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Anal Sunday

I lay in bed listening to the birds chirping outside my window and yawned and stretched. I lay there just relaxing taking in the quiet of the morning. Richard must have gotten up as I didn’t see him which was odd. So I got up and took a shower and wrapped a towel around myself and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. There sat Richard and Tim. I didn’t pay them much attention as I got toast and coffee going as I fried an egg. I sat down at the table and Richard say hey mom, tell Timmy what today is.

I looked at Richard and smiled and said, well you probably already told him , so what’s to tell? He laughed and said, sweet, you guessed right. I told him well I’m eating and pampering myself before anything else today. Richard said oh I know what that means, do you want me and Timmy to help you out mom? I said maybe, it depends on if your sweet enough to clean up the breakfast table. They were on their feet and started cleaning and loading the dishwasher.

My Sunday pampering consisted of soaking in the tub and shaving my legs and at that time my pussy. Then I’d dry off and sit on my bed and do my toenails, and fingernails. I would brush out my hair, which is long and blonde. I’d do my eyebrows then I’d look through pages of the Sunday paper and just relax.

I stood in front of the tub watching the steam rise up, and poured in cherry blossom bath oil. When I heard Richard behind me say we’ll pamper you mom. I was stunned out of my daydream by the surprise of his voice behind me. Then he hugged me and I felt his hard cock pressing into me. I laughed and said put that thing away or I’ll not get anything done today.

Richard moved away when I felt what at first was him hugging me but when his hands went around me and cupped my breast it was Timmy’s voice saying yeah me too, remember Mrs. X you promised I could, his voice trailed off when he said… you know get some more pussy from you again. I could only laugh and say ok you two get the wash clothes and pamper me to death.

It felt so nice to have them washing my feet and lower legs. I closed my eyes and started to drift away into another world, a world where I was a queen and I was being tended to by my courtesans. Their tongues and hands touching and kissing and licking every inch of my body. I felt their fingers dipping into my warm wet pussy. They were dropping rose petals into the tub as I soaked and was washed.

My dream was getting more real as I felt my breast being washed and massaged and a soapy finger slithered up inside my pussy. I started letting out little sighs especially when I felt a warm wet tongue on my earlobe and warm breath on my ear. Then my nipple was licked and then sucked in between warm wet lips and teeth made little nipping bites as the other nipple was gently twisted and pulled on. I felt a finger softly rubbing my anus and gently probing in deeper and deeper until it was in me as far as it could go. Then it was ever so slowly removed from my butt hole and it encircled my anal opening cleansing it and sending shivers of delight up and down my spine.

I lay back as I felt a razor shaving away the hairs on my shins and lower legs. It moved in slow sweeping motions and soon it’s job was complete. I felt hands pulling me up as hot water was poured over my shoulders and down my back. I felt a finger in between my butt cheeks rinsing away any soap. Then the water was poured over the front of me as I felt hands massaging my breast and a finger snaking into my pussy rinsing me clean.

The boys dried me off and led me to my bed. Richard came back with towels and a bowl of hot water and the razor and my cream. I laughed and said okay that part I’ll do. Timmy quickly said can we watch? I said of course why not. I laid the towels on the bed and spread my legs open , just to tease Timmy who had a chubber going on. I shaved my pussy and had them give me a mirror so I could finish by doing my lips. Both boys were as hard as steel. I said this is so unfair I’m the only one naked here. The boys quickly undressed and I lay on my tummy and said okay now you get to rub my body lotion in. they were grinning ear to ear as I rolled back over on my tummy.

I felt the erotic sensation of their hands rubbing my feet and calves. Then my thighs and over my butt their hands went to the small of my back. Richard had moved up by my head and was rubbing lotion into my shoulders and back. His hard cock almost in my face. My tongue flicked out as my hand grabbed him and swirled my tongue over and around the head of his cock. Timmy was content to play with my sopping wet pussy as I sucked on my son’s beautiful cock.

