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Date Night

Date Night
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki & Ty Blaze
Special guest stars

Marie had a great life. A wonderful home, and a c***d. Her husband Steve was not only a great provider and father, he was a good man, and a handsome one too. She had what many would call the picture perfect life. A life that many others would be happy to have. She was very happy, but over the last couple of years, since both of their careers had blossomed as well as the arrival of their c***d, some of the passion had gone away. Lately their “Date Nights” had been, while still very nice, less romantic, and more of the “dinner and a movie” type. One afternoon while home alone she found one of Steve’s porn movies in the den as she was cleaning and she picked it up to examine it. She could see as she walked towards the dvd case on the coffee table, that it was a black porn movie, that caught her interest as she thought black guys were sexy, and while not really into women, she always swore up and down, if it was gonna be a woman it would be one hot ass black girl. When she picked it up for a closer look, she saw that it was a flick out of the underground studio “Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch Productions”, starring Kiki and Ty Blaze. The whole thing looked hot!
she flipped the case to read the back cover. She was amazed to see that the costars Kiki and Ty Blaze, had once been gang bangers and were actually husband and wife. This intrigued her. She read the description and was captivated by the statements: “The Blazes are a Hot, sexy, loving, spiritual, passionate couple who not only love each other, but love to make each other FEEL GOOD, and “No matter how many times you see them fuck, Kiki and Ty always turn you on because they still turn each other on.” Marie was impressed to learn “Hot Nigga n Bad Bitch” was their company, they started it together. “wow.” she thought.
Marie was not at all repulsed or offended by porn, it just never did anything for her, because it was all mostly about turning men on. After reading the description and looking at the pictures on the DVD case something came over her. Marie realized her cunt was wet! She had to see this movie. She put it in and began watching. The description was spot on, and she was fingering herself in no time. Kiki and Ty were Hot!
His lean butterscotch body, and Big cock were enough to get her wet and flowing, and Kiki’s milk chocolaty body was awesome. Her big ebony tits and fine dark chocolate nipples looked so damn suckable, and when she saw her hairy pussy, she imagined what it would feel like to burry her face in Kiki’s Black cunt while Ty was fucking her. She could see Steve wanting to join in too. When the onscreen fucking started, Marie took one of her dildoes out (the den was still the hiding place) and started fucking herself, trying to match the Blazes rhythm. She never heard Steve come in. He announced his arrival by grabbing Marie by the head, turning her towards and pulling her face to his cock.
After a great fuck, the best in a while in fact, Marie told Steve how much the Blazes turned him on and why. Steve after this awesome fuck was able to truly listen as they talked. As they talked Steve planned their next date night, which was next Saturday night.
Next Saturday came, and Steve told Marie, “Dress Sexy and provocative darling, we’re going out.” She asked why and he said it was a surprise. She said “There’s no way I’m going out looking provocative if I don’t know what you have planned.” Knowing his wife, Steve decided that this was not the time to dig in and f***e his hand. That could fuck this night up, and he was determined to get it right. He had no idea just How right he was going to get it. “Ok darling here’s the deal.” Steve began. “What would you say if I told you that there’s a sex club called “Freak House” uptown,and that Kiki and Ty Blaze do a live fuck show on certain Saturdays?” Marie was not quite sure what to think, but she was getting a little excited. She was trying to hold it down, but it wasn’t easy, so she proceeded with caution. “I’d say I’m not sure I’d believe you, but if this club was there I’d think you need a reservation or something.” Steve smiled, reached into his pocket and pulled out and envelope and said, “The show is in an hour.” Marie still cautious, but clearly getting excited. “What?” She asked as she took the envelope and fumbled to open it. as soon as she looked at it’s contents she exploded. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD I CAN”T BELIEVE IT! Oh Steve this is awesome, I love you, I don’t know what to do. This is SO Fucking great oh wow what do I do? “FUCKING GET DRESSED WE GOT AN HOUR!” Steve Yelled.
Marie “Got her sexy on” and got dressed as fast as she could. She chose a sheer black thong, a denim mini skirt that most people would consider a wide belt, and a sheer black top that fit tight around her big beautiful vanilla tits.
