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First anal and first gay sex party

I was about 20 when I went to my first gay sex party. Harry was a friend of my boss (the one that gave me my first taste of cock - see my first story post). He was in his late 30s and very good looking. One time we'd had oral sex as a threesome with my bisexual boss, who was only into oral.

One day Harry came to my place after work and in no time the two of us were both naked and in the 69 position. I'd always been tempted to play with my boss' ass when we sucked each other, but he'd told me he was not into it. So when Harry was above me it was so tempting and easy to let my fingers roam from his butt to trace between his cheeks. He wiggled his hips making his cock fill my mouth more as I teased his hole, so I knew he was OK with what I was doing.

He got off me and rolled me over. To my joy he parted my cheeks and licked at my hole. The feeling was amazing. Soon he was pressing a finger into me and I was squirming at having my first anal experience. I raised my hips as Harry worked his finger in me, soon adding a second. I asked him to fuck me, but be gentle.

Harry put his cock head to my ass and pressed. When he slipped into me I screamed and he stopped pushing. Talking gently to me, telling me to to relax, he waited until I calmed down and then slowly started moving. I could feel him gradually getting deeper and the pain was slowly becoming pleasure.

When he was fully inside me he laid on my back and kissed my neck. Just grinding his hips a little as I got used to being filled with cock. When I started moving under him he raised himself on his arms and moved his hips back and forward. The pain-pleasure was mounting and I was enjoying being fucked. He whispered to me to use my ass muscles and I tried tensing and relaxing. Harry was moaning at the added attention his cock was getting and it made my own pleasure increase and the pain decrease.

He worked up to a power fuck with me raising my ass to meet his thrusts and then I felt an injection of hot juice inside me and Harry jerked as he climaxed. His cummy cock sliding easily in me as he slowed his movements. He went soft inside me as he laid on my back and eventually his cock flopped out. Harry went down and licked at my cummy hole and I could feel his tongue going deep in my relaxed ass.

He rolled me onto my back and took my pulsating cock into his mouth. In no time I was ready to cum and Harry delighted in taking all my load in his mouth. After we had relaxed a while he asked if I'd like to go to a friend of his and play with a group of men. I was up for anything, so eagerly agreed. He told me I would be blindfolded and expected to suck the cock everyone at the party. It may be four, it may be f******n men there, he said. The oral was an initiation that they all had done on their first time. I was still eager to go and disappointed when he said he'd pick me up the next evening at 9pm.

All the next day I was jittery thinking about what would happen that night. When Harry arrived I had already had a few drinks. Enough to relax me but not make me d***k. We drove to a large suburban house that stood on it's own plot with a longish driveway. We parked up and Harry introduced me to an elderly guy (about 60 - sheesh I am 60 next birthday!) called John. He smiled and kissed my cheek and e****ted me to a room with many comfy chairs and a large cine-screen.

John asked me to get undressed and when I was naked he used a heavy silk scarf to blindfold me. I was nervous as hell, but was up for the experience. He guided me to one of the chairs and I sat on the edge wondering what would happen next.

I could hear some muttering and it was obvious others were coming into the room. At this moment my cock was flaccid and hanging between my legs that were only open enough for ball-comfort. A hand touched my cheek and then I caught the musky scent of male sex just before I felt a cock rub on my lips. My heart was pounding as I opened my mouth. I moved my hand to grip the shaft, but it was pushed away so I just let the cock make it's way into my mouth as I closed my lips round it.

My tongue was working on the head that was hot and smooth. I could hear sounds of encouragement, but couldn't work out how many men were in the room. Thinking it'll take ages to bring them all off with just my mouth I was surprised when the cock was removed to be replace with another. The shape was obviously different and the man's scent was also different, and I eagerly licked and sucked on cock number two. I slipped off the chair onto my knees and loved having this anonymous cock use my mouth.

