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The Beginning Or The Ending? Part 2

I was washing dishes(yeah, I already know what some of you are thinking and NO! I'm just rather anal about having my dinner for that night on a plate that doesn't involve last weeks dinner.)about 2 and a half months later, when my wife came from behind me and asked me out of the blue. "So how would the whole boyfriend thing work?" I told her that we had this discussion already so just drop it. "No, I just want to know." I told her that I didn't want to take that chance and that I hadn't brought up the subject since our anniversary. "No, I just want to know how? Like hypothetically speaking how would I or rather how does one go about doing this? Please, lets just have a real serious conversation about it." I figured that since she brought it up I had nothing to lose.
The first thought that came to my mind about the subject was "Ashley Madison", I told her that because I figured it's people that aren't looking for a commitment and are just looking to have fun. I also told her about websites that are more tailored to that lifestyle that would more than likely involve terms that she might not be familiar with. She asked me, "Can I be honest with you? I sent out an invite on fb to my friends to see if any of them would help with putting up some decorations." She happens to do design (among other things, and NO nothing naughty)for a living. She told me that quite a few guys on fb offered to help her out. I bet, I told her. "Yeah, I know but there is this one guy from back in high school who was really nice and he offered too." I'm sure he did I told her. "No It's not like that, he knows I'm married and that I'm married to you. Mind you, yeah if I were to give him half the chance I'm sure he'd jump all over it. He actually would help though. We never hooked up in high school because of well, just bad timing. To be honest he's invited me for coffee a couple times now but each time I've given him an excuse." Yeah I'm sure it's coffee that he wants, I told her. "No, he's just the type of guy that like's to reminisce about the old days." At this point I figured I would just be blunt and to the point.
I asked her if she wanted to do something with this guy? "No, I just wanted to know how you would feel about it. Don't get me wrong, he's a good looking guy that doesn't have problems picking up girls but I just wanted to get your reaction." I told her that when I thought of her sl**ping with another man that I pictured some one that neither of us knew. She said, "Isn't that kind of dangerous?" Well, you'd have to get to know the guy first and always meet in public places I told her. "Yeah but still, I wouldn't feel comfortable nor ever really safe. Besides if I were to do it I wouldn't want it to be with some 300 pound hairy, ugly guy." I told her I wouldn't want her to sl**p with a 300 pound hairy ugly guy either, but I never envisioned her doing it with some one that we knew, or at least, I knew, or rather kind of knew. Although, I see your point I told her. Well, the truth is If she were to ever sl**p with another man for me then, well, she should get the right to say who it should be with. So I asked her again if she wanted to do something with this guy? "No baby, I just wanted to get an Idea from you on how you would react or feel about it. If I were to do it I would want it to be not necessarily with him but some one like him who I'll feel safe with, that's all. I wasn't nor am I planning anything with him or anyone else for that matter." The conversation pretty much ended there, but truth be told, I should have read more into it.

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