They headed off to “Freak House”, which was in a part of the city that most folks would say was not the best part of town, but then places like that usually weren’t. Since they did know that part of town they were at the mercy of the GPS. They missed the start of the show but went anyway. When they arrived they had missed Kiki and Ty, but stuck around anyway. The next live fuck show was actually pretty hot. On any other night it would have been enough to send them home fucking hard, but they had missed the prize. They’d missed Kiki and Ty. Steve was disappointed in seeing Marie’s disappointment. “Don’t worry baby.” she said, “You got it right, the GPS didn’t.” “I know, but I know you wanted to see them.” Marie replied “Yes but the last two performers were hot, so let’s stick around.” Steve looked at her “You sure?” “Yes.” Marie replied. “Fine, let’s get drinks.” The couple walked over to the far corner of the bar. While they liked “Freak House”, they were a little intimidated being there, because while they were not the only white people in the club that night, they were the Only white couple in the club period. They took seat at the end of the bar and waited for the barmaid. She walked over and “Good evening and welcome to Freak House bitches.” You been invited to have your drinks on the house at the owner’s table.” Marie shot a quizzical look at Steve, who poke to her. “Honey I wish I could take credit, but since I don’t know where it’s going I won’t, just in case we’re going to very nicely get thrown out of here.” Marie giggled, and they said yes to the barmaid. “Cool.” She responded, “Jamel, show them to the owner’s table please?” Jamel e****ted them toward the back of the room to a secluded booth. As they approached Marie, thought he saw Kiki at the table but couldn’t really see around Ty and Jamel. When they reached the table, she saw that it was Kiki and Ty was sitting there. “Wow.” she thought. “We’ll at least get to meet them, cool.”. She assumed they were there to chat with the owner briefly or get paid before leaving. The owner must’ve gone to the bathroom, and not wanting to be rude, they just stood there and waited for the owner to return. Marie simply said hello to the pair and smiled. She didn’t say anything else for fear of being one more overly pushy fan.
Kiki broke the ice. “Well, are you two going to join us?”We don’t invite just anyone to our table, what the fuck?” Marie answered, “I’m sorry?” Kiki responded, “Damn don’t you know who we are?” “Yes, you’re Kiki and TY, the hot porn stars, but we’re waiting for the owner.” Kiki shot back with definite attitude. “Either you don’t quite know we are, or you’re a dumb white bitch.” Steve quickly realizing what Kiki was really saying said “I think we should sit Marie.” She looked at her man “But she said....” “You don’t know quite who she is, just sit.” Steve said. Once they sat Ty spoke. “Tell me something...” “Why do all you White bitches assume you know everything about everything when you don’t?” Marie was now realizing she had put her foot in her mouth. “You mean?” Kiki chimed in with attitude, “Yes bitch WE own this motherfucker.” Marie felt as though her foot was so far down her throat it would be coming out of her ass.
Steve, trying to salvage things spoke. “Thank you for inviting us over, and I must say how impressed I am that two ex gang bangers could not only turn it around , but make it big like you have.” Ty laughed. “Now the ass kissing starts.” “Riiiight.” Kiki answered. She turned to Steve. “Boo, you don’t gotta try so hard, you’re not uninvited.”
Marie apologized. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. I didn’t even know about your movies until I found a week ago. He surprised me with this tonight.” “I wasn’t trying to be rude or racist I’m so sorry.” Kiki interrupted by jumping up giving Marie a long kiss on the lips, and punctuated it with a loud smack. “I said it’s ok, now are you two going to sit your asses down or what?” Steve and Marie sat down and the as they did the drinks they ordered at at bar arrived. Marie asked the Blazes “May I ask what made you two invite us over?” Ty responded. “We wanna check you out. We don’t get too many white folks and you guys are the only white Couple here tonight.” “Annnnnnnd.” Kiki said in a way that suggested they were suspicious. “And?” Steve said sounding a little nervous. Ty went on. “And you got here after Our show, stuck around, but you’re hanging back.” “So we wanna know if you’re cops, lost or scared.” Kiki jumped in. “Since you know we’re Kiki and Ty we can rule out lost, but not the other two.”
Steve spoke next. “Well it was a surprise for Marie, but we live on the other side of town, had to drop off the k** and the gps got us lost.” Marie interjected. “Yeah it was almost like the gps was asking Steve are you sure you wanna go to that part of town?” All of them broke into laughter.
