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The hunger

I pushed her hard into the wall. i could see her shaking and it excited me more and made my next move to pin her even more satisfying. she
whimpered a little as if i hurt her and to make it stop i kissed her hard, almost knocking her head into the wall. i wasn't normally so rough
with her. but tonight was different i could feel a need in me and in her that made me want her like wolf wants its dinner. and that's what i
felt like the wolf and her some prey i hungered endlesy for. but she obviously was enjoying the roughness too for she kissed me back with
equal f***e almost sending me backwards. but i pushed harder towards her, lowering my mouth to take her neck and kiss and lick and bite it
in a way to claim her as mine and no one elses. her moans were making apparent she was loving every second of it. when i decided the marks
were big enough to deter anyone from trying to get to her. i quickly moved to her breasts and swiftly removed her clothes admiring how she
was still fighting back even though it was clear she wanted it just as bad as i did. and before she would have a chance to move away from
me i placed my mouth over one of sweet little nipples while my fingers twirled the other one. and each lick and flick got a deeper moan and
whimper from her throat. i let my free hand trail down her flat stomach and stopped at her waistline almost wanting to see how she would
fight this when she was so clearly loving the attention her breasts were getting. and when she offered me no protest i helped her out of her
pants and underwear till she was standing there naked and vulnerable in all her beauty. just like prey and it only made me more excited and
frenzied in touching her. she let out a yelp of pain as i bit her nipple i took that chance to stick one finger up into her dripping wet
pussy her pain was again replaced with pleasure. i didn't stop at one though. after building up a quick tempo i inserted a second finger
into her which cause more delightful sounds of pain and pleasure to escape her lips. i kept getting faster and faster until i felt her
shake hard and i kissed her rough once more. but this time i got softer. having finally gotten out my urges. i backed away from her naked
sweating body to admire her and my handiwork. and couldn't help but smile knowing she was mine now and forever. even she didn't understand
it herself in time she will see. we are bound together.

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