Richard told Timmy to lick my butt hole and get it nice and wet and relaxed so they could fuck it. Both Richard and I felt his hesitation. I looked back at Timmy and said I’m very clean there Timmy it’s ok you know to lick my and kiss my butt hole and even put your tongue in me there. Richard said it’s ok mom if he doesn’t do it then he don’t get to stick his cock up your ass either. Timmy said yeah but I still get some pussy though even if I don’t right? The long silence made him nervous and he said oh well I’ll try. But if smells or taste bad I’m not going to.

I was ready then to tell him that it would be better if he just went home. Richard yelled at Timmy and said come here man and they left the room. When they came back Timmy came to me and I sat up and he said I’m really sorry and that was real stupid of me to say I didn’t mean it really like it sounded. I just never did that before. I held him to me and kissed the top of his head and said, it’s ok Timmy but never ever say that kind of thing to a woman ever in your life again. I then told Richard go get the chocolate syrup. I took Timmy’s face in my hands and I kissed him and I said I hope you like chocolate, he turned red and looked down.

I told him you don’t have to do this you know. He said oh but I really want to try I’m just embarrassed is all. So I told him lay on his stomach and I spread his butt cheeks open and started to lick the rim of his asshole and stick out my tongue and make little probing stabs into his anus. Timmy was very surprised as I heard him say that really does feel hot as hell. I told him sit up and I kissed him and said well I hope you enjoy doing it too. He said you know what? would you please lay down Mrs. X.

I said sure and as soon as I laid down he had my ass cheeks apart and was making licking motions on my puckered butt hole with his tongue. I moaned out louder than usual so he would know how much I was enjoying it. I said mm yes Timmy god yes that feels so good omg mm your tongue is so hot and wet on my asshole. I can’t wait to feel your cock sliding into my ass and giving me a nice deep long ass fucking with your hard hot cock.

Richard came back in the room and said I take it we don’t need the syrup and jumped on the bed and stuck his cock in my face again. I gladly took his cock in my warm wet mouth and bathed the head of his cock with slow swirling licks around his cock then opened my mouth and took him down my throat. I got up on my hands and knees and told Timmy to fuck me now while I sucked Richard’s cock. He started to put it in my ass but I looked back and said no honey, not yet give me time Timmy I need your hard cock in my pussy right now.

I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my dripping wet cunt and I was as happy as I could be, because I knew soon enough they would both be plowing my asshole open with their hard young cocks. I was moaning around Richard’s cock as Timmy started to really fuck me hard and fast with vicious deep strokes that had my pussy clenching and quivering around his hard cock. I tried my best to moan out but Richard was holding the back of my head and throat fucking me.

The room was filled with wet sucking and slurping noises of my pussy and throat being fucked with hard deep strokes. Timmy was telling me how hot and tight my pussy was and he couldn’t believe he was fucking me. I pushed back and rotated my ass in circular motions as he held me by my hips and pounded his hard young cock into my tight little cunt sending spasms of pleasure through out my body. This was pure a****listic fucking and I was totally lost to anything but the pleasure of his cock slamming in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Richard brought me back to reality as his cum filled cock pulsed and expanded with tiny vein bursting pumps of bl**d through his rigid cock. He pulled it out of my mouth and started jerking off and jet after jet of hot gobs of his sperm splashed onto my face and I opened my mouth trying to capture any of his sweet tasting cum as it shot out all over me.

I had gobs of his sperm dripping down my face as my son emptied his hot stringy sperm all over my lips and chin. He fell back and I put my head in his lap and cleaned the left over sperm from his cock. Without a word I felt Timmy pushing a wet finger in my ass as he pummeled my cunt with hard deep strokes and now I was moaning out loud oh god yes uh huh oh god uh huh fuck me fuck me oh god yes fuck me, fuck me just like that uh huh oh god yes I love your cock in my pussy fuck me fuck me.