The four of them talked and drank for a while. The wine loosened up Marie and she explained that they were trying to spark their sex life up, and that one reason they loved the Blaze porn was because of the passion that comes through in all the raunch, and the other was of course they were a Hot ass Black couple.
Ty said he felt bad they’d missed the show and comped them to come back. Kiki asked if they had V.I.P. section tickets and they had indeed paid the premium which would have let them sit in the section where they pull any needed participants from the audience. They are expected to tip high of course and do.
“Shit.” Kiki went on, “V.I.P. tickets to Our performances are expensive.” “What was the surprise for a birthday, anniversary?”
Sounding a little embarrassed Marie said “No nothing that special, it was our “Date Night” weekend.” “You’re man got you V.I.P. Tix to our show just for date night?” “Daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyuuuuummm.” “Tell me about it.” Steve said. “Sucks that we missed you guys.”
Steve and Marie got the surprise of their life next. “How would you two like to have us give you your own private show?” Kiki asked.
“What? Are you Serious?” Marie asked Steve looked up as well “You’re joking with us right Mrs. Blaze?” “No I’m not Joking Steve, and call me Kiki.”
Both Steve and Marie must have been silent for a minute because Ty snapped them back to reality. “Well?” “Are you motherfuckers gonna answer her?” Marie asked Ty,”Would you be ok with this too?”
“Hell yeah.” He answered. “I’m always down with whatever trouble Kiki wants to get into, cuz we always make sure we get each other off, and y’all did come all the way up here to see Us.” Marie looked at Steve and answered Kiki and Ty. “Well to be honest, I would like to, but I’m not sure how Steve would feel about sharing me with a.” “Baby I would love to see the Blazes fuck you, and I’ll do whatever to get a taste of Kiki’s fine black pussy.” Marie looked at Steve. “Really honey?” “Yes.” He answered. Marie looked at Kiki and said “Yes we’ll take you up on that, but where and when?” Ty said “The when is right the fuck Now, if you’re down.” “The where, is the apartment we keep upstairs for late nights.” “And Private shows.” Kiki added. From the sly smile on her face Marie could tell that Kiki was suggesting that picking up folks in the club was not a regular thing. Marie thought “How cool it must be to be Them.” She looked at Steve who clearly was just waiting for her to yes, then at the Blazes, finished her drink in a gulp, and said “I’m down as fuck, let’s do it!”

When they got upstairs to the apartment, Steve and Marie were shocked. This apartment was nice. They knew the Blaze’s main home had to be Hot.
Ty lit up a blunt and took a hit. Kiki poured wine for Marie and herself, and got a couple of beers for the guys. After a few hits of the blunt, everyone as feeling a bit more relaxed. Kiki and Ty had been in robes since coming off stage. She said to everyone, “Time set it off.” and threw her robe off. She still had on her sexy fishnet crotchless pantyhose. Kiki held her tits up towards the white couple and said “Who’s first?” “Anybody here never had Black before?” Kiki asked.
Both Steve and Marie raised their hands. “Well.” she said. “I got two, start sucking these fine Black tits, Both of you.” Obediently, they went over to Kiki,and each took hold of one of her big beautiful black tits and started sucking her coco brown nipples. Marie couldn’t believe it. She didn’t think that sitting there all night would make up for missing Ty and Kiki’s set. It didn’t matter she was sucking Kiki’s Tit! She wondered if she were dreaming and when she looked back, she saw Ty walking toward her. Then she noticed his cock was out and hard. “Oh My God.” She thought, “His cock is so big and beautiful.” Marie looked at Steve who was sucking like a baby. Kiki snapped her out of her momentary day dream. “Did I tell you to stop bitch?” Marie saw Kiki’s expression and went back to work on her tit. She was holding Kiki’s tit with both hands and looked like a little girl working on an oversized chocolate ice cream cone. She was getting into playing with Kiki and suddenly felt a hand on her ass. It was Ty. he was squeezing her ass with one hand and jerking his cock with the other. Steve had pulled his cock out as soon as he started sucking Kiki’s tit and hadn’t really come up for air yet. Ty leaned over and whispered in Marie’s ear. “Look bitch, I got my hand on your ass and he ain’t even notice.” “You see what Black pussy does to y’all, now you gonna feel what Black dick does to white bitches.” The mini skirt Marie had on was so revealing it might as well have been a belt. Ty reached up and pulled Marie’s thong down. He did it in a rough way that made her pussy tingle and ooze. She had among others fantasized about being taken by a Black by f***e. Ty slid has finger into her ass crack and teasingly ran it up and down. Marie shuddered and moaned. Kiki heard her and responded. “Oooo work it Ty, sound like somebody can’t wait for that Black dick.” Steve Moaned at this too. Kiki looked down at Steve. “Oh you like that shit?You wanna see your bitch get her first Nigga cock?” Kiki teased Steve moaned through the black tit in his mouth. Ty now grabbed Marie by the hair “Come here bitch, it’s time for your little White ass to suck your first Nigga cock.”
