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Life with Aunt & Uncle p 8-10


They awoke the next morning to the sun streaming in through the window and their bodies tangled naked atop the bed. It was already warm and they had kicked off the sheets at some stage during the night. Mel was first to sit up and she looked over at her b*****r, just starting to stir. His hair was mussed and he stretched like a cat as he started to wake. Glancing down at herself she have mixed feelings about what had happened last night and what would unfold today. She was a little sore but not as bad as she had expected. Perhaps her b*****r being smaller was an advantage after all.

A finger explored her no longer virgin opening and came out with a little bit of sticky fluid, the remains of their middle of the night fuck. The sheets where she had been laying had a crusty patch where she must have leaked and she wrinkled her nose and decided a shower was the first thing she needed. Sliding to the edge of the bed she reached for her panties only to find them not there. A quick look showed all their clothes were gone. Their other possessions were all in their cases, books, toiletries, toys and photos but not a stitch of clothing.

Josh was sitting up then, sl**pily yawning and blinking his eyes as Aunt Beth entered. She was wearing a long skirt and another of her severe blouses.

"Time to get up c***dren, your Uncle and I have been up since dawn and you have a busy day today. First some breakfast for energy then we will get you prepared for the day."
"Aunt Beth? Where are our clothes?" Josh had his hands covering his crotch while he looked up at her and asked.

"Clothes, you won't need them today. Later when you have chores outside you will be provided clothes. Today you will be inside and once your Uncle gets back from the chores you definately won't have any need for clothes. Do I need to remind you that you are both going to get fucked today? Now brush your teeth and downstairs in five minutes for breakfast. You will be showered afterwards when I prepare you both."

She left leaving the two stunned p*****ns naked on the bed.
Mel turned to Josh and gave him a quick hug. "I know this is all weird but we don't have much choice. And at least last night was good, maybe this will be too."

Full of nerves they brushed their teeth and went downstairs both very aware of their nakedness as they entered the kitchen that had two places set at the table. Aunt Beth was heaping platefulls of eggs, bacon and hash browns for them and she waved them to their seats with her serving spoon. Pouring them some milk she took the time to look them over, pleased with what she saw of their nubile young bodies. She looked forward to having two new toys such as these and was thankful for their misfortune that had landed them in her and Richard's laps.


As they ate the generous serving of breakfast, Josh kept looking at his s****r, then quickly looked at something else. He examined parts of the kitchen closely but his eyes were always drawn back to his s****r’s 12yr old chest. Melanie was clearly uncomfortable with being naked. She was doing her best to hide her breasts with out covering herself with her hands. Josh thought it was kind of funny to watch her.

Of course Mel noticed what her little b*****r was doing. She tried to ignore him and quietly eat her food, but eventually gave up and glared at him, “what are you staring at?” she snapped.

“Your boobies.” he answered.

Mel turned bright red. She had expected him to avoid the question with the usual, ‘what? me? Im not staring at anything.’ sort of comment most boys always make.

“No need to be embarrassed honey, you have very nice boobies.” Aunt Beth said, imitating the way Josh had said the word. “You should enjoy them and be proud of them, especially while your young and don’t need to wear a bra.” Aunty was being helpful yet there was a lustful gleam in her eye that almost said ‘Im going to enjoy your breasts too’

That’s when the door opened and Uncle Richard came in. “Good morning all. Any breakfast left for me?” he smiled at the naked k**s sitting there in the kitchen. Then he walked over to give his wife a kiss and a playful pat on her bum.

“There are a few rules we should cover.” Richard said as he sat down at the table. “Because you are part of the f****y, you both will have special status around here.” He said after a mouthful of breakfast. The k**s looked puzzled at that comment. “We own a lot of land, sort of like a midlevel estate, if you know anything about that from history. The people who live and work on our land are tenants, they are not slaves or anything like that, but they do have to follow the rules. They knew what they were getting into and for their own reasons they are happy with the situation.”

The b*****r and s****r exchanged ‘what is he talking about’ looks.

“You’re confusing them dear.” Aunt Beth pointed out. “What he is talking about is generally true, but more importantly its true in a sexual sense too. We are the leading f****y in this little community and they have to do as they are told.” She smiled a friendly but somehow evil flash of teeth.

