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My Mother in law

my mother in law

ive told you all about fucking my mother in law before, today is no different.
i have been buying my wifes christmas presents off the internet and getting them posted to her mums house.well yesturday i got a txt from her mum telling me that there was aload of parcels at her house. so i drove over to get them, when i went into the living room were the parcels were i could see one off the bags was opened. my mother in law was up the stairs so i went up to see her when i noticed that she had put on one of my wifes presents, a see threw halter neck all in one and she had a clone your willy dildo lying on the bed. i walks into herroom and asks if she likes it, her reply was i fucking love it can i have it, i will dree up for you anytime. i said ok she asked what the willy thing was i told her that that was for her everytime she used it she could think of me. i must say her 54 year old body with 38 gg tits looked really well in that halter neck. i asked her if she wanted to make the dildo of my cock, sshe agreed, we started to kiss and i started to fumble her tits she was moaning very load in my ear. my cock was rock hard at this point so we make a mould of my cock she was well impressed with that. she got down to work with it play with her already wet pussy i watched and wanked myself off for about 20 mins till she said that she wanted the real thing so i fucked her soakin pussy and then decided to ram her tight ass, we have never tried ass fucking before, i lub her bum hole and started to finger her ass fuck she was tight!!! i managed to insert my cock into her ass she did some squealing then i fucked her ass for a while till i was about to cum i pulled out turned hr around and wanked into her mouth. she sucked me for a while till i got hard so i pounded her pussy for a while. she rode on top of me while, i pulled and bit at her nipples and started to suck hard on them when all of a sudden i got a mouthful of milk, how strange was that my wife was the youngest and she was 29 she never had anymore c***dren.she told me that she had bought an express pump and was latching on to it every nite trying to express milk cause she knew i want to try it, my mother in law was looking afer my baby niece and was using the baby to suck her nipples and try and trick her body well i worked ive breast milk on tap and it great her swollen nipples poke out threw her bra and top all time i think she is amazing to go to the lenghts for me to keep me falling for her all the time she is amazing. she is the best fuck ive ever had. im going to record are steamy love making some time and post it on here to show you that mother in law and son in laws do fuck like mad.

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