car trouble is all” he said.
“Oh no baby just called a friend I was supposed to meet here but it looks like he could not get away from his wife.”
“I would never standup a hot bitch like you, wife or no wife. I don’t usually mess with girls like you but I have been on the road for ten days now. Could I fill in for the ass hole that stood you up?”
“Girls like me?” I cooed with a smile.
“Yea you know.”
“No I don’t know sweetie. Just what are you implying?”
He was quit for a minute and then said, “I meant no offence darling. Just looking for some fun and thought maybe, seeing how you got stood up, well maybe we could hook up. You look damn hot and ready for a goodtime tonight.”
“Well sweetheart, I was counting on the loan my boyfriend was going to give me tonight. Looks like I am out of luck there so might as well have a goodtime and you are standing right here with a big bulge in your pants.”
“How much was the loan for?” he asked.
“Hell baby I can give you that much.” He said.
“How would I ever repay you sweetie? No let’s just have a goodtime and call it even. But have to tell you before play, in case you have not guessed, I have a package just like you between my legs.”
“I kind of thought that from your voice but was not real sure. I don’t care darling; I am so horny I’d fuck a Billy goat right now.”
“Bah, Bah,” I said in my best Billy goat voice.”
We laugh and he opens my car door to let me out. With heels on I was a good four inches taller than he. A nice looking man, maybe 5’ 6” tall, about 180 pounds and judging from the bulge in his pant very well endowed. We walk about 50 feet to where his Kenworth was parked. Don, the trucker, helped me from behind get up in the cab. He told to go right back to the sl**per area and sit on the bed. I did and he joined me sitting beside me with his 9” cock already out of his pants. He explains that he had to unleash it because it was killing him being restrained in his pants. I smiled and took out a cigarette and he lit it for me. He said he love to watch a woman smoke and sat there watching me as I did, french inhales, snap inhales and just let the smoke curl up over my red lips.
His cock was not only long but also big around and fully gorged with bl**d. I took out another Misty 120 and he lit it for me with his Zippo. I took a big drag leaned forward and blew the creamy smoke over his cock. A drop or two of pre-cum oozed from his pee hole and I could not resist any longer. I took another drag on my cigarette and took his cock in my mouth as I exhaled.
I sucked, flicked the tip of his penis with my, licked his shaft and balls with my tongue and sucked him some more. “Stop bitch or you will make me cum before I get to fuck you,” he moaned.
I got up, hiked up my skirt over my hips and pulled down my rubber panties. My cock sprung out at full attention as I turn around and knelt on the sl**per’s bed my head against the wall of the cab. I felt a sharp twinge of pain as his cock passed by my anus muscle. He was buried in me, every inch of his love shaft deep in my fuck hole, his balls against the cheeks of my ass. “Oh baby fuck me hard,” I screamed out. Don fuck me hard banging my head against the wall of the cab. A babble of foul words filled the cab as he slid he big cock in and out of my boy/pussy. All I could do was grunt, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”
Soon I felt his body stiffen. He grabbed my hips and with one last thrust forward his dick emptied his warm sweet seeds into my anal cavity. I could feel his cum running down my legs as I pulled up my panties and tuck my male part back in place. As hard as it was it was no easy task. I pulled my skirt back down and fixed my makeup as best I could.
I looked over and Don was all most asl**p but he held a hundred dollar bill in his hand. He mumbled for me to take it and be careful getting out of the cab. I took the bill and got out the cab and started back to my VW Bug. When I was almost to the car another man approached me.
A big man maybe 6’4” and close to 300 pound. He had a full beard and bib overhauls on over a flannel shirt. “Excuse me, dear,” he said in a deep voice.
I stopped at the car door and turned and said, “Yes what can I do for you sweetie. You looking for a date?”
“Sure am baby doll, if in your not to expensive,” he replied with a big grin reveling bad teeth.
I took out a smoke and lit it and said, “Let’s talk turkey in your cab where it is warmer.”
He agree and we strolled to his Peterbuilt eighteen wheeler park just behind Don’s rig. He asked right off if I was a women or one of those faggot men that dressed like a woman. I told him a faggot man that dressed like a woman and started to get out of the cab. He stopped me and told me not to get all huffy. All he wanted was a blow job and to whip my ass with his leather belt. “That ought to be worth a hundred dollars to a sissy slut like you.”