“You two have to do as we tell you, to the best of your abilities.” Uncle Richard said seriously. “In turn our tenants have to do what you tell them.” He took another bite of food. “Of course you can’t be telling them to do lots of stupid stuff and you can’t be interfering with the farm work that needs to get done. But if you want to play a sexual game with one of the tenants, you can order them to do almost anything.”

Josh looked like he has just been given the keys to a candy store. Mel looked more thoughtful, she was not sure if this was a good thing. Ordering people around was wrong, wasn’t it?

Aunt Beth recognized the twinkle in young Josh’s eye. “That’s right, if you take a fancy to one of the tenant girls you can you can tell her to lift her skirt, you can play with her tits and pussy. You can bend her over and fuck her.” Beth gave a little gesture with her fingers. “You can order girls and boys to do lots of things, but nothing dangerous. And, you can’t order anyone to fall in love with you.” She looked at both k**s as she stressed the last part.

Richard finished off his breakfast and said “Technically you can order adults to do sexual things too. But have some respect, they are adults. They may not have time to play. If we get complaints about your behaviour, we will be punishing you, and it will be more than a few little taps on your bottoms.”

“Well now that is all out of the way,” Aunt Beth said as she cleared the table, “Why don’t we go over to our bed and fuck our new c***dren.” She said it so naturally that it took a second for the meaning to sink in for Josh and Mel.


Josh and Mel both gulped as they were led to the bathroom first. Red faced they both went toilet as the adults watched, standing there with folded arms and expressions that brooked no dissent. Aunt Beth started to pull some things out of a cupboard while Uncle Richard laid a couple of towels on the floor.
"Since you are both getting arse fucked as part of your breaking in you will be given an enema to open up your back passages."

Both k**s looked confused and more than a little worried at the mention of anal sex, exchanging a shocked glance.

"Both of you on your backs, legs spread and in the air. Grab hold of your knees." When they hesitate Uncle Richard reached out and gave Josh a stinging slap across his stomach, instantly raised a red hand print and a yelp of suprise. The two p*****n scrambled to the ground and assumed the position both faces burning with shame as they exposed their genitals and arseholes to the hungry eyes of the adults.

Aunt Beth was filling to bags with warm water while Uncle Richard greased up a pair of plastic nozzles. Kneeling between the k**s he coated his index finger with lubricant and ran it between Joshs trembling arsecheeks.
"Hold still boy or I will do it without the lube and it will hurt." His greasy finger wormed its way into the ten year old boy, twisting and digging in deep until it was all the way inside. Idly his other hand stroked his nephews stubby little cock. To Richards amusement and Josh's shame his cocklet started to stiffen from the attention and the hard finger pumping in and out of his bottom.

Aunt Beth finished with the bags and started to do similar to Melanie. "Such a pretty pussy dear, I will enjoy eating it later and I hope you like mine too." The almost teen girl gasped as her Aunt's greased finger slid into her bottom, pressing in quickly and giving a few pumps to test how open she was.

A couple of minutes of bottom poking was all that was needed to have the k**s prepared. Both adults withdrew their fingers to the k**s mixed relief and diappointment. The bags were attached to hoses and greased nozzles inserted into the prone c***dren. When the bottles were hung up warm water began to drain into their bodies, instantly starting to sweel their tummies and making them groan in discomfort.

Beth knelt between them, gently massaging their stomachs until they settled. Once the bags were empty the nozzles were removed and the c***dren were told to lay there and hold it in.

It was almost ten minutes which found the k**s groaning in discomfort before they were allowed to rise and void the water, the blessed relief making them both gasp and groan with happiness.

After being wiped clean they were let to their Aunt and Uncles bedroom and told to get on the bed while the two adults started to disrobe.

Uncle Richard peeled off his work overall to reveal his muscular compact frame. His chest was reasonably hairy making him look quite scary and not at all gentle to the k**s. When he peeled off his underwear his semi erect cock popped out making both k**s gulp in worry about taking something that big into their little bodies. His pubic hair had been neatly trimmed back and his balls waxed smooth which only made his member seem even bigger to their eyes.

Aunt Beth slipped off her skirt and blouse, revealing heavy breasts with puffy dark pink nipples and only a little sag. Between her legs under her flat belly her sex was shaved smooth, looking remarkably like Melanies with puffy pulled in lips.

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