Ty held his cock up to Marie’s face. She studied it for a moment. She had watched Ty and Kiki’s movies over and over this past week but looking at Ty’s big black cock inches from her salivating mouth was amazing. “Wow what a date night. She thought. Steve spoke. “Why are waiting Marie?” She looked at her man who saw she was hesitating. He gave her a look that said “Go for it”. She looked back and he Steve said to Marie, “Honey this is DATE NIGHT, Suck that big Black dick.” Needing nothing more,Marie tore into Ty’s cock like she’d been starving. She couldn’t believe it. After 15 years of being married, not only was she sucking another man’s cock, it was a Nigga cock. Ty Blaze, sexy ass porn star, husband and partner of Kiki Blaze. She did not know where this night was gonna go, or how long it would last, but she was gonna make the most of it, and her time with this big Nigga Cock. She wondered if Steve might get jealous but thought “Fuck it”. “After this I’ll fuck him so hard everyday he may want to bring me back here.”
Ty moaned as Marie sucked his cock. “Yeah suck that Big black cock, show this nigga how much you like it.” Marie was working hard on Ty’s cock. Spit was running out of her mouth and down his shaft as he sucked. She cupped her hand under his balls to catch it. Her other hand was holding his cock as she bobbed her head up and down. Ty was holding the back of her head, which always drove her crazy when Steve did it. The fact that it was Ty, a Hot nigga drove her wild.
Steve was transfixed for a moment watching marie suck Ty’s cock.
He was so turned on at how his big Black cock looked in his wife’s mouth. Her eyes were watering as she was sucking him down and gagging with regularity. She was like an a****l. An a****l that was devouring that Nigga cock as though it were her prey.
Steve loved his wife. He had always thought Marie was hot. Her blue eyes were sexy and she had big tits and one of the best asses he’d ever seen. He always felt that she was a freak at heart, but could never quite get it to come out. Now she was all the way uptown at “Freak House”, with a black cock in her mouth. Not just any black cock either, it was the big hairy black cock of Ty Blaze, ghetto porn superstar. He felt like he was watching one their movies as he watched Marie. She was looking like the one of white girls in their movies. It was like Ty’s cock was magic. “Hey motherfucker.” Steve looked around to Kiki who was now laying back on the couch. He’d forgotten for her a second, because he was so into watching Ty and Marie. “Why you standing around watchin’, you got work to do.” “Come eat my hairy Black cunt.” Steve thought “Hell I better get to work” and dove right into Kiki’s hot hairy wet black cunt. He was overcome with Bliss as he took in the scent of her fine hairy, wet Black pussy. He couldn’t wait for his first taste. His tongue entered Kiki’s cunt and Steve thought to himself “No wonder Marie is going crazy on Ty, chocolate tastes GOOD.” He continued licking Kiki, and his intensity was already amping up. Sensing his enthusiasm Kiki urged him on. “Ooooohhhh yes, you like that Sweet Black pussy don’t you?” She said. “Go on White boy, eat that Black cunt like you want it.” Steve obediently tried get his tongue farther up in Kiki’s cunt. He reached his hands up and dug them up under her ass, as she pulled his head in to her cunt. Kiki let out a loud moan as Steve licked her clit. “Oh Shit.” She called to Ty. “I hope that bitch is sucking your black dick as good as her man is eatin’ my hot black pussy Ty.” Ty’s response was “She got a lot of skillz and Ass for a white bitch.” Marie gave Ty’s balls a long slow lick as if to thank him for his compliment. Kiki shot back at Ty, “We should see who’s better at what.” “BET!” Ty said in agreement.
