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Payment for services.

This story is true and relates to a real life experience enjoy..... I own and operate a local handyman service.I used to be a general contractor and have many years experience in several trades.Now I enjoy making money doing odd jobs which require much less stress and strain. A lot of my clientel are yuppies who have money but no skills fixing things.And the other are mostly widows and divorced women who have lost the handyperson in theyre life. Many times I have been offered sex for payment by a bimbo but have never taken anyone up on the offer because of the tremendous risk involved legally.(Just ask Tiger Woods). A while back I was called to a ladys home to do some repairs.She was about 65 years old 5 ft 4 165 to 180 lbs pleasingly plump with rather large boobs.And a nice caboose.She had brown hair with grey roots showing in places and a nice smile.She had me look at several small tasks and give her a estimate.I knew by the way her home looked she didnt have much money or didnt appear to.Furnature was outdated,appliances very old and not much food in the pantry.The home needed a lot of work.She had confessed her husband died 15 years ago and had let the place go do to lack of money.She was now living on Soc security and food stamps.I gave her the price for the repairs discounting it as much as possable because I knew she was hard up and I have a soft heart.i was basically doing the work free with just the cost of materials. She sighed and explained it was too much and thanked me for my time.I asked her what she could afford because my price was cut to the bone now.Im sorry she started to weep I was hoping to possibly trade with you for something.Anything you want.Im not sure I understand Mrs White?I said. She explained how she was a excellent baker and seemstress.or could clean my house in trade for my services.I explained that i live alone dont eat baked goods much. dont really need any sewing done.and living alone my house really doesnt get too dirty.I clean it myself pretty easily.But there is something you can do for me if your willing.She had no Idea i had a fetish for shit play and have been engaging in s**t all my life.i especially like older women and she fit the bill perfectly.She assumed I was going to ask for sexual favors and cut me off..I am not a prostitue I wont trade sex for your services I didnt mean that she said.Oh I understand... Mrs White I wasnt thinking of sex. Oh thats good and she clarified Not that I wouldnt be willing to enjoy a man but not trade for services.Im old not dead and I would need to have a relationship first as well. I dont jump in the sack with just anyone. I totally agree Mrs White so here is my offer.I will do all the tasks you need done but you will have to indulge me in a way you might find dis tastefull or even bizarre.She seemed to get nervous but asked well what is it you want me to do then?I explained nothing difficult something you do everyday.But probably never traded for anything of value for.I asked her if she knew what a fetish was.I think so she said isnt it a particular object or act which gives a person a erotic thrill something like that?.Yes it is and you have what i need to fulfill my fetish...Me what on earth would that be? I then explained to her how i love to have women use me for a toilet or let me play with theyre poop or eat it.. I dont think that I can help you she said I cant do that no way. So I said I will make it really simple for her.I will complete the repairs all you have to do after I am finished is call me When you feel you need to have a bowel movement.or right after.I will give you a airtight container you use it and set it on the porch,We dont even have to see each other and I will come and get it,but it must be fresh,so call me when you need to go and I can be here in 10 mins. Mrs white said thats it... you just want me to go into a tupper ware thing and let you have it? I replied yes thats all..She then asked what are you going to do with it? Probably masturbate and sniff and lick it possably eat some too. Gross!! she exclaimed..Well thats the deal do we have a deal then? I need to think about it I will call you in the morning. The next morning at 6 my phone rang This is Joanna ( Mrs Whites first name)Oh good morning how are you? Fine listen I agree to our plan and I will have it waiting for you in 10 min.I arrived in 15 mins and had to knock on her door as nothing was on the porch.She invited me in and said I thought you might not mind doing whatever you want with me looking on is that OK?.Sure I said she then went into the bathroom and came out with a paper plate.On the plate was about a six inch dark brown turd sausage sized....Chapter two will tell you what happen next look for it soon.

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