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Sunset and Rain Love til the End

Italy – Tuscany: May 4th

Sun is high on the sky, limitless crystal clear sky. All around the house are long green g****vines, it’s so quiet. Only person standing on the porch is Emma, she is holding the glass of red vine in her hands. She seems distant, lost in a horizon. Wind chimes made a noise that pulled her out of her daydreaming. That’s when she realized that Anne-Marie hasn’t returned from Grosseto. That is a town near the village they were living in. “She must have bumped into some of our friends” Emma thought. The phone rang, “Hello” she answered joyfully, “It’s me baby, I’ll be late, today is 4th, and you know how crowded it gets here at the market. I’ll be home in about an hour or two. Love ya.” “Love you too, see you honey.” Emma replied. Only then she realized that TODAY is 4th May, the one and only day in year that she wanted to sl**p through. And now it’s all that she will think about till the end of the day. She returned to the porch and sat down on wooden rocking chair, after a minute she was lost again. Her dark eyes became even darker (if that is possible at all) and as she ran fingers through her long, dark hair, ring flashed in front of her eyes. That ring always used to tangle in her hair and it’s been a while since she had it on her finger. Emma knew she will never put it on again. That ring was the only thing that connected her with Alexis (well ring and memories).

London: May 4th

Raindrops knocked on the windows, but that did not wake her up, then the alarm clock rang and she jumped off her bed. She walked towards the kitchen stretching and yawning, trying to wake up. Coffee was prepared and she just grabbed a big cup and poured some coffee in it. Her flat was dark; the curtains were drawn on all of the windows in the flat except for the windows in her bedroom. As she stood by the terrace doors she remembered that today she decided to stay home. Just watching the rain pour down and listening to some music. It was a day for her and thoughts in her head.

Alexis cherished this day for a long time. It was a day when she kissed Emma for the first time. But even before that day they had this amazing, indescribable bond. Sparks flew whenever they were in the same room.
They meet through some mutual friends, over a cup of coffee. Alexis was writing on a piece of paper some new ideas for her book while waiting for her friend Dan in a coffee shop. She was completely lost in her writing that she didn’t notice that Dan and Emma sat down. Their giggling distracted her.

“How long have you sat there?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Long enough babe, I see now that you are committed to your work very seriously.” Dan joked around “Pardon me, I’m being rude, Emma this is as you already know Alexis, my beloved friend. Alexis this is Emma as well my beloved friend.”

“Nice to meet you Emma” and as soon as their hands touched Alexis felt some kind of electricity going through her whole body. Emma was attractive, dark haired, dark eyed girl with a sweetest smile. They spend that afternoon talking about music, movies, and hobbies. Before they split Emma gave her phone number to Alexis and wrote down hers. They hugged and said goodbye to each other. Alexis walked slowly through the streets of her hometown looking at people, she was so dazzled by Emma, by her voice, smile. She was on her way home when her phone rang. It was a text message.

“Hey cutie I had fun 2day. Still can’t believe that you are 18. U changed my opinion about young and uneducated people. Emma”

“:)Well you are not so dull yourself, I mean for such a 24 year old grandma. Hope to see you soon. Xoxo”

They exchanged text messages for two more months; they were both busy so they could not see each other. Soon Alexis left to University and it was even harder to keep in touch. But they always found the way and time to talk or just text. One day they chatted on Facebook when Emma said: “We should meet. It’s time.”

“Yeah, I think so. You should come and visit me. I live alone ”

“Hmmm I will if you promise not to bite…”

“Well I can’t promise that, you are just so damn sweet that I can’t resist you.” replied Alexis.

They flirted all the time but never spoke about that. Emma never knew for sure that Alexis likes girls, that’s why she never said anything direct and open about her attraction to Alexis. But now she is going to visit her, and she’ll try to read Alexis body langue.

“Then get ready, I’m coming this Friday, is that ok?”

“It’s perfect Em.”

They bout been nervous whole week, and Friday seem so far away. Emma has packed and unpacked her stuff five times until she decided to pack as little things as possible. Alexis moved her furniture all over the place, cleaning, making it look better. She tried over seven outfits that she is going to wear when she meets with Emma.

Bus was late and Alexis sat down in a park across bas station reading news paper trying to make time pass faster. But she was reading about some political event. She totally oversaw bus arriving at the station. Emma looked around and recognized long, blond, curly hair behind newspapers.

“Hey stranger” she giggled “do you ever stop reading?” Emma joked. Alexis jumped from the bench and hugged Emma so tight. They stood like that, just hugging for a while. Alexis let Emma from her embrace, and checked her out from head to toes. And then she whispered to her with a sexy voice “You look so hot.” She continued looking at Emma. Alexis was now biting her lower lip u*********sly. They arrived at Alexis place fast.

“This is it. Mi casa es su casa.”

“Wow Alexis, you can clean up nicely.”

“ Hmm you wanna find out what can I do not nicely but perfect?” Alexis smiled seductively.

Emma leaned toward her and whispered “Show me.” Alexis cupped her face and gently touched Emma’s lips. Shivering sensation went through her body when she realized that Emma is kissing her back. They were standing in the middle of a living room kissing for a long time. With hands entertained they slowly walked towards the bedroom, trying not to break a kiss… They made love until the sunrise. And when sunlight entered the room they fell asl**p totally exhausted.

“You are looking at me. Stop it. It’s weird.” Alexis said when she saw Emma looking at her while she is sl**ping.

“God, you are just beautiful.”

“Stop it, I’m gonna blush.”

