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Fun at Work

You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure. It's a no-no. "You don't shit where you work." I've heard so many not-so-good stories about it and wondered if it could ever happen to me.

I mean, I wasn't praying for it to happen. I know, in my head, it's not a good thing. But somehow, the thought of having an eyecandy at work would make work a bit more exciting and not-so-boring.

Then one day, a new colleague joined us. Introductions were made and he seemed like a nice guy. I wasn't attracted to him, really. To me, he was plain-looking and a f****y man. I mean, how could you even be attracted to someone who's wearing a wedding ring, right? No naughty thoughts were entertained until we started getting close to each other.

We started hanging out and spending our lunch hour together. I started to notice those muscles underneath that well-pressed shirt. He always smelled of faint cologne or aftershave and I couldn't resist forming inappropriate images of him in my head. I just couldn't.

"You look nice today, Jess." When he told me this, I got so shy that I just gave him a smile and proceeded to my workstation. I didn't know he followed me. He was carrying some papers that he wanted to ask me something about a client of ours.

"Hey! I know this isn't a client of yours but I got some ideas on how to make our proposals better. Do you think perhaps we can go over them later? That is, if you're not busy." He accidentally threw a glance at my cleavage, which was barely visible because of the low neckline of my body-hugging blouse.

It felt good. For a split second, I wanted to grab him and kiss him. But I brushed the thought aside and told him it would be a pleasure to brainstorm some ideas.

A few hours before our scheduled brainstorming session, I couldn't concentrate on my work. I kept on counting down the minutes.

His nervous glance at my chest was all I could think of. And I like it.

To be continued...

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