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so, a second visit from the RS this week gave me an even more exciting afternoon of hot sex....
I was all dressed in my stockings (he loves them) and even more excited this time cos I knew what was in store for me....I also had on a cuplesss bra, which makes my breasts stand out and proud, and feels very dirty and exhibitionist.

He stroked my stockinged thigh as we talked, and slid his hand further and further upwards to find bare thigh and juices already seeping out from between my pussy lips..
Then my breasts got the star treatment - they were on RS's menu for a long time, as he licked, nibbled, teased, squuezed and sucked hard on them for ages.
I was already moaning from desire, and kept getting pre-cum shivvers of excitement as he worked both breasts, over and over. I had enjoyed his touch so much I wanted to SEE the action so I asked him to get a large mirror and wedge it up against the headboard.....he propped me up on big pillows and pulled my legs wide apart so that I could see my pussy in all its pink glistening glory splayed out on show, like a prize....God this was so fucking horny!!!
He then worked his science.....licking, teasing, stroking, my clit, and plunging first 1, then 2, then, all 4 fingers inside my hungry cunt.
Feeling, and seeing, all this made me feel almost faint with sexual excitement. When he decided it was time for me to cum I watched my juices squirt out of me...Wow, the range on that stuff!!
I wanted to make him feel as good as I felt so I worked his cock with my mouth from underneath - laying flat on my back as he straddled my face so I could cup his balls in my mouth and roll them around my tounge, wanking his gorgeous cock at the same time, then up and deep throat sucking, until he was so turned on......that he just had to get inside me. We fucked in all positions, the best one being me riding him, grinding my hips so that his cock hit my G spot and made me squirt cum all ovr his cock and balls.....we were both soaked!!
WHile he was ramming my pussy from behind I had the urge to feel him in my bum....I used to love anal, but just haven't done it in a while, so asked him to be careful and gentle.
As ever, this fantastic lover was exactly what I asked. He took his time sliding inch by inch into my well-lubed little hole, until I was comfortable feeling the length of him in that most private of places...and started to rythmically move his cock in and out while I reached my hand down and circled fingers on my already-swollen clit, gettting faster and more and more frantic as a huge orgasm overtook my whole lower body, muscles contracting madly in orgasmic waves....God!
Our signature finale followed, but this time he controlled the rabbit and I wanked his cock over my big erect tits.....I squirted the last of my juice at the mirror while his creamy cum showered me.....ahhhhhh....beautiful.

We lay there, spent, holding each other, soaked in each others sex, until we couldn't stand the cooling juices over us any longer! Then showered and dressed

Thank you for a perfect afternoon, my genius rocket scientist!

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