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Camping with Stepdaughter 25 DP

As Bonnie left Lesly and Susan stepped out of the van. They had on their short little robes. They walked up to me and asked why I had been so rough with Bonnie. I told them that was what she wanted me to do. Susan looked troubled and wondered why she would want me to do that. I explained to them that her husband had found out that we had been together at the lake and wanted her to be nude in front of the men in camp and wanted to watch me fuck her.

Susan smiled and asked if I thought that the men were still out there. I told her that they probably were. With that she untied her robe and let it fall open. She reached up and pulled on her nipples. They were instantly hard. She looked at Lesly and said what do you think. Lesly smiled and said I am up for it if you are. Susan reached over and untied Lesly’s robe and reached up and softly fondled her firm breasts. Lesly put her hands on Susan’s flat stomach and traced her fingers down across Susan’s pubic mound and gave her clit a little flick. Susan let out a moan and grabbed Lesly’s hand and led her to the table. She pulled Lesly’s robe down off of her shoulders and laid it on the table. Lesly sat on the table with her legs spread facing to where she figured that the most men would be. Susan dropped her robe and sat on the bench and ran her small hands up the insides of Lesly’s silky smooth thighs. Lesly’s head fell back as Susan’s fingers inched their way up to the dark pink lips of her pussy.

Lesly let out a loud sigh as her little lover’s fingers found their target. She laid back and said, I need your tongue baby, I need it now PLEASEEEEEE. Susan’s tongue probed Lesly’s moist lips and found its way up to her hard little nub. Lesly’s hands moved up her stomach and began squeezing her breast. She arched her back and began to moan with every breath. Susan looked up and said Oh honey you tasted so good and went back to her task of pleasing her young lover.

A man was walking past and I motioned for him to come and watch. He just stood there. I told him that it was alright. He walked over and stood next to the table and said holy shit this is hot. Susan spread her legs so that he had a good view of her wet little snatch and ran her fingers through her lips. Lesly opened her eyes and saw him standing there and reached over and started rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. Susan continued to tongue Lesly’s soaked pussy and slid two fingers into her hot tight hole. Lesly told the man to get his cock out for her. She didn’t have to tell him twice. She took it in her hand and started gently rubbing her hand up and down the length of his shaft. He reached out and started fondling her breasts. You could see the waves of energy surging through her beautiful young body.

I move over and started playing with Susan’s breasts. I tweaked her hard little nipples and she let out a little muffled shriek. I said wait lets go into the van. The girls gathered themselves up and we climbed into the van. Then we stripped off our clothes and sat on the bed. Lesly moved between my legs and slid her warm lips over my aching cock. Susan did the same to our guest. While the girls were going down on us I explained that neither girl were on the pill, but if he wanted to take them in their tight little butts while I fucked their pussies we could DP them. Lesly was listening and looked up at me. I asked if that was alright with her. She smiled and said anything for you dad. I pulled her up on me and she slid down over my cock with her swollen little pussy. Our guest kneeled behind her. He spit on her tight little puckered butt hole and slid his finger in. She yelped and went stiff. I told him that it was alright give her your cock. He placed the tip cock up to her little ass and with one quick move of his hips he was in. Lesly screamed out OH MY FUCKING GOD. I wrapped my arms around her and we both started fucking her hard. Both her tight little holes were filled now, and she was off in a world all her own. It wasn’t long before she cried out and surrendered her body to a mind blowing orgasm. She came for quite some time. Her pussy and ass were contracting around our hard cocks. When she finally came back down to earth we pulled out and moved over to Susan. I looked at her and said well. She looked at Lesly. Lesly smiled and told her that it was awesome.

Susan slowly crawled up on top of me. She grabbed my cock and placed it to the opening of her lovely little hole and eased her way on to me. Our guest watched as I penetrated her and blurted out OH MY HELL LOOK AT THAT LITTLE PUSSY STRETCH. He licked Susan’s wrinkled little butt and she squirmed into him. He moved closer and as the head of his cock slid past her sphincter she screamed. He stopped and Susan reached back and pulled him in. We started pounding into her firm little body with reckless abandoned. In no time at all she fell into the throws of her orgasm. When she had calmed back down we pulled out and moved the girls to the floor. They each took turns sucking our throbbing cocks. Our guest was the first to blow his load and covered their sweet little faces. Soon after I shot my cum on them. Our guest said my got what is that a fire hose. I just smiled. The girls started kissing and licking our sticky fluid of each others faces. I asked the girls what they thought of what they had just got. They didn’t need to say a word, the smiles on their faces told all. Susan and Lesly each gave him a kiss and a hug and laid down on the bed in each others arms. We got dressed and he shook my hand and said I can’t thank you enough for what just happened. I told him that I was sorry that he couldn’t have some pussy. He said that he totally understood. And that he had never done anal before. So I guess everything worked out rather well for all involved. He left with a big grin on his face.

I went and started getting supper ready.

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