Timmy answered me with hard jarring strokes as he rammed his cock in and out of my swollen cunt, eliciting more moans from me as he ripped into my pussy that sent wave after wave of pleasure rippling through my pussy. Richard was encouraging him on by saying that’s right fuck that pussy, fuck it, fuck that pussy like you own it yeah give her that cock man fuck that tight wet juicy cunt.

I felt my pussy starting to quiver and go into spasms as my own orgasm washed over me . My pussy was making squishy noises as Timmy pounded my cunt with his cock. He grabbed my hips and held me tight to him and I threw back my head and moaned out a long intense orgasm that started deep within my pussy and exploded with gushing pussy juices that squirted out around his hard cock as he grunted and screamed out as his cock shot hot ripping bullets of sperm deep into my spastic cunt splashing off the inner depths of my hot quivering cum filled pussy.

He held me pressed tight to him as my pussy milked out the very last drop of sperm in his balls. He was breathing in deep ragged gasps of air. I could feel the bl**d pumping through his body with every twitch of his still hard cock. He leaned over me and kissed my neck and shoulders with tender passion filled kisses. He straightened back up and withdrew his cock from my cum filled pussy and streams of cum poured out of me onto the bed.

I lay on my tummy and I felt him spreading my ass cheeks apart and rubbing our mingled juices in and around my asshole he carefully pushed his finger in and I raised my head up and let out a deep long pagan moan and pushed my ass back on his finger. He withdrew his finger and pressed his cock against my puckered little asshole. I was so aroused that with one gentle yet urgent stroke of his cock he was buried balls deep in my dark tight butt hole. I grabbed the sheets of the bed and moaned out over and over for him to fuck my asshole to give me his hard young cock to fill my ass full with his hot hard cock.

Timmy was moaning and groaning just as loud or louder than I. The room echoed of his thighs slapping against my butt cheeks as he drove his young cock deep into my asshole over and over. He was relentless as he moderated his strokes from pounding hard deep penetrating strokes to slow twisting gentle strokes into my ass. I was a sweaty mess as he fucked my ass in unforgiving battering ram strokes with his hot hard cock. I was crying out and screaming my pleasure as his young cock breached my anal opening and sunk deep into my bowels. He fucked me only as a young boy / man can. I was having multiple orgasms as he held me by my hair and pounding into me.

Richard soon wanted some pussy so Timmy withdrew his cock from my gaping asshole and lay on his back as I squatted down onto his hard cock moaning out and saying yes , yes oh god yes oh fuck yes hurry Richard I want both of you in me. I want both of you pounding into me, filling mommies pussy with your cocks. I lay back and Timmy’s hand found my breast and he played with my tits and pinched my nipples which made me suck in air and blow it out as I screamed out yes oh fuck yes pinch my nipples pull on them. Pull hard Timmy pinch my nipples god yes pinch them. Suddenly Richard rammed his cock into my cum soaked wet pussy and I screamed out as he slid his cock deep inside of me.

I now had two hard as steel young cocks buried in me, as my son fucked me with hip jarring deep strokes that sent my pussy spiraling into another orgasm. Timmy was fucking my asshole with bowel wrenching pounding stroke after stroke. They both slowed their paces as Richard leaned down and kissed me and said I know I don’t have to say this but you’re the best and hottest mom in the whole world. I told them both to please fuck me now with gentle loving slow deep penetrating strokes. I could feel their cocks between the thin wall between my pussy and my asshole. I sighed out and said mm this is one of the best anal Sundays yet.

Richard reminded me he still hadn’t fucked my ass yet and when he did the whole world was going to hear me screaming as he ripped my asshole apart. I smiled and said mm what a wonderful way to end this Sunday. Both boys started really fucking me now with hard deep long strokes that had me moaning out and sighing and repeating over and over god yes boys fuck me fuck my happy little pussy and asshole. Give it to me give me your scalding hot sperm fill me up with it oh god yes fuck me oh fuck me uh huh uh huh oh god I love your cocks fucking me.

