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I am writing this chapter with an inflated, vibrating buttplug secure up my ass. It is lubricated with Ben Gay. I also have a tight spring-loaded clothespin on each of my sensitive and very responsive nipples, to bring out my feminine responses. Finally, I am locked in my CB 6000 chastity cage so that I won’t jerk off until this is finished. It is a tribute to Sylvia who, unfortunately, now is a Domme in the Sky.

Sylvia always had perverse medical fantasies as far back as she was a little girl. She also was very Bi, loving to experiment with her little girlfriends. Her first naughty games involved taking their temperatures and alway rectally, naturally. But Sylvia insisted that they be tied to immobilize them. That way they couldn’t prevent Sylvia from doing more than use her thermometer! She loved asses and little puckered rosebuds. But as she grew older, her latent kinkiness withdrew in favor of “normal” sex and attempting a f****y life.

When I met her, I had never before really experienced total submission. As we got to know each other we found out that I was the ideal submissive puppy and she was the perfect woman to be a Dominatrix! When she saw my fetish magazine collections and cache of very kinky films, she insisted that I tell her everything I knew, and allow her to experiment on me as much as she wanted. Armed with a Polaroid Camera, she took pictures of me in every state of bondage and distress, plus progressive shots of my cute ass being colored by her ever growing collection of whips and straps! We were so proud of the albums we were putting together.

As I mentioned in the opening story, Sylvia got me used to being naked at all times in the house we rented from her friend Rosemarie. I was also in charge of making bondage equipment and furniture. Specialized to fit and torture...ME! I would be be spread eagled on a split legged bondage/exam table, bent over a spanking bench, and suspended, sometimes upside down, from the exposed timbers in the ceiling of this country style ranch house.

As I said, Sylvia love to play with tushies and rectums! So mine got a lot of attention. I loved enemas. She had taken some Nurses training in college so she loved filling me up and having me hold it, while I fucked her. The rules were that in order for me to be allowed to go to the bathroom to expel the sloshy load I had to make her cum but was not permitted to come, until the SECOND enema!

The bag was a heavy duty red rubber open top 2 quarter. I had rigged a hook above the bed to suspend it. First, I had to have my cock and balls in severe bondage, with a tether or leash connected to my bulging scrotum and run over my back forward to where Sylvia could pull it tight. This would not only pull my aching balls back up between my ass cheeks but tend to draw my bulging veinous penis down and away from her hungry shaved cunt! It was very difficult staying inside of her when she pulled hard!

One thing she encouraged was my tendency towards infantilism so she would insist that I suck my thumb during sex, especially Kinky sex! Quite often she would make me stick my thumb way up her sopping vagina to get it nice and juicy. Other times she would make me cum on it and then suck it.

So this one night, she wanted Maya and Rosemarie to bathe me and shave me completely hairless, like a baby. They powdered me and put lotion in all of the right places. I was so fucking hard when these two full clothed women played and manipulated me all over. Sylvia announced that I couldn’t cum until I fucked her to orgasm twice and ate the others out to orgasm as well.

Right now, as I write this, my little confined peepee is dripping a steady rope of clear pre-cum onto my carpet. I am going to get a saucer to catch it. BRB


Okay, back. Don’t want to waste any! LOL. I am going to pump up the rectal balloon a bit more... there, and turn the vibrator on to a nice humming low drone... very good... grrrrr. This is getting me very hot and my cock is straining, bulging at the air holes of my Lucite Cock Cage.

Okay, Sylvia. So they actually picked me up (They all go to the gym 5 times a week!) and carried me to the bedroom where I found my blond goddess, Sylvia, laying there in white stockings, garter belt and strappy high heels. Each of her big, pierced nipples was attached to a vibrating clamp and her hand was busy in her soaking, hairless pussy!

I was lifted into place between those perfect, long legs... i loved her legs so much... and hands guided my cock into her velvet vise. The girls, like kinky elves, put the leather cock harness and ball separator on me, snapping a long chain leash onto the D-ring between my now acutely defined balls, drawing them rearward. The other end was handed to Sylvia, my Goddess, my tormentor, my Sorceress.

The huge bag was already hanging above me. It was slightly steaming and it smelled from some cheap white wine we had for dinner. Oh, NO! Wait, they were going to give me a WINE ENEMA to get me d***k while I was fucking Sylvia? I begged and pleaded.

I couldn’t maintain control with the wine fucking me up! They told me not to worry because they were using a BARDEX double cuffed inflatable nozzle in me that night. It can’t leak until the little balloons on the ends were deflated. And THAT, they laughingly teased me, would not happen until EVERYBODY was satisfied!


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(BTW, k**s, when it comes to a “wine enema” never exceed more than 50% wine in the mixture. Half wine, half water. Because the colon absorbs the alcohol so perfectly and rapidly, there is a danger of Alcohol Poisoning, so be careful!)

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