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Mommy wants my Baby.

So my Parents found out that Uncle Warren and my 14 year old s****r Kay had been the ones who took my virginity at 9 years old. Dad was pissed, Mommy was hurt, because they'd wanted to be my first. I was out in the pool with my now wife Dorian, Dorian was Uncle Warren and my Grandmas daughter. That's a whole other story for later.
So we were skinnydipping, and Daddy came outside and told Dorian to get dressed and go home and tell her Dad to call him now. Daddy took off his robe and his swim trunks, He was a big man 6ft 5in and had a body like that Pro Wrestler Goldberg. Now what was dangling between his legs looked like something that belonged on a horse, no Bullshit it was 12 1/2 inches long and about as big around as a Red Bull can. He got into the heated water with me and flatout asked me if Warren and Kay had fucked me. As I was about to answer him we heard the patio door slide open and out walks my Mommy, Damn was the only word that escaped my lips. Now there really aren't any people that are out of shape in our f****y, that said Damn. She walked towards us and let her robe open and fall to the ground. Mom looked like the Pornstar Mercedez, if you've never seen her look her up. I'll describe her for you from head to toe. She stands 5 ft 6in flat foot she has long jet black hair down to her asscrack, she looks like she could pass for Pocahantas's twin s****r in the face dept, slender toned body, all natural 42EE breasts, and her left nipple is pierced, nice wide hips. Her body type is a Coke Bottle, long legs with tiny size six feet with cherry red toes, she also wore two toe rings on each foot. And as I found out later that evening she knows how to use her toes expertly. Anyway she dove into the pool and swam up behind me and whispered in my ear that
"Tonight I belonged to her" as she reached up from behind and cupped my balls, and gave them a bit of a squeeze. She swam to the edge of the pool and walked out while giving me her best you have no idea what your in for tonight look over her right shoulder. Dad said that I was going to enjoy this. And he gave my cock a squeeze, and smack my ass underwater. Mom came back out with a round of drinks for us and a fat joint. Dad took his que and grabbed his drink and went in the house to watch the game on tv. Mom took me by the hand and led me to the Grotto behind the pool and we laid down in the hammock that was in there. She fired up the doobie and inhaled all that she could into her lungs, and started to kiss me deeply and filling my lungs with that skunky smoke. We did that for about 10 minutes till the joint was gone. She stood up and turned the radio on and that was my introduction to two things Santana and Lapdancing. She stood me up and sat me in the lounger, and the next thing I know she asked me if I wanted more wine and ofcourse I said yes. She danced around grinding her bare pussy against my bare now rock hard dick. She paused for a minute and walked to the wine chiller and grabbed a bottle and braced herself against the wall and reached back and grabbed her toes on her right foot and pulled them over her shoulder and licked and kissed her own toes while standing up. Again DAMN. She snakedanced her way over to me again and told me to suck her toes, next thing I know I tasted the wine off her toes. Holy Fuckin Shit I was drinking wine off Moms sexy long toes. My cock was so hard I thought I was gonna cum before she even sucked or fucked me. She laid down on her back and brought those toes back to my mouth and told me to get her feet as wet as I could so I started to spit on her toes and she put something cold on my dick, oh shit she put lube on my dick, then without warning her toes found my dick and after about 5 minutes I told her I was going to cum, she told me that it was ok and kept me in between her stroking toes! Here I go Mommy uh uh uh Oooooooooo. I came all over her toes, what happened next was Epic. Mommy took her foot and brought her cumsoaked toes to her lips and ate it then ate my cum off her other foot. Not only was I not soft, I was so hard I thought it'd snap off. Mommy. Told me that she wanted get pregnant by my right then and there. So with that Mommy told me to sit up, she walked over and sat in my lap and grinded her clit on me until I slipped into her hot wet pussy. She told me that since she'd made me cum with her feet that I should last longer, she wasn't k**ding Mom grind fucked me for about half an hour. Till I told her I was going to cum, with that she put both feet to my lips and used her Kiegle muscles to milk me deep into her whilst I tried to suck the polish off her long pretty toes. Once we had our first c***d Mommy let Daddy have his crack at my butthole, but again thats another story for another time. God I love my f****y.

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