It seemed to me like I must have sucked on dozens of cocks. Each one I enjoyed and was sad when it left my mouth, but happy when another took it's place. Eventually one cock stayed in my mouth longer and I tried moving my hand to it. This time I was not pushed away. I cupped the big hairy balls and wrapped a hand round the thick shaft and bobbed my head on the cock.

The guy liked what I was doing, he was moaning loudly. I head John's voice say 'keep your mouth open' and he pulled back and shot ten huge jets of cum over my tongue, lips and chin. It was dribbling down onto my chest and I felt hands pushing me to lay on the floor. I was kissed and licked by what seemed like a dozen men. Hands were all over me and my rock hard cock and balls were getting some fine attention. My nipples were sucked and pinched and I felt a mouth on my cock and another sucking at my balls.

It seemed like everyone there kept changing places and as the hands and mouths worked on me I finally felt my orgasm building. I called out I was going to cum and a hand stroked me to climax and I shot my load over my stomach and chest. Then I was being licked by many people. My cum was being lapped up by the guys and it felt so good.

There was a cheer and my blindfold was removed. To my surprise there was only seven guys round me. Six of them still had hard cocks and John, with a huge smile on his face, had his big cock hanging down. Their ages ranged from one about my age to John being the oldest with the other five all looking in their forties. It was then I realised Harry was not among them. I looked around and there he was naked like us all, but he was working a cine-camera.

I was told we'd all been filmed and the movies, processed by John, never left his home. Then a projector was rolled out from a cupboard and a film set up on the spools. It was the initiation of the other young guy and it went pretty much the same as my own did. With the lights low as the movie played some guys coupled up and one of the older of the 40-somethings came over to me. He sat on the floor leaning against my legs as we watched the start of the movie and I soon felt his hand caressing my thigh.

He was just a little plump, but not overly fat, and had a hairless chest. I lent forward and caressed his chest, playing with his slight man-boobs and he groaned when I rolled one of his nipples between finger and thumb. He turned and faced me on his knees and pulled me towards him for a kiss. It was deep and passionate, the first true kiss I'd had from a guy.

He then licked and kissed his way down my chest and licked all round my balls. I looked round the room and in the flickering film-light I could see others kissing, sucking and fucking. He raised my legs pulling one over each arm of the chair and I scooted down in the seat. He sucked on my now hard again cock as he played between my cheeks. Licking all round my cock and balls his mouth was soaking me. When He moved to lick at my hole I gasped at the pleasure of it.

He slipped a finger in and was probing deeply as he sucked on my engorged cock. I was moving my hips in time with his probing and moaned loudly as a second finger entered me. He was working my ass with his fingers while he kissed and licked his way up my stomach and chest. He then whispered to me he was too close to fuck me. I said no problem and encouraged him to swap places with me.

I got between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. It was the smallest cock in the room (no problem, I like small cocks, I also like big cocks, and guess what... I like average size cocks, too!) and I could take him balls deep without gagging. Playing with his balls I sucked and bobbed on his cock and I soon felt him shudder and then his cum was in my mouth. His body was jerking as he sot a few jets and I head him ask me to keep some for a kiss.

With a mouthfull of cum I kissed him and we passed his cum back and forward until it was all gone. I then put his legs over the chair arms and went to town licking at his hole. His head was back and he kept saying, 'fuck me, fuck me'. After a bit of fingering I gripped the base of my shaft and pressed my cock-head to his hole. It went in easier than I expected but it was hot and tight inside him.

His use of internal muscles was amazing and I could have cum just staying still, but I started moving in him. Slamming in hard then pulling almost out. His head was back and his
body shook with each thrust. He was moaning 'fill me, fill me'. I was sweating with the work-out by the time I was ready to cum and I asked him where he wanted it. He just repeated 'fill me', so I did. I shot gobs of hot cum deep inside his ass as he squealed and ground his hips.

When I pulled out of him he moved like lightning and took my cummy, softening, cock in his mouth. I was twitching with post-climax extra sensitivity as he sucked the last drops out of me and cleaned my cock. I went to one of the bathrooms to wash up and found someone taking a shower. We chatted while I had a pee and then washed in the sink. He came out of the shower and he had a great body. In his forties, lean and hard, with his cock at full erection and pointing right at my face.