So I went into the sl**per area and bent over. He completely unlaced the back of my skirt and moved each side of the skirt to the side. Whack, I felt the sting of the leather belt against the exposed round ass cheeks. The fist was followed by nine more stinging whacks, and I could feel my ass turning cherry red. He turned me around and there in front of me was his smelly excuse of a dick. It barely made it out of the fly in his overalls. I took his cock and sucked it all most gagging from the smell of the cheese under his foreskin. He cam quickly and from the volume of spunk he unloaded into my mouth; he must have had huge balls. He did half ass help me lace the back of my skirt back up. He must have missed half the eyelets but at least the skirt did some what cover my ass again. I climbed down from his cab, lit a cigarette and once again started for my car. The cool night breeze blowing through the two inch gap down the back of my skirt by loose laces felt good on the welts on my ass cheeks from his leather belt.
I sat in the car and repaired my makeup the best I could. Lit another cigarette and realized I have to pee. Now my options were Ladies Room or Men’s Room. If a woman or the cops found me in the ladies room that could be a disaster. On the other hand I could go to the men’s room and if followed score another date. Or get caught in there by the cops and get charged for prostitution. What the fuck, I headed for the men’s room.
I stood at the urinal hiked up my skirt and let a golden stream of piss flow into the urinal. Two men, one tall and one very short, entered the rest room but I did not look up. One of the men stood at the urinal next to me and whipped out a big long cock and started peeing too. The whole time looking at my cock smiling. He looks over his shoulder and said, “Yep Eva this bitch will be fun for us both.”
I looked around and it was not a man, but a short woman in men’s clothing. “She has a pretty ass Ben at least what I can see of it through her skirt. Turn around sweetie pie so I can see if you have a dick worthy of my pussy.”
I turned around my cock still in my hand now getting hard again. Eva smiled and said to Ben, “Your turn to pay babe, find out how much the little bitch boy wants.”
Eva looked to be about 40 and was very plump. Maybe 5’1” tall and with her jacket now open had a humongous pair of tits under her T shirt. Her taunt nipples pushed it out and made it plain she had no bra on. Her hair was buzzed, she wore no makeup but each ear had six piercings. In each hole had a gold loop earring that I found quite erotic. Both eyebrows were also pierced and she had a ring on every finger.
“How much whore to do us both? Want you to fuck her while I fuck you and then Eva likes to have a cock in her pussy and one in her ass. Also she is a squirted and will want her pussy ate out till she squirts after it is filled with cum. You game for that kind of action? How many bills you want bitch?” Ben asked in a very business tone of voice.
“Two hundred ought to cover it sweetie,” I said to Ben.
“Pay the sissy boy.” Then she looked at me and said, “Bitch if you don’t deliver for me I am going to beat your ass. I’ll fuck your face up with these rings while Ben holds you down. So you’re warned don’t take the fucking money and come with us unless your ass can cover the check.”
Giggles, I took the money. The three of us left the rest room and walk down to the end of the parking area to their Freight Liner. One Trucker stuck his head out his cabs window and yelled, “Be gentle with the bitch Eva don’t fuck her up to bad I might want some of what’s left.” What the hell had I got myself into this time?
The Freight Line had the biggest sl**per I had ever seen. I think they said it was two hundred and some inches. I was like a small camper inside. A large double bed in the back, toilet shower combination, Small sink, Stove and oak cabinets everywhere. A large leather curtain separated the sl**per from the cab. Eva told Ben and me to set in the cab while she readied her self. She went into the sl**per and zipped the leather curtain closed.
Ben started fooling with a computer mounted on a swivel table and told me to get out of the skirt, blouse and panties and put them in a bucket sitting on the floor near the passenger seat. I did and sat down feeling very vulnerable as we both could plainly be seen through the cabs windshield.
I took out a cigarette and Ben lit it for me and then went back to stroking the computer keyboard. I took a deep drag on the cigarette an exhaled a long stream of smoke. Perfect Ben said and turned the computer to where I could see the screen. There I was on the screen. Ben told me he was broadcasting the action to a pay for view site. He had several cameras around the truck to capture all the action coming. He and Eva broadcast there adventures and made a little side money from doing so once or twice a week.
About that time Eva pulled down the zipper from the top and stuck her head through the leather skirt. Her makeup would have made a drag queen proud. The fact her hair was buzzed made her look even more beautiful in a strange way. She asked for a drag from my cigarette and I extended it to her lips. She took a big drag and exhaled the smoke in my face. “All most ready for you guys,” she said and disappeared behind the curtain.