“I love you” Emma said looking at Alexi’s big hazel eyes. A moment of silence and “I love you too.” They kissed for a while. Next four days were filled with passion. Alexis flat smelled like kisses, vine, strawberries and sex… it all smelled like sex. They did not leave the house for four days. And when Emma had to get back to work and leave Alexis it was the hardest thing she had to do. She cried when she waved Alexis from the bus.
“I promise you, I’m moving. I can’t stand being so far away from you. It hurt’s too much. I want you next to me all the time.” Emma wrote to Alexis.
“I know baby, it’s hard but we’ll make it. We love each other and that’s what’s important.”

They struggled with their feelings. Being in a long distance relationship had ups and downs. They talked a lot, so they got to know each other’s mind and soul. But at the same time both of them missed real intimacy, the one you can have only when the person is in the same room as you are.

Year passed and Alexis wanted to celebrate anniversary with her love and to buy her something that will blow her mind. So she cut of thousand paper hearts and colored them in red. Then she covered her bed with those hearts. But it was still not enough, she bought her guitar. Emma loved to play but she never bothered to buy a guitar for herself, she always borrowed one from her b*****r. And Alexis wanted to give her something that she would love.
Emma was amazed with diner that Alexis made, she didn’t expect any other surprise, but when she entered the bedroom there were paper shaped hearts on the bed and big box with a red bow next to the bed. On the card just said “Touch me ” she opened fast and when she saw guitar it left her speechless. She cried.

“Baby, why are you crying? You don’t like it?” Alexis was upset. But then Emma did not spoke a word she just kissed Alexis. They kissed and she continued crying “Don’t worry, those are tears of joy. I never thought that I could love somebody so much Alexis.” They made love on thousand heart shaped papers. Alexis woke up in the morning realizing she is sl**ping alone, there was a note on a pillow “I’ll be right back, went to buy a news paper: ***” When Emma got back Alexis was taking shower so she waited her in front of a bathroom. When Alexis got out Emma got down on one knee and asked Alexis to be her wife “I love you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, marry me Alexis Page.”

“Yes baby, I’ll marry you” Alexis said kind of confused and cough of the guard. She helped Emma get up and she kissed her.

“Wait, wait, wait, I need to put a ring on your finger my bride to be” said Emma joyfully, and kissed Alexis.

“Hey you know that I’m going to give you a ring as well; there is no way that my fiancé is going home without a ring.” Alexis smiled.

After Emma’s proposal Alexis gave her a ring as well “This will be another thing that will remind you of me.”

Emma again had to leave Alexis, work is calling. But now they had a reason to be happier than ever.

As time passed by they did not see each other as often as they wanted to. Emma had work to do, Alexis had classes to attend. They were bout focused on other things and people in their lives. Soon fights got bigger and they lasted longer. Soon nothing had any sense.

“You don’t love me. I don’t know if you ever did.” Emma screamed over the phone.

“Yeah right, I don’t love you. And if I don’t love you, who loves you? If I may know? You were the first and last woman I have ever slept with Emma, does that say anything to you?” Alexis replied with a soft voice, she never yelled or raised her voice.

“I can’t talk with you! You repeat yourself! Yes, no, whatever! You don’t care!!!” Emma hangs up. They broke up a week after that fight…

Italy – Tuscany: May 4th

“Oh God, how I miss her sometimes. I can’t breathe. Why can’t I stop thinking about her? I wonder where she is. Is she happy? Is she married? Does she think of me? No, I know answer to that last question. Has she changed at all?”

Emma imagined Alexis far away from Italy, in her hometown. “Alexis probably still lives with mom and dad, she probably dropped off university. She is miserable….” Emma shook her head; she couldn’t wish those things to her. Never. “She is probably happy with someone, like I am with Anne-Marie. She probably changed her mind about marriage. And put it as a priority. Who knows…? Maybe she even has c***dren that would be ironic…” Emma touched her finger like she can feel the ring Alexis gave her. But there is nothing that proves that the ring has ever been on her finger. She can only remember her love “Alexis” she whispered…

After two hours Anne-Marie got home. She interrupted Emma in her self-torturing thoughts “Hey baby, sorry I’m late. You look worried. Is everything ok?”

“It’s fine. I had a bad dream.” Emma smiled at Anne-Marie making her lie look convincing.

“Help me bring thin inside and then we’ll sit outside and talk.”

Emma and Anne-Marie spend evening outside, watching sunset, drinking vine. After a while it becomes chilly, so Anne-Marie wrapped her arms around Emma trying to keep her warm. 4th May passed its 00:01 5th May, Emma thought one more time about Alexis “Love of my life, it was never meant to be, we are too different, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Cause I do. But I wanted things you couldn’t give me.” She closed her eyes and leaned on Anne-Marie. Emma spoke “Love you A.”

London: May 4th

She’s been staring at the raindrops for a while. Pain that she felt every time when she thought about Emma was numbing her. She looked at her right hand, and on her finger still there was a ring. The one and only. It’s not like she will ever have Emma back, she just didn’t want to lose her totally.

“My first real love. My biggest love. My craziest, most loving living thing, I miss you. And I know you are happy somewhere. Just like I’m happy here. And I know that we would never work out. Cause in order for us to be together one of us needed to give up dreams. I couldn’t’ do it, and so couldn’t you. I love you. Always and forever, Emma.” She wrote a letter. That letter will never be read again. But Alexis had to write it down. Cause seven years after their first kiss it’s time to say good bye.
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