He gently pulled Marie up who looked for a moment like a c***d who’d just had an ice cream cone snatched out of her hand. Ty smiled and led her to the couch and he sat beside Kiki who was now pushing Steve up.
She said, “Me and Ty wanna see who is better at what.” “Especially since they say White boys eat pussy good.” Steve feeling good and loose chimed in. “I thought I was doin you pretty good.” “You were Kiki said, but not as good as Ty, and I need to see if Marie is better.” Kiki looked at Marie and said “Your turn bitch, get over here and start eating my pussy.” As Marie moved into position on her knees in front of Kiki, Steve asked “What am I supposed to do?” Ty took the blunt out of his mouth and answered Steve’s question as he blew out a cloud of smoke.
“You supposed to suck my dick, whatchoo think?” Startled and not sure he heard right, Steve said “What?” Marie was looked up as Ty continued. “What did you think Kiki meant when she see who’s better at what?”Steve responded. “I thought she wanted to see which of us was a better pussy eater. Kiki laughed,then gave Steve the correct answer. “A little more than that.” She said,. “I wanna see what white people do better, eat Black Pussy or Black Dick.” Steve and Marie looked at each other and smiled. That smiled said a lot. They knew that they had together come to a special moment. They knew their sex life would never be the same after tonight. Marie was so excited and was hoping Steve shared her enthusiasm, but was afraid he might punk out. his actions answered that concern. The look in his eyes went from love to lust and Marie knew her husband was thinking what she was.
Steve who had taken the blunt from Ty a moment ago, blew out his own cloud, and dove his head down his open mouth taking Ty’s cock right into his mouth. Kiki smiled. She always got a thrill watching guys under the spell of Ty’s cock, especially when it was a guy who was not into guys like Steve. She had watched Ty turn a few niggas out. Marie looked at her husband with shock and excitement. She could not believe Steve was doing this. He was sucking cock. Not a dildo, but a real live cock. A Big Beautiful Black cock at that. Kiki said “ah shit it’s on now.” Marie looked at Kiki and dove back into Kiki’s wet cunt. She was so turned on by the fact that Steve was on his knees beside him sucking Ty’s cock. She kept trying to look but Kiki kept her on task. “Don’t worry about him Bitch eat My pussy.” “You like see your man sucking that big black cock?” Marie said “YES!!!” between mouthfuls of black pussy. Kiki’s cream was all over her face and she couldn’t get enough. She could hear Steve sucking and slurping as well as Ty moaning and it was making her pussy cream. The whole scene was like a wild dream come to life. She had already gotten too long time desires satisfied, and things were just getting started. She had sucked her first Black Cock, and eaten her first Black Pussy. Now she was finally getting another desire filled.Seeing Steve Suck Cock. She had had a desire to see Steve suck cock for a long time, but had never shared it with him, because she was afraid it would upset him. Even if he never did it again, the fact that he was sucking off Ty Blaze made a bigger thrill than she ever could have hoped for, and it looked like Steve was enjoying himself too. Marie’s pussy felt like it was on fire, and it hadn’t even been touched yet...
Steve was shocked. When he decided to surprise his wife with the trip to “Freak House”, he had hoped they’d have a good time, but this was so much more than he could have ever hoped for. He thought that with the V.I.P. seats they’d be close to the action and might get to participate in the show. When he realized they were going to miss the show he thought the night would be a bust, and almost went back home. If Marie hadn’t known where they were going, he might have. He was so glad he didn’t. This was some date night, and it wasn’t over. He knew that and Marie’s sex life would never be the same after tonight, and it was that thought that made him say “fuck it” when Kiki told him she wanted him to suck Ty’s cock. Steve was not a bi or gay guy at all. He knew a handsome man when he saw one, and Ty was one, but he had no desire to play with guys. He simply did not want to derail what was becoming an unforgettable date night. He was glad because he like many guys, was curious to know what sucking dick felt like from the “other perspective”, but like most of those same guys, would never do anything to satisfy that curiosity. In addition to that, he knew he wanted to get a chance to dip his dick into Kiki’s sweet Black pussy if he could and was willing to suck Ty’s dick if that’s what it was going to take to get it. He only hoped Marie would not look at him badly or question him after this. She laid his worries to rest when she looked up at him from Kiki’s cunt. “Oooooohhh Steve you look so fucking hot with that Big Black Nigga cock in your mouth.” “Suck it Steve, suck that Big Black cock.” “You look so fucking hot sucking that big Nigga Cock baby.” Marie cooed. Steve was relieved and excited to know that he was turning his wife on even more. He finally tapped into Marie’s inner freak, and all it took was trip uptown and a few tokes on a blunt. After a couple of more minutes Kiki pulled Marie’s head up and said “Switch”. Marie eagerly swapped places with Steve. She resumed sucking Ty’s cock as though she were greeting an old friend. Steve eager to show Kiki that he had skillz was intensely eating her Black pussy. Since her pussy had been eaten for a while now, Kiki was getting close. Steve let one of his fingers travel up her ass crack. He teased her asshole with it. She responded, “Oooo you tryin’ to make a bitch cum huh White Boy?”Steve reacted as though it were a challenge. He was determined to make Kiki cum. He was hooked on her sweet smelling Black pussy. The loud slurping and gagging noises being made by Marie were really turning him on.
