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Rob and azmat 1

The 39 year old, British technician, Mr Robert Taylor, sat alone sipping tea in the lounge of the Sheraton hotel Karachi.

He had finished early for the day and sat watching people, especially the women, go by in the hotel lobby.

Rob had been surprised at first by how more liberal Pakistan seemed. The women did not walk around in black sheets or veils as he expected. The majority seemed content to be in a loose trouser and shirt suit known as Shalwar Kamiz. It had not taken Rob long to see that this outfit did not make the girls unattractive. Far from it; it was graceful, functional and sort of teased you with endless possibilities of what was beneath.

As he looked around him, his eyes would see a well rounded butt, nicely framed by the suit, with a slit up both sides of the Kamiz (shirt) to the waist that showed the figure of the woman nicer then any pair of skin tight jeans could. After all, the fabrics used were light and sometimes the sunlight made them almost transparent.

A neckline would sometimes dive to show well filled out breasts, always with a gold chain and pendent drawing the eyes to the deep cleft between the mouth watering boobs.

He had to admit that, the effect was hot and very sexual. A mystery complete with perfume and shy smiles.

"More tea Mr Taylor?" A pleasant voice asked; Rob turned his hazel brown eyes from the party of flirtatious young women giggling as they went by, and looked up into the oval face of Ms Azmat, guest relations (or so her shinny badge said)

Her large dark brown warm eyes stared into his as a sweet smile played on two very kissable red lip stick coated lips.

"Oh Yes!" He answered smiling He did not wonder how she knew his name. It was her job to know.

She leaned across his table; a scent of perfume washed over him as she adjusted the tablecloth and moved his cup. She wore a sari with a low cut blouse, as she moved he got a beautiful view of the lovely boobs pressed inside...

"Umm" he hummed his cock hardening in his slacks. "Not bad at all" he thought to himself.

"Sorry?" Azmat asked looking right into his eyes, a smile playing on her lips...

"Oh I was just admiring your lovely chain and pendent" he said

Straightening up Azmat touched the pendent, now nestling nicely in her cleavage and smiling at Rob replied "Thank you Mr Taylor. It was an engagement present from my fiancé Haider." She then leaned forwards, her slim fingers on the pendent, the action drