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Our Night Out

Last night was a blast. We went to our favorite adult/swingers club Club Encounters. For a lackluster start when we arrived at 10 pm the club was pretty dead besids from a few single guys of all ages and a couple of ladies. Oh yeah let us not forget the 2 really old men who walked around nude in the club until they left around 2 am. Brrrrrrrrrrrr..... Back to the exicitent. The club started to pick up at around midnight with other couples, signle ladies, and signle men. While we were sitting donw stairs waiting for the fun to start a few of the signle men approached us. None of which interested the wife. Too bad because if one did boy was she gonna give them a show. After the club picked up and a few strike outs of the single men we decided to take a walk to see if their was any action going on in the six rooms upstairs.

The rooms include on room with a window so people in the hallway can look in on a couple/and their guest, then there is the orgy one which in the 3 times we've been there we have yet to see in use, a private room with a bed and red lighting not much to this room just for a shag nothing fancy, the next 2 room which share a wall with a good size window so that the people in these to rooms can watch the other people in the other room one of these rooms has a bed and a few sofas and the other room has mirrors covering all the walls(pretty fun room we used this one the first time we went here), the last room (and our favorite) is the couple only room which inside has two loveseat sofas a king size bed and lets not forget the sex swing and also a window like the first room so people in the hallway can look in on the action.

When we got upstairs we looked into the couples only room and saw 3 couples in the room 2 couples where stting at the right side of the bed each lady stroking and sucking her mans dick. The other couple was sitting on one of the sofas with the lady stroking her mans cock. Thats all it took to get hubby's bl**d boiling cause the next thing we were in the room sitting on the other sofa.

We started makig out while watching the action in the room. Hubby removed my bra and popped my 38c's out of my shirt and all and began licking, kissing, and sucking my erect nipples. While doing this the the wife began to undo my pants and as I was watching the couple on the other couch move to the left side of the bed where the lady began to give her man head my wife had my pants and boxers down with my fully erect dick in her hands kneeling in front of me sitting on the sofa waiting for me to tell her to suck my dick. She began to slowing lick down the length of my shaft while gently kissing and sucking on the engourged head of my cock. After a few minutes of teasing my hubby this way with his cock throbbing ready looking for release I stop pulled his head to my breast and had him suck on my nipples I was done with my fun. While doing this my wife dropped her pants down to her ankles wearing nothing but a thong pushed me and swallowed my cock down to my balls. She proceed to give my what I say is the most exciting and best blowjob ever. We continued to watch the others couples while continuing our blowjob show and noticed that the 2 couples that where sitting on the right side of the bed were now playing together. The wife looked up at me working my dick in her mouth and her big beautiful brown eyes thats how I knew she wanted her treat I shot stream after stream of my cum in her mouth all the while my wife kept sucking never missing the beat nor spilling a drop.

We sat on the couch getting ourselfs together while watching the other couples then exited the room. When walking down the hallway past the window to the couples only room one man at the window looked at the wife and said mmm..... We definitley will be going back soon. We hoped you enjoyed our night out. We both wrote this so if some parts our kinda confusing as in who is telling about our night out sorry.

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