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Camping with Stepdaughter 26

Supper was ready and I yelled at the girls that it was time to eat. Both had on cute little sundresses that buttoned up the front. They only had two buttons done up, so that their firm breast were visible when they turned just right or bent over and their tight little snatches were exposed as they walked. Lesly walked up to me, smiled and said I think that I just one upped mom. I asked her what she meant. She said at least I think so. You have never shared her with another man like you did me have you. I told her no that I hadn’t. She reached up and put her arms around my neck, pressed her firm body against mine and gave me a passionate kiss. I told her that she was way ahead of her mother. She said how do you figure? Your mother has never had a foursome with me and two other women either. Her evil little grin formed on her lips. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said most definitely. I reached down and gave her nipples a little tweak. She said, why did you do that? I grinned and said because I can.

Susan walked up behind me and put her arms around my waist and gave me a hug. She said that she was really glad that she had come up to camp with us. I asked her if she was ok with everything. She reached down grabbed my cock and said oh hell yah, wouldn’t have missed this adventure for anything.

Lesly looked out towards the trail and screeched, Bonnie. I turned and there she stood. How do you say stunning? She had on a little short dark blue mini skirt, a low cut pink silk blouse that accentuated her hard nipples and white sandals. Her hair was curled and her makeup was hot. She had a big smile on her face and said I am yours for the night and tomorrow. Lesly and Susan ran to her and threw their arms around her.

The men of the camp must have seen her headed this way, so I figured that the trail would be getting busy shortly. I was right. I asked my three lovelies if they would like to give them a show. They looked at each other and smiled. Bonnie stood up and pulled her skirt up exposing her pink satin thong. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic on each side of beautiful hips and slid them down her legs. She stepped out of them and handed them to me. She said here’s a trophy for you. I took a double take, her pussy was totally smooth. She had shaved everything off while getting ready to come up to our camp. Her inner lips were protruding out and were opening like a pink flower.

Lesly and Susan were not to be out done. They unbuttoned their dresses the rest of the way and let them fall open. Bonnie smiled and let one side of her blouse slide off of her shoulder and her large nipple popped out. She looked at me and said OOOOOOOPS. I was in heaven, three beautiful females in various forms of undress and they were all mine to do with what I wanted.

The sun was setting so I lit the lantern and sat it in the middle of the table. It glowed like a spot light on their intimate bare skin. Bonnie pulled her top off over head and gave her golden mane a seductive shake. Lesly and Susan slid their dresses off and were naked to the world. Bonnie stood up and slid her mini skirt off of her hips and down her sexy tanned legs.

I had a hard time finishing my diner. The girls were getting frisky with each other. Bonnie had her leg stretched out under the table with her foot between Lesly’s legs rubbing her hot little pussy. Lesly had her mouth on one of Susan’s breasts and her hand fondling the other. Susan was trying to slide her little foot up the leg of my shorts. I thought I’m not going to get left out and grabbed Bonnie’s nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and fingers.

I could see where this was going and went to the van and brought out the foam pad and blankets. I laid them out by the fire pit where Lesly and I had spent the night before. I built a fire for warmth as well as to light up the show that was about to commence. The girls all moved over to the foam. They were hugging, fondling and kissing all over each others bodies.

Lesly laid Bonnie down on her back and spread her legs wide. She slid her hands up her thighs and paused just short of Bonnie’s dark pink pussy. Susan reached down and spread her swollen lips. Lesly said look how wet she is. Susan leaned down and slid her tongue between her spread lips stopping just short of her open tunnel. Bonnie took in a deep breath and said EAT ME YOU LITTLE SLUTS EAT MY HOT PUSSY. Lesly joined Susan and they took turns running their tongues across her swollen clit. Bonnie grabbed Susan by her tiny hips and pulled her pussy down on her face.

I could see men gathering around by the glow of the fire. They were braver in the dark and were not far away. I walked over to the girls and told them that they had an audience. This heated them up even more. I was totally loving it I had a front row seat.

You could hear slurping sounds as Bonnie was sucking on Susan’s sweet young lips. I could not tell which one of the three was moaning the loudest. Lesly slid her pussy up and started grinding it into Bonnie’s. Bonnie screamed out FUCK ME YOU LITTLE BITCH. Lesly barked back I‘ll FUCK YOU, YOU SLUTTY WHORE and ground into her roughly.

I could not believe the language that was coming out of their mouths. It was like they had transformed into different beings. They were no longer the females that had been at the table with me just a short time ago.

Susan wasn’t to be out done. She looked back at Bonnie and yelled out EAT MY CUNT WHORE. Bonnie then bit down on Susan’s tender inner lips. She then yelled back at Susan TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE SLUT. Susan let out a scream and shoved her pussy hard into Bonnie’s face. I could see that I’m about to cum look on Lesly’s face. She arched her back and grabbed her breasts and cried out OH GOD YES. I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING. Her body stiffened and she shook uncontrollably. When she finally finished she moved in between Bonnie’s legs and buried three fingers into her soaked pussy. She sucked her clit in between her lips and sucked it in and out while plunging her fingers into her awaiting pussy. Bonnie was the next to go over the edge. He face was buried in Susan’s pussy and she let out a loud grunt. Lesly moved up and started sucking on Susan’s hard nipples. She looked at me and then bit down on one of them. Susan grabbed Lesly’s hair and jerked her head away. Big mistake Lesly hadn’t let go yet. Susan screamed out OW, BITCH. Lesly pulled her close and slid her tongue into Susan’s mouth and deeply kissed her. It was now Susan’s body that stiffened. She started to jerk. She pulled away from Lesly and collapsed.

When all had settled down they cuddled up together and kissed and softly ran their hands over each others sweaty bodies. They were giggling and Bonnie said God that was something wasn’t it. Lesly and Susan said in unison yes it was.

They all looked up at me and Lesly and Susan got the hint that I wanted to be with Bonnie again. They kissed me goodnight and went to the van. I sat down by Bonnie and asked if she would be into something a little different tonight.

That will be in the next story.

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