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Sex games part2

as i watched the 2 girls starting to ravage my s****r, i thought to myself,they did not know what they were in for. my s****r mary is physical, hard body,hot could crack an egg on her breasts.i never really saw her monkey, but i often dreamed about it.when i was 10 years old i got a peek .,through her nite gown, but that was it. karen and i were awe struck and just sat st the picnic table and gulped our beers.we had to see this,our hands quit rubbing. we just were in shock.the 2 new girlfriends were sloppy d***k and horny. mary , let them explore her.nicole the very pretty one.started rubbing mary,s her skinny s****r started fumbling with her jean buttons.mary started to moan,and thrust her pelvis upwards.she was on fire. a huge wet spot appeared on her tight crouch sucked up jeans,wow, did she piss her pants.we did not know., or ever heard about, or ever seen a squiter then. it kind of made me feel sorry and kind of ashamed of mary,. i did not know this being only 15 yrs. was still hot, because my s****r payed it no mind. she was horney and going to satisfie her insatiable hunger for sex. as the 2 s****rs pulled mary,s pants down., it exposed the most awesome pussy , she had 2 huge inner labia lips, with 6 earings on each lips.her pussy lips hung down at least 3 inches.and they glimmered with wet , hot,puicy juice.the 2 s****rs dropped thier jaws.they were in shock and infatuated. karen and i gulped our beer.

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