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A kinky BBW

I had picked Jenny up in a bar earlier in the night and we ended up at her place. Jenny was a very sexy and very large girl. She had black hair that went halfway down her back and the most amazing green eyes. If I had to guess she was about 5.4 and easily over 275 lbs with extremely huge tits cannot even guess the size of them bigger than 46DD for sure.earlier in the evening she admitted to being into Watersports and bondage and wanted to play a game. I had quickly agreed and had never tried piss play before I was a bit curious. We has spread a few blankets on the floor and she had me lay down naked and face up and she than sat down on my chest and we spent a lot of time me massaging her back and her my legs and feet until I felt the urge to piss. I had asked her to let me up and she declined telling me to just let it go right there. As I felt it start to flow out of me I felt her hand grab my dick and start to direct it so I was pissing on her and myself and that was when I became aware that she also had started to piss on my chest. It took several seconds but after we had emptied our bladders on each other she had than position her soaked cunt over my face and began to lick my dick. I was hesitant at first but figured I might as well try it at least once and began to lick her clean and dry. After a few minutes of licking each other she said she wanted to eat my asshole and had me bend over the coffee table. I have had people rim me before but this chick was an expert at it. She started out by using just the tip of her tongue and swirling around and against my opening for a couple of minute driving me wilder with each passing second and than without warning she shoved her tongue as far up my ass as she could and just tongue fucked it for several minutes. I felt her tongue swirl around in me and was suddenly scared that I was going to cum from it. After eating my ass for several minutes she had excused herself and came back with a vibrator. She had me stand in front of her and she grabbed my cock and looked up at me and told me to just relax and enjoy. She than slowly parted her lips and took the head of my cock in and held it there. I felt her reach behind me and pressed the vibrator against my hole and slowly turned it on.she than started to suck my dick in a nit a deeper as she pressed it harder against me until it popped in. She matched the movement of the vibrator with her sucking until she had me all the way in and had it fully up my ass. as she fucked my ass with the vibrator she would on occasion pause to turn it up a bit eventually I was just grinding away on her mouth and her hand as she fucked me and sucked until I could take no more. I warned her that I was going to cum so she picked up the pace even more than when she felt my cum in her mouth she sucked me all the way down and I finished cumming with my cock all the way in her throat. After a bit I pulled out of her mouth and fell to my knees in pleasure. As I was resting she had told me what she had planned for the rest of the evening which I will save for another day. It did involve some bondage and her sweet tits.
Till than take care.

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