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Workmate 3

We rested there on the floor almost completely spent for
a good 30 minutes before our sweaty bodies began to cool
and I suggested we go upstairs, get cleaned up and go to bed.
Vicki readily agreed and I got to my feet lifting her up and
actually carrying her tiny body upstairs with surprising
ease. We showered together washing each others bodies and I marveled
at her perfectly formed arse and her slim, almost to slim,
body capped with those tiny breasts. We kissed and caressed
each others bodies gently now after cleaning and for a few
brief moments we actually shared a tender interlude. After we dried ourselves we went to my bedroom and both of
us were asl**p in minutes. I was awoken the next morning at around 9 o'clock in
the most erotic way possible as Vicki quietly and efficiently
sucked my cock beneath the sheets. Once I had regained my
senses and figured out what was going on I threw the sheets
off of us and looked down at this ugly beautiful, cock hungry
slut and smiled to myself. I reached down and took a handful
of hair and began to take up were we had left off the previous
evening, slowly but firmly pushing and pulling her mouth
up and down on my cock. Soon I was feeling fully revived and
pulled Vicki up to me, rolled her over on to her back and lay
atop her kissing her passionately and violently, gripping
her neck and chin firmly with my hand. Then I moved down and
began nibbling and pulling at her long pointed nipples
with my teeth eliciting little yelps of painful pleasure
from her. Eventually I made it down between her legs where I hungrily
feasted on her pussy, pushing my tongue and a finger as deep
in to her as possible before licking the length of her pussy
f***efully sending shivers through her little body. Vicki
couldn't resist and soon had her hands on my head pushing
my face in to her and her legs tightly closed either side
of my head. I continued in this manner until my face was soaked
with Vickis juices, then I used my strength to roll her on
to her front and lift her heavenly ass in to the air and run
my tongue gently up between her arse cheeks. My hands pulled
apart those cheeks and my tongue went straight for her ring
piece which I teased and tickled before pushing in with
my tongue. After several minutes of this Vicki was almost crying with
pleasure so I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and ordered
her to come and sit astride me. She did as she was told and
as I held her hovering over my raging erection I teased her
a little more by sliding the tip of my cock along the length
of her pussy. Eventually when I thought Vicki was about
to start screaming the house down I let her drop heavily
on to my lap impaling her with my cock. I gathered her face
in my hands roughly and kissed her again more violently
even than before moving rapidly down to her neck planting
angry kisses all the way and then leaning back a little I
lifted her body up and began fucking her slowly but with
an unreserved venom that before Vicki I had never known.
Eventually I tired of fucking her that way and without removing
my cock from her warm tight pussy I twisted us around carefully
and ended up with Vicki on her back and me kneeling between
her legs still deep inside her. I then lifted her legs up
high to rest on my shoulders and began pumping my cock in
and out of her with a ferocity surpassing the previous evening.
I stared down at her and she stared up at me and our faces looked
to be distorted in to hatefull mirrors of each other, but
no matter what neither of us could bring ourselves to stop.
Harder and harder I fucked her growling that I was going
to make her beg me to stop, but she just growled straight
back at me that she wanted it harder and harder still, that
she would never want it to stop. "Fucking slut!"
I shouted and tensed so completely that time itself seemed
to stop. I pumped stream after stream of cum deep inside
her pussy before dropping her legs and falling to her side.
"I told you I'd never beg you to stop. Now lick
my cunt you bastard, I wanna cum too." I crawled down and feeverishly began lapping at her well
fucked pussy, tasting my own cock on her and feeling my own
cum seeping out. Eventually she tensed like I had moments
earlier and again we lay still in a sweating tangle of limbs.

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