I looked back a Ben and he was sitting there naked his love muscle standing up like a flag pole. He told me to lean forward and as I did he slipper a head harness over my head and place its attached large ring gag in my mouth. My mouth so stretched open I could no long speak. The curtain opened and there stood Eva. She was wearing a black latex corset with 12 garters holding up black fish net stocking. Red thigh high boots with five inch heels hugged her shapely legs. Red latex opera length gloves covered her hands and arms.
“Sissy boy, I am going to fist you first. Get on your knees and lean over the bed.”
Did as told and Ben hooked the D ring on a short chain attached to the opposite wall. There was no standing up now. Ben packed my Hersey Hole with some kind of petroleum jell and exited to his computer key board and said, “Already 21 viewers, Babe.”
Eva then started rubbing my anus lips with another jelly substance and I could feel the area where she was rubbing start to go num. I turned my head to the left and there was a TV screen with my ass shinning like a full moon. Eva’s right hand glove was greased with petroleum jelly. First she worked one finger in my fudge hole, then two, there and so on. Soon her hand disappeared inside my anal cavity. Surprisingly the pain was minimal and it was hard for my mind to realize that the ass being fisted on the TV screen was actually mine. After about fifteen minutes of this Eva with drew her hand from my boy cunt and unsnapped my head from the chain and ordered me off the bed.
She sat down and pulled me to the side and started to suck me off. When she had me hard as nails she laid back on the bed raise her boots over her head and told me to fuck her; how could I refuse! I just stared to get a nice rhythm going when I felt Ben’s big cock sliding in my fuck hole. We were all going at it when Ben told Eva he was close and he took his dick out of me and Eva pushed me off her. She got up and Ben sat down. Eva climbed on top of Ben’s cock and they lay back on the bed. She then old me to fuck her ass fast and hard. I slide my she cock up the shit hole and soon there was a lot of moaning and grunting fill the air.
Ben exploded into Eva’s juicy pussy and I into her asshole. Ben stood up and took the harness off my head and told me to eat her till she squirted and so I did just as I was told. Soon it was like someone had turned a garden hose on in my face. I stayed my position my tongue darting, licking and lips sucking and swallowing all the hot fluid she could produce. Soon she screamed for me to stop. I sat back on a small stool and Eva sat up on the bed. Ben was back at the computer. Eva and I lit up our cigarettes and took a few drags blown the exhaled smoke in each others direction.
All of a sudden Eva hollered at Ben for the bucket and he slid her the pale with my clothes in it. Eva squatted over the bucket and started pissing like a race horse in to the bucket and all over my clothes. I sat there will a dumb look on my face and she looked at me and said, “Guess sissy boy will have to walk back to her car like she is or wear piss soaked clothes.”
I got up and stood in front of where she was squatted over the bucket. I said, “I got to piss open up your fucking mouth.” To my surprise she smiled and opened up her mouth wide. I let a strong stream of golden piss go and it hit her square in the mouth. Some of the pee she swallowed but most of it ran down her chin, neck, over her tits, down her belly over her thighs and into the fucking bucket and my clothes.
Ben was excited. During the hour or so we had be available on line we had had seventy viewers. The average viewer had spent 15 minutes viewing and at $2.95 a minute they had made near $3000.00 for the site. Which it turned out they owned. Eva got all excited with this news. Seen that was the best night they had ever had at the box office.
They told me that they were in this area at least twice a month and would love if I would come by when they were in the area. Lot’s of nasty things they could think of to do to me that would delight the viewers. I told them sure I would but not for two hundred dollars. Eva told Ben to tip me another two bills and he did. We exchanged phone numbers and I got up to leave.
I looked at my blouse and skirt in the bucket and Eva said, “No sissy boy I will get those cleaned for you, here wear this bathrobe to get back to your car.”
She gave me a blue terry cloth short bathrobe to put on to get to my car. It barely covered my ass and the very tip of my cock was visible below the hem line. What the hell at least it was dry. Do us a favor they asked me. They wanted me to stop by the trucker that had yelled at us as we walked to their truck and give him some head and let him fuck me. “Don’t charge him, sissy boy, he is a good friend and down on his luck,” Eva told me.
So on my way back to my car I stopped and knocked on Tony’s cab door. He let me in with a big smile on his face and we did the dirty business. He really was a sweetie. When we finished I left his cab and returned to my VW for the drive home. It was about this time my ass hole really started hurting for all the use and abuse it had taken. It was going to be a long day at work tomorrow. Sure hoped no one at work knew about Ben and Eva’s internet sex site.

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