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Sexual Participation

Image of perfection
Object of an affection in sexing
Fantasizing freaky positions of you in submission
Pushing pulling twisting and moaning
A Place where I could store my erection
Splendid features
Tongue kissing fucking
Look up cause I got mirrors on the ceiling
Reflecting your ass bouncing silly
Soon as you come in right away
If you’re willing
Splay your legs open
Game played by 2
My sexual motivation
Got you yelling spots for me to do?
Amazed by the way you grind
Just for fun
I bet ill make you cum 61 times
First before insertion let me heat it up
Beat it up when I nut not inside
Turn around shoot my load
Behind I don’t mind
If you swallow I wouldn’t kiss your lips
Nasty girl kept spitting orgasms on my dick
Damn you Left it clean in less than 30 minutes
Performed oral sex leaving my helmet polished
After we finish
We plotting arrangements
And If we fighting
My bedroom is the destination
Sure enough my partner in sexual participation

Panties wet dripping
Returning you a favor
By licking your clit
Exotic Sounds of pleasure
Let me take another hit
Two fingers in
Soon as I seen her
Hands started playing with my wiener
Made it long and stiff,
You messing with some dangerous shit
We tossing turning you blushing
I see
Your Mouth open ready for satisfaction
Ill let you come seduce me start sucking
Ready for ignition
Not a fan of that kinky shit
Bitches be pulling,
Ride it fast we going last
Till the sun rises
Doggy style Steady bumping on that ass
Until I blast
Saying you don’t feel it that’s a lie
You’re too scared once inside digging
Guts I’m one of a kind making the pussy gush
Bend over Let me hit it where it counts and flees
Baby Remember in the balcony I made you scream
Took this action under bed sheets
Sexy crawled towards me
Unzipped my pants and slowly started fucking
I gripped her hips tight
Minutes later she started squirting
You know I like the way you work it
Some how you don’t deserve it
Walk around Acting conceited like you worth it
Don’t get it twisted you’ll still
Feel the penetration how a Mexican
Inflicts multiple positions
Remarkable sensations
Enjoy every drop she’s
My partner in sexual participation

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