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Jackie was a virgin

jackie use to work beside me.friendly ,young, attractive but not really my type.
she always tried to please.she followed me around like a pet dog.i swear i didnt know she was a never came up in our conversations and i guess i thought at 18 she had been deflowered.
we would go get coffee together ,all of us in the office would go out to bowling,pictures,pizza,bar.well you know the drill at the office.just hanging out.occasionally i would drop her off at home .she had an over protective father.he must have come out of the arc.but whatever the reason she always was worried that he would cause a scene.

i suppose deep down i felt sorry for her.then we had the christmas party.fortunately i dont drink so i was always in control.not like some, and then they have got to work with everyone knowing what a dick they were.anyway jackie gives me a christmas card and kisses me on the friends i open the card and its a real rude one .it says all i want for christmas is you.she is watching me as i opened and read it.i must admit at first i was flattered and then i thought it was just a joke.

jackie returns to my side and asks if i like the card.i tell her its different.she smiles and asks me to take her home.i agree as im bored with all these d***ks.when we get to the car she kisses me so i kiss her back. well it christmas so whats a little kiss between felt strange when she started to rub my crouch.but i must admit i was enjoying it.i wasnt having to do much as jackie was doing all the just go with the flow.she unzipped my pants and slid her cold hand onto my hot throbbing cock.we kissed more and tongues were now fencing.she pulled hard on my cock.i should have guessed then how inexperienced she was but then some girls love to tug hard.

i suggested to jackie it might be better to go back to my place instead of this multi-story car park.she agreed totally.we get in the car and all the way back she cant keep her hands off me.she runs her hand up my thigh ,she pulls a few strokes on my cock.i can tell she really is into me.i park the car and head for the elevator.once inside and the doors close she is ripping at my shirt.i tell her that there are video cameras in the elevator and she cools it till we reach my door.

once inside she is like a woman possessed.tearing at my clothes and throwing them down.i am nearly naked and she is fully dressed.usually i like to take my time and undress women properly and slowly. i still had no idea she was a virgin.i undress her and she takes off my boxers.standing there in the living room ,both naked.i look at her.she isnt bad naked,nice firm young breasts.nipples are hard (must be the excitement)and a really hairy black bush.i pull her close to me and we kiss.she holds my cock running her fingers up and down my length and feeling my balls.i suck each nipple and gently bite.she yells in pleasure(i think).i lead her to the couch but she says no not here.she wants my bed.i now know why.she wants me to be her first and she wants it in my bed.she wants the lights on,which i dont mind.i like to see expressions on females faces as well as hearing their moans while i make love(fuck them )

she is underneath me as i kiss her and slowly work my way down to her black bush.i can feel her stroking my head as i begin to lick her.i want to taste all of her.i rub my face all round her bush.then i gently rub her clit.then i lick the outside of her fanny lips.i dont know why but her body is shaking.she cant be orgasmic now or can she?.i stick my tongue into her pussy and part her .she arches her back and grinds her hips down onto my tongue.i lick fiercer and rub her clit faster and faster.i can taste her juices and figure she has cum already and fast.she pulls me up to her lips and kisses me .take me now she says i want you inside me.put out the fire in me with your hose.i put my cock at her entrance.i try to ease it in.its very tight.ok for tongues but tight for my cock.i push harder and slowly it enters her.bit by bit.i can hear her moan and dig her nails into my back. i play with her breasts as i move.slowly at first and picking up speed but not too fast .she is very wet and i feel she is stretched enough to fill her..she moves wth me and screams she is cumming again and again .multi orgasmic.she wraps her legs tighty round me .i am pounding her hard and deep.i feel my balls ready to explode and thrust deep as i can and pump her full of me.pulsating cock throbbing in her.tears in her eyes and a look of satisfaction on her face,she smiles and says thank you.then kisses me hard over and over.

we lie there and she wants more.after me cuming in her several more times she says she must go home.i was thinking she was there for the night.but daddy wats her home and home she must go.its only when we get up i notice the bl**d on the first i checked myself out-------im ok.them i asked jackie if she had started her period.then she explains that she was a virgin and i was her first.imagine how bad i felt.i should have done more for her .but not to worry for the next few months i took special care of her.i showed her and taught her.
it was never going to last and i think jackie new that,it was just she wanted me to be her i felt good about that


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