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Weirdo story

I meet you at the airport in only a sheer black catsuit and a fish nett
top over
and a short skirt, thats tigth around me. I have only a little bag
where I
have all
my money and passport. After we meet I give you a kiss and says its now
your turn
to run my life the next weeks. And gives you my little bag. I curl my
who is
long and blond and ask if you know a cheep hair cutter who can help us
take it of
and shave my head of all hair ?
You drive us to a filthy plase where and old man have his shop, and we
entered it
and you ask him, and I ask at the same time if its ok for him that you
film it ?
thats ok for him as I understand ?
I take of my little jacket so I expose my breasts thru the nylond and
top, I caress them a little so my nipples poke out, since Im heating up
from the
knowlegde that Im going bald.
I sit down in the chair while you find your camera, I pull my head bac
he can
start cutting off my hair, after some minutes I start tvisting my
looking at how my hair drops to the floor, I put my legs out so I can
reach my
compleet hairless vagina thru my crothless catsuit and start caress my
self, soon I
juse several fingers in me, I orgasm when he start to juse the razer on

After the hair cut is done you take us to a jused old pub where we
and I
expose my self again from taking my jacket off, you bay me a dring and
cola for
your self, then we start talking about how you have rented a little
that you
have cleaned down and made a room whos nearly sound proof and with all
things we
need to inplant eggs, insects or other stuff you find to juse, and that
you have
manich to got hold of some real d**g to juse on me if or when you are
going to cut
deep in me, you say with a big smile you have got tons of creme that
bacterials and cream who seduce the scin.
You tell me how you have bougth injection needles, tubes, salina-fluid,
and of
course how you have worked to find all cind of insects and eggs.
I ask if you have bougth some pantyhoses and catsuits for me to juse ?
And you say thats been taken care off smiling at me, you often touch my
new head.
After some drinks we drive to the flat and you bask me to be silent
we walk
inn, I can feel how its smeel old plase, but are thrilled by the idea

i take you into the silent room. you watch all the things
mirrors everywhere, some kind of table where you will lay on through the
implantations. i lead you into the livingroom, where a sofa, some chairs,
a table
and other stuff is. a great modern flat-tv rules the room. thats where i
the cam with and ask you to sit down. i give you a glas with clear
and a d**g, that will take away all your mind. next i order you to sit
very open,
so i can see all of your perfect sexy body inside the unbelieveable nasty
nylon. i
touch your legs...its like electricity what i feel in my fingers. the
feeling turns
me on, makes my cock getting stiff and big...i come over to you, very
close toi
your skin...o lick your head...the fresh shaved one hair, noting
silky skin....i order you to drink the vodka and at the same time i order
you to
touch your pussy...stick a finger in...the nipples are extremely hard...i
care your
head...lick your eye cock has never before been so hard and big...

watch the tv i say to you an push the botton. the movie starts...the
begins to take off your blond hair...the curls fall down to the floor...we
can see
your nipples trough the fishnet, even see how the hairdresser tries to
stay he sees your most perfect ans sexy body too. all the hair has
down, you look amazing. no the razorblade does the rest...i can see your
that move down between your legs...see your pussylips (wish i could see
them now in
real), see what you do...

i can hear you beside breathe very hard...your hands are both on
body, taking care of it...i lick your head now, take aout my cock. you
lick him,
there is no more will inside you...i kiss you, take off all of your
clkothing but
not the bodysuit...i lick it...lick your skin through the nasyt tongue
feels like a living worm on your vagina...i cant halp...pls dont mind...i
stumble...i have to cum...and i feel you getting a deep enormous
orgasm...we both
cum squirt wet and naughty throuhg yor pantyhose...and i
cum on
your bald sperm running over the skin onto your nose and lips...

I look at you thru the tikling sperm that runs down and lick it slowlely
in my
mouth while breading heavely, I feel weak and aroused from the vodga with
d**g, I
grab my breasts thru the nylon and cares them when you take me hard and
walks me to
the silent room, I feel the urge from knowing that something weird is
going to
happend to me flowing thru me, when you lay me down front on the cold
matall table
so my nipples got pushed to the metall, then you are starting some
videocams to
film wathever you are thinking to do with me, then you tie my arms to my
legs so I
stand on my knees with my ass up and with a stick you push my knees apart
so I am
totaly open for you, I breath heavely, you find a injection needle that
you are
sliding in my left arm, because thats where you find a god bl**d channel,
then you
are attaching a tube from some cind of bag with some fluid I dont know
what is. I
feel the first sigths of real fear in me, but soon I got calmed down, then
you put
some cind of oil/grease around and inside my analopening, before you enter
specolum that you open me up, then I can see how you walks over the floor
and find
a big glass with some long white things inside, Im thinking of spagetti
but knows
it must be somthing else, then I feel how you enter the glass close to my
analopening and I feel how the warm stuff slides in me, I can feel how it
deeper inside me and Im getting so vet that my sexual juices are dripping
from my
vagina, and make my shiny black nylons even more shiny. I can almoust feel
how it
moves . . . . . Then I see that you smile and walk over the floor
grabbing another
bottle with more worms looking like spagetti, I feel how you are empty the
glass inside me, then you dripp a little wather inside to, before you
remove the
spectolum and close the worms inside me for their new life with me as the
You let me stay in that possision for an hour or two, "to ba safe they
crawl all
the way" as you say. I feel the time flow by in a dizzy state of mind
knowing I
have had my first inplants of

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