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The bi-curious professor in the sauna. Part 8

The evening of the same day I am relaxing in the sauna when the professor shows up. He is never there on Saturdays. We recline facing each other. Our towels d****d to the sides and our junk in full view of each other. We lazily masturbate. The professor jokingly asks if my ass is still full of his cum from the previous night. After 10 minutes or so of slow masturbating the professor tells me that he is still horny and asks if I would be interested in going back to his place for another round of sex. I sit there considering his offer. He adds that he would like me to fuck him this time. Being a horny 20 year old I quickly said sure.

As with the night before we go to the master bedroom and get undressed. We sit next to each other and being fondling each other. Once my cock is hard the professor tells me that he wants to taste my cock. He has never tasted another man’s cock before. He leans over and puts the head of my cock in his mouth. His lips close around the shaft just under the head. The professor sucks a few times and lets out a yum sound. I look down and find myself amazed that a man more than twice my age has my cock in his mouth. I feel his tongue gently touch the tip of my cock for a brief second before it moves off. His tongue touches the tip of my cock again and stays a little bit longer before moving off. The next time his tongue touches my cock it stays in contact. The professor moves his tongue around the tip a bit before venturing further down the topside of the head in a side to side motion. The side to side motion makes my cock twitch. The professor moves his tongue to the underside of my cock’s head and moves his tongue up and down keeping as much contact between the cock head to tongue surface as possible.

The professor eventually opens his mouth and sits back up. “Your cock’s head tasted good but I want to taste more” says the professor. The professor gets up, moves in front of me and kneels between my legs. His tongue makes contact with the base of my cock right above my balls. His tongue moves up the shaft from the base to the tip of the head. My cock twitches and the professor smiles. He pulls his tongue away my cock and back down to the base. He licks up my cock a few times before he licks down a few times. He moves his head slightly and licks up and down the right side of my cock. The professor moves his head to the left and licks the left side of my cock a few times. The professor goes back to licking the underside of my cock. He starts licking the underside of the head. My cock twitches several times and some pre-cum comes out. The professor licks up the pre-cum. The professor places the head of my cock in his mouth again but instead of staying at the head the professor puts more and more of my cock in his mouth until my entire cock is in. He starts sucking and moving his head up and down my cock’s shaft. I moan with pleasure. As the professor’s up and down head movement picks up speed my pelvis starts to thrust. The professor stops sucking my cock and tells me that he does not want me to cum yet.

After a half minute the professor moves his head back to my crotch. But instead of sucking on my cock the professor starts sucking on my balls. “I’ve always wanted to taste your balls more than your cock” he says. I could tell that the professor enjoyed sucking on my balls by his fully erect and constantly twitching cock. For over five minutes he just sucked on my balls. They are soaking wet after he stopped sucking on them.

We get into a 69 position where we are on our sides. The professor begins sucking and licking my cock again. Having no interest in sucking on his cock I masturbate him. Whenever my hips start to thrust the professor momentarily stops sucking on my cock. Eventually the professor rolls onto his back and I roll on top of him. I raise my pelvis up and the professor sucks on my cock some more while I masturbate him. We roll back on to our sides and continue. After a while the professor stops sucking on my cock and tells me that he is ready for me to fuck him.
(To be continued)

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