Having just sucked Ty’s cock himself, he now truly appreciated what a great cocksucker she really was. He was impressed at how she was handling Ty. Ty, was clearly enjoying Marie’s ministrations. She seemed to be sucking him with more vim and vigor this time. it was like she was trying to “out suck” Steve. “Yeah suck that black dick. Show your man who’s the better cock sucker bitch.” Kiki Exploded into orgasm as Steve was sucking hard on her clit, and rubbing his finger over her asshole. “Oh SHIT, I’M CUMMING, YES EAT THAT BACK PUSSY MOTHER FUCKER DON”T STOP.” Her hips were bucking like a bronco. Steve grabbed them to keep himself in place so he could continue to eat her pussy through her intense orgasm. He wanted to lick up every drop of that sweet chocolate cream. Kiki was shocked at how good Steve was at eating her cunt. The whole fucking scene was hot. They were getting it on with and turning out a horny White married couple who had been trying to reenergize their sex life. Thanks to their being late by chance, Kiki and Ty were helping them reignite shit with an explosion! Kiki was hoping that Ty was enjoying things as much as she was. Making sure each other was feeling good and enjoying things was always the top priority for the Blazes no matter what, whether at work or play, which were often the same thing anyway. From the look of things, Ty was enjoying himself. Marie was sucking Ty’s big black cock so good Kiki was proud. She had obviously been turned on by hearing Kiki cum, because she was now sucking Ty fast and hard and was working her finger into his asshole. Ty let out a low moan as Marie’s finger penetrated the rim of his asshole. “GET it girl.” Kiki said to Marie. “Get that fuckin black nut.” “Make that Nigga shoot his Cock off in your hot White mouth girl, Get it.” Marie was indeed trying to get it.
She was fingering Ty’s asshole and looking right into his eyes as she sucked his big black cock. He thought that shit was so fucking sexy. He loved seeing and feeling her spit running down his cock. She caught some in her hand as it dripped off his balls, and rubbed it on his ass. “DAAAAMMMMMNNN You’re a nasty ass white bitch Marie.” Ty said with his voice trembling. Marie sensing he was close took Ty’s cock out of her mouth just long enough to say, “Cum for Ty, shoot your HOT FUCKING NIGGA CUM IN MY WHITE MOUTH.” With a loud guttural moan, Ty announced his orgasm. He grabbed Marie’s head and pumped his hips forward as he blasted his hot load of cum into her wide open mouth. Marie’s eyes and mouth were wide open and her tongue was out as far as she could get it, as Ty blasted strands of his hot cum in her mouth and face. Most of it went right in her mouth, but as she was moving so much as jerked him that some cum landed in her hair and face. She Loved the taste of Ty’s hot nigga cum. “Suck that Black cum up Marie.” Steve said. “Suck it like Nigga lovin’ slut you are.” Kiki chimed in as well. “Suck that shit up bitch, get all that black cum.”