There was no question, no doubt, I wanted him. He was dripping wet and I took a towel and rubbed his hairy chest. Somehow the towel was no longer in my hands and I was still rubbing his chest. I bent to suck on a nipple and he groaned as I nibbled on it. I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing down and I sank to my knees and wrapped a hand round his shaft. Taking his cock head in my mouth he tasted wonderful.

While I sucked on his cock and played with his balls another guy came into the bathroom and watched for a moment, it was the other guy near my age. He got on his knees next to me and liked the balls while I eagerly sucked on the cock. We changed over and I sucked on the hairy balls while he bobbed on the hard cock. Next we each had our lips either side of his cock while he made fucking movements between us. Tongues lapping as the cock and head slipped between our lips and the man had a hand on each of our heads.

I had the other young guys cock in my hand and he held tightly to mine as the older guy came. He shot a couple of large thick loads on each of our faces and then we were kissing, sharing the cum as the older guy finished drying himself off. John then came into the bathroom and announced that refreshments were ready. I was kinda keen to play with the young guy, but we went to the cine room to relax, eat, drink and chat.

After a while John looked pointedly at us two younger guys and said that he interrupted us, perhaps we'd like to start again. A couple of the older guys called out, 'a show, yes a show'. Before I could even think about it the other young guy was making his way to my chair on all fours. He licked and nibbled at my thigh and I opened my legs for him. His hands running up and down my inner thighs he licked either side of my cock and balls. My cock sprang into life and was against the side of his face as my body shivered to the licking where legs meet groin.

He pulled my hips forward in the chair and I raised my legs. He licked my balls and then under them following the line to my hole. His tongue lapping I was squirming with pleasure as a finger entered me. Laying with my back on the seat and my head propped up by the chair back I could see all the other men watching, a few of them stroking their cocks. I then felt a cock head pressing at my hole. He had to grip his shaft tight and try a few times but when it popped into me I gasped and the others cheered.

Slowly the cock was worked into me. I did the muscle tense and relax to aid the young guys pleasure and to quicken the lessening of the pain and the growth of pleasure for me. He soon was moving back and forward, fucking my tight little hole. He was at it for ages and sweating freely as he went balls deep pounding into me then pulling all out to thrust back into me. Each time he was out of me the sudden re-filling made me gasp.

Someone called for us to change places. He pulled out of me and got on all fours. I eagerly prepared him using my tongue and fingers and when he was relaxed enough I got ready to fuck his ass. He was so tight it took me a few attempts to enter him. When my head did go in he cried aloud and I stopped still. He started grinding his hips and slowly, bit by bit, very slowly he worked his way back onto my cock. When his cheeks were against my hips he moved his hips up and down.

As he relaxed on me I moved back a little then slid back into him. He then moved away and pressed back onto me. We did this turn and turn around, until eventually we had a rhythm going and the pace built up. I had my hands on his hips and was pulling him onto me. I fucked him for ages, his ass so tight and hot. When I was getting close the sweat was pouring off me and I pulled out of him and he turned and laid on his back pulling my cock to his mouth.

I bent down over him and took his cock into my mouth. We were both eagerly sucking in the sixty-nine position for a little while and then I felt my climax. I took his twitching cock out of my mouth and said 'cuming', then went back to enjoying the cock in my mouth. I nearly collapsed on top of him as I came. His eager mouth taking it all as then he shuddered and returned the favour. We were both shooting hot tasty cum into each others mouths. Both making little fucking movements and slurping as we each swallowed what we were given.

There was a cheer as I turned to kiss him. Our cummy tongues twisting together as our limbs entwined, arms and legs wrapping round each other. We kissed for a while then parted, both laughing as we realised the cine-camera was in John's hand. I was spent, happy and very relaxed. I sat in a chair and watched as Harry and another guy had sex.

When Harry took me home he told me I was a hit and welcome to John's any time he has a sex party.

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