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Teaching her a new way to get me off in her mouth

I call this a "Slow Leisurely Underside Tongue (SLUT) Job." This is a new technique for this little slut. I'm happy I was able to teach her, it makes me feel good as a Master to know that I am contributing the improvement of my submissive.

She takes my soft cock in her mouth and with no bobbing, sucking, or other movement, just moves her tongue around on the underside, especially on the frenulum. We make sure she's in a comfortable position on the floor between my spread legs as I sit. She's going to be down there for a long time. Licking with no sucking or bobbing will make my dick hard, and eventually will bring forth her reward, a mouthful of cum, but it is a slow process. It produces a large amount of pre-cum, more so than cocksucking or face fucking, and she'll have plenty of time to savor the taste of my pre-cum before getting her main course. When I do cum this way it isn't as strong a blast as normally, when there's more friction with her mouth and more up-and-down action. Rather than a few quick hard spurts, the cum flows out, and the orgasm continues for a longer time with repeated rhythmic emissions of semen into her mouth.

Although it takes a long time and she sometimes gets sore being down there on the floor with my dick in her mouth, the darling cunt-mouth loves getting me off this way. The ejaculation is entirely onto her tongue where she can enjoy the taste, with no strong blasts that overshoot the target to hit the back of her throat. And all that licking, over many, many minutes (I've had her down there for as long as 90 minutes) means that when I do climax, the quantity of cum is greater.

I try to be a firm Master, but I am kind also and I relax some of the discipline when my delightful little slut gives me a Slow Leisurely Underside Tongue (SLUT) Job. Normally a submissive must hold her Master's cum in her mouth until he gives her permission to swallow. But a during a SLUT JOB there can be so much cum, and over a period a many seconds, even a few minutes, that I grant her the privilege of swallowing at will.

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