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Stranger with sexy Cindy BBW

I start texting you and talking dirty knowing you are heading to work. I tell you I'm going to leave the office early today and you should stop by before going work. You agree so I tell you I'm going to leave my apartment door unlock. Your pussy is on fire and dripping wet thinking about what's going to happen. You finally get to my place and let yourself in locking the door behind you.
You hear the shower running so you strip out of your clothes as quickly as you can. You noticed that your panties are soaking wet, and that just turns you on even more. You come towards the bathroom and slip in the shower with me. As soon as you get in I pin you up against the wall, and start making out with you while the hot steaming water runs over our bodies. I start exploring your body and I began playing with your clit this is makes you start moaning. The faster I play with your clit the louder you get, you start moving your hips faster and faster. Then you start shaking uncontrollably and you close your eyes as your orgasm starts to over take your body. 
I let you calm down and we finish showering each other. As we finish showering I turn the water off and without drying off I carry you to my bed and lay you down on the edge. I start teasing your nipples by licking and biting them. You start thrusting your hips again then I run my mouth down your stomach to your pussy. I start by nippling and licking your clit then I move in and start eating you out. You grab the back of my head and push my deeper in your pussy and you thrust your hips faster and faster. All the sudden you start shaking again and you cumming hard and I'm licking and sucking you dry.
When you open your eyes again you beg me to fuck you hard. I start by taking the tip of my hard cock and running it along your wet slit. You get a wild look in your eyes and you beg me just shove it in. I finally give in and slid my cock into your tight wet pussy. I put my hands under your ass and begin banging your pussy as hard as I can. You look deeply in my eyes and tell me you want to ride me. So I roll onto the bed and you pounce on me. You start kissing me deeply again, I grab your ass with one hand and use my other hand to guide my cock into your dripping pussy. You start riding me like you haven't had sex in years. You start shaking again and you collapse on and your pussy starts to milk my cock dry. We start cumming together and our juices are mixing in your pussy. 
When you finally regain your strength you rollover and ask me to get your panties. You slip them on trying to keep our juices in your pussy. We start making out again and you break away telling me we will finish this when you get off work later......

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