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First time with cousin......

When i was 13 (in 1980) my f****y took a trip to Mn. to visit my dads f****y. We were stay at my anuts house ( she had been a single mom for about 8 years) who had 8 k**s 3 boys all in there 20's and 5 girls. A set of twins 18, Mary who was 14 and another set of twins 11 (cindy and mindy). They all lived on a big farm with a pool and hot tub. Mary was about 6' tall with large breast for a 14 year old( 34D ), brown hair and legs that went for ever. I knew that sex with f****y was wrong but i would jackoff at night with thoughts of her.

We were swimming and playing other pool games when i happened to bump in to her breast. I jerk back from her and said i was sorry but i noticed that her nipples went to full hard. She said it was ok, but the mood between us was different from then on. I noticed that she was checking me out from head to toe and i was dooing the same to her. Now the sl**ping arrangements those weeks were i was in a spare room by myself. the girls and my s****rs all slept in one large room with several bunk beds in it, my parents spelt in another room and my aunt in hers. My room was in the basement next to the laundry room.

That night i jerkoff several times to the thoughts of her naked. Th next day she asked my parents and aunt if we could go hiking the ranch together. They said yes but be home by supper. My aunt fixed us my P&J sandwiches and we left.

we were a good ways from the house watching each other with me behind her and her behind me sometimes. We had gotten to a tough hill to go over i was n front and she asked me to help her up. I grapped her hand and pulled her up and she ended up slamming into me. I could tell that she did not have a bra on and my cock went to full hard in a snap. we pulled away from each other and i turned around hoping she did not see my hard on. She said lets set down here for a minute.

She had on a pair of cut off blue jean shorts that was really short. she sat in front of me and i could see her pussy hair coming out of her shorts. My cock was about to explode i tried to look away but i could not. We started eat the sandwiches when she asked me "can i ask you something and you be honest?"

I said yes and she asked me if i have done it yet. I chocked on the sandwich and said no. She then said have you thought about it. I said yes. Then she said have you thought about me. I turn red and did not say a word when she got closer to me and she said i thought about you last night all night long. I was looking down and looked at her crutch and her shorts were soaking wet and now i was about to explode in my shorts. I looked at her eyes and she had a devilish grin on her face. She pulled my hand to her breast and i start rubbing them. her nipples got hard and they were about the size of a nickel and were about a inch long i was really hard now and she started moaning. She lifted her shirt and no bra and i started sucking her breast. we laid back on the ground and i was so into her breast when i reached down to rub shorts over her pussy that she had them off already and i touched her pussy which was soaking wet. She said oh yes get on your back.

I did and she took my clothes off and we got into a 69 fo awhile. I had never know that a blowjob felt so good nor that pussy tasted so good. I lost a load in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. I was still hard and she said well we will both not be virgins anymore. She sat down on it and started riding me. it felt so good. she then got off and got on her hands and knees and we did it doggy style. She said doit harder as i did i felt her timbling and i lost the most massive loadin her. We both fall to the ground out of breath.

This was our first time together but not our last.

Will tell more later..

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