When Ty’s mighty cock stopped throbbing, marie continued sucking for a moment, making sure to get all of his cum. She went over to Steve and gave her man a passionate kiss. As they kissed She surprised Steve by pushing some of Ty’s come into his mouth. Steve was surprised, but not at all repulsed. He accepted and kept on kissing his wife. After they swallowed the cum and finished Kissing, Steve couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled Marie to the floor and rammed his cock up her cunt. “Oh Fuck me, Fuck me Steve.” Marie screamed. His cock had Never felt as good in her pussy as it did now. He was fucking her with reckless abandon, like he just had to have her. Marie was creaming again already just from feeling that Steve right now Wanted her more than he had in a long time. Marie wondered if Steve was trying to step up his game now that she had tasted some Black dick. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Steve was fucking the shit out of her. She told him she wanted to get on top, and after changing positions and mounting Steve so that she was sitting on his dick facing him, she felt a hand on her ass. She turned and saw Ty behind her. He was lubing up his cock and Kiki was on the couch fingering her cunt. Ty looked at Steve who knowing what Ty wanted gave him a nod of consent. Ty started pushing his big black cock into Marie’s tight white asshole. Marie gasped. She could not believe it. Ty was actually penetrating her tight white asshole with his big black cock while her husband was fucking her cunt. this was awesome. She felt bad at Kiki being left out for a second, but figured “Kiki gets this fine black dick all the time but this my one time so fuck it.” Marie was enjoying her black and white double fucking. “Oh Fuck me boys.” “Fuck my holes with your big cocks.” Steve was into it. “Do you like that black cock in your asshole?” “YES!” “Ty’s big Nigga cock feels so fucking good in my fucking asshole.” Kiki had gotten her strap on. Kiki’s strap on on was an exact copy of Ty’s cock. She stepped in front of Marie and brandished her cock. Marie was happy not only to see Kiki getting involved again, but to see another cock. She opened her mouth for Kiki’s cock. She was amazed at how real this dildo felt. It felt almost real and very big in her mouth. “That dick feel familiar ma?” Kiki asked Marie. She didn’t answer but she slowed her sucking to a slower pace. There was indeed something familiar about this cock. It had a thickness that she swore she recognized. TY!!! Kiki’s strap on was a copy of Ty’s cock. She looked up at Kiki. Kiki caught her look and as if she knew what Marie was thinking said, “Yes baby it’s Ty.” Meanwhile the boys kept fucking her hot holes. After a few more minutes, Kiki said “Yo can a sista fuck a bitch too?” Ty and Steve both moved, so Kiki could get her cock into Marie’s cunt. Steve stuffed his cock up Marie’s asshole and Ty filled her still hungry mouth. Marie was surprised at how hard Kiki was fucking her. “Damn.” She thought, “This Black bitch is bringing it.” “OOOOHHH FUCK MY PUSSY KIKI.” marie screamed. “Fuck me the way only a bitch can.” Steve was trying to match Kiki’s rhythm. He too was amazed that she could Fuck like that. He wished he could see Kiki hips move. He knew her Black ass must look so sexy moving back and forth. Marie was quick to let Steve know he still had it. “OH GOD FUCK MY ASSHOLE STEVE.” Fuck my asshole while Kiki fucks my cunt.” You two are gonna make me mmmmm.” She didn’t get the last word out because Ty shad stuffed his cock back into her mouth. The four of them went on like that until the next wave of orgasms. Steve came first, shooting an incredibly large load of cum up into Marie’s asshole. “OH GOd Yes Cum in my asshole Steve.” “Fill my dirty nigga lovin‘ asshole with your hot white cum.” “Fill my asshole while Kiki fucks my cunt, OOOHHHHHHH.” It was too much. Marie’s orgasm started in response of Steve’s. All the bumping and grinding and the overall heat had Kiki on the edge. She looked at Ty who’s dick was back in Marie’s mouth. “Cum in her mouth Ty.” she said. “Give that bitch what she wants.” “You know you wanna nut in that white mouth.” Kiki always got Ty hot and when she started talkin shit to him he couldn’t resist. He blasted a second load into Marie’s mouth and face. This time since Kiki was beneath her with her dildo in her cunt, Marie shared this load with Kiki. When the orgasmic fervor ended they all got up and dusted off. Ty handed Kiki a glass of wine and lit a fresh joint. Marie kissed her husband“Oh Steve I love you baby.” “This has been such a great date night, thank you sooo much.” Steve looked at his wife and said “No baby thank you.” he said, and he thanked Ty and Kiki. He then looked at Marie and said “One thing honey.” “I don’t ever want to hear you complain about me being late someplace again. They all broke into laughs and settled down sharing drinks and blunts like old friends.....

The End................?

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