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I used to work a couple of years ago with a girl called Vicki.
Vicki just turned 18 and a very petite blonde with something
of a reputation as a girl not afraid to put out with pretty
much anyone. She wasn't conventionally pretty but
to me with her almost flat chest and her cute ass she was the
hottest thing I'd seen for some time. I'd had a
bad break up and hadn't kissed, let alone had sex, with
a woman for some time. I was a good 12 years older than Vicki and we often used to
work Saturday afternoons with each other and one other
guy James. Me and her would sit out back and let James serve
all the customers while we'd chat about what we'd
been up to that week and what we planned to get up to the next.
She'd talke about various boys and by the time we came
to leave each Saturday my cock was aching for her. Finally one Saturday I had had enough, she mentioned that
she was supposed to be going out with her friend for the night
and staying over with her but her friend had just called
and cancelled on her. I jumped in as quickly as I could and
asked her if she fancied coming out with me as she was at a
loose end and jokingly adding that as she wasn't expected
home she could even stay with me. Well I wasn't even expecting her to say yes to a drink
thanks to my low confidence at the ime, but to my surprise
she agreed not only to coming out but staying over. I couldn't
believe it but apparently her dad was pretty strict and
any chance to get away for a night was like gold to her. We agreed to meet in the pub not far from my place that evening
at 7 and she would tell her folks that she was still going
out with her friend. I went home washed and ate and was in the pub by 6.30 to get
myself some Dutch courage. At almost bang on 7 she came in dressed in a short black skirt
and a kind of off the shoulder blouse not to mention her black
stilettos and a thick layer of frankly tarty make up to add
a couple of years to her very youthful appearance. She sat down with me and I got her a drink, and another and
another and pretty soon, by around 9.30 she was rolling
d***k. I decided it might be time to get out of there and off
we went back to my place. At the front door as I paused to search
for my keys she thrw her arms around my shoulders and kissed
me then leened back and looked at me smiling with a her eyes
sl**py and d***k. I looked at her for a moment and forgetting
the fact we were still on the doorstep I grabbed her and pulled
her to me violently and kissed her f***efully pushing my
tongue past her lips and swirling it about in her mouth.
My hands groped at her beautiful ass and my already hard
cock dug in to her body as I held her to me.she pushed her hands
down between us and started to fumble at my belt before I
thought to myself I had better get her inside. As I looked
for the keys she continued undoing my trousers and by the
time I had the door open my trousers were down around my ankles
along with my pants. I lurched inside stumbling and falling and Vicki came in
right after me and closed the door and leaned back against
it looking down at me. I pulled my trousers off properly and got to my feet adn moved
towards her. Vicki giggled and I reached over and with a
mixture of anger and lust I wrenched her top off over her
head and holding her steady against the door I ripped her
bra off revealing her tiny breasts. She yelped a little
at this bust still didn't resist as I yanked her skirt
down and ripped her knickers off in the same way I had her
bra. Now she was standing before me naked but for her shoes
looking like a vulnerable young girl playing at being an
adult with her make up plastered over her face. I stepped
closer still and lifted one leg up in the air and without
pausing or preparation I thrust deep and powerfully in
to her pussy. Vicki began to cry out but I put my free hand
over her mouth and stayed inside her like that for a moment
looking in to her eyes. As she looked back I could see how
much she wanted it and how much she enjoyed it like this,
being taken hard and rough by someone so very much stronger
than her. I withdrew and thrust in again and began repeating over
and over until tears of lust and pleasure mixed with the
pain of a rough fucking trickled down her face. I took my
hand away from her mouth and Vicki still looking straight
in to my eyes said in a voice wich belied her tender years.
"Fuck me harder you bastard!". I pulled out completely and taking her by her arm spun her
round and dropped her to he knees then got behind her and
entered her again this time with even greater f***e and
I continued fucking her hard and rough for some time occasionally
reching round and tweaking her long erect nipples. Finally I felt myself nearing my climax and pulled out of
her yet again telling her to come lie down on her back. She
did as she was told and I climbed astride her adn began frantically
wanking my cock until one, two, three, four, five powerful
blasts of spunk shot out across her tits, neck and face.
I slumped backwards and lay there quite still but Vicki
got up and sucked the last drops from my cock and then lay
across my body and began kissing me and sharing back with
me my own cum. And it was still only eleven o'clock.

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