I was soon rewarded when the boys really fucked me hard and fast as they were nearing that point of filling me full of their hot gushing sperm. All of us were screaming moaning and or groaning and grunting our way to one last earth shattering orgasm. The boys slammed into me over and over as I began to feel my orgasm building up like a volcano waiting to erupt. Timmy was the first to cry out as his cum shot out of his pulsating cock and splashed against my bowels. Richard was right behind him fucking me faster and faster with his hard thick cock until I felt his hot scalding sperm shooting into my pussy in huge burning hot gob after gob of cum, filling me to the point it was flowing out of my slippery wet cunt. My own orgasm hit me like a hurricane that me tremble and quiver as spasm after spasm ripped through my cock filled body.

We all collapsed in a sweaty exhausted pile of flesh when Timmy said Mrs. X. would you adopt me. That started a wave of laughter that lasted until I was wiping tears from my eyes. We all laughed and laughed, and I said honey, I don’t have to adopt you, and he said but you’re the hottest coolest mom in the whole world. I rolled over and kissed him and said think of me as your surrogate mom Timmy. I told him next time he fucks me he could call me mom. He looked at Richard and said you hear that man your mom said I can fuck her again. I kissed them both and said you two can fuck me anytime you want. We all fell asl**p in a tangled mess of limbs.

I woke up to Richard’s cock in my ass, but he was fucking me so sweet and slow, I smiled back at him and I said I love you so much Richard, and he said I love you too mom. Like nothing else in this world. I was on my side as his cock was slowly burrowing it’s way into my puckered anus. We rocked back and forth to a slow rhythmic motion. I said mm what a wonderful way to wake up. Richard said yeah I woke up hard as hell mom and it was already between your butt cheeks. I said I know I was dreaming about it. Mm this is the best way to end our anal Sunday.

Richard said yeah you can forget about that ear splitting ass ripping fuck, I just want to make nice sweet slow love to my mother. I almost started crying at his tender words. The emotional bond between us no one will or could ever understand. I found my in engorged clit with my finger and started slowly teasing myself with soft featherlike touches to it. I didn’t think I had another orgasm left in me but as I started faster little concentrated strokes with my fingertip on my clit my pussy began flowing out warm bubbly juices of all the mixed sperm and my own natural lubricant.

I soon rolled on my stomach and put a pillow under my hips so Richard had easier and deeper access to my butt hole. He likes to refer to it as my brown eye. So I looked back at him and said give your mother a sweet slow fucking in her brown eye my darling boy. True to his word he ground his cock into me when he was as deep as he could go. Timmy stirred and looked at us and smiled. He said I’ll leave you two alone to enjoy your Sunday anal love making. He said but I’m going to have to jerk it watching you two. Richard said I have a better idea, I said oh? And he rolled us over so I was laying on top of him and he told Timmy to eat my pussy as he fucked my shit hole. ( I let that comment go as I was sure my son was exerting his dominance over me and Timmy )

With Timmy’s tongue on and in my cunt and Richard slowly making love to me in my ass it wasn’t long before I started trembling and my legs were shaking as yet another soul shattering orgasm shot through me in lightning bolt jolts of pleasure as I cried out in long sobbing wailing howls like a she wolf in heat . Timmy quickly slid his cock into my pussy and started fucking me in slow grinding motions. I thought I couldn’t take anymore but my greedy sloppy cum filled cunt wanted all of his cock in it.

The slow love making turned into frantic pounding thrusts into my body as both boys began to slam into my pussy and shit hole with urgent deep hard pummeling stroke after stroke until I thought I’d be split in two by their pounding cocks. My own pussy was greedily clamping down on and clenching Timmy’s cock and my anal sphincter was squeezing Richard’s cock as he ripped into my asshole in unending tortuous pleasing bowel piercing strokes of his hot hard cock. My final orgasm hit me like a nuclear explosion as both boys simutanliously shot their scalding hot sperm into my aching cunt and gaping asshole.

Until next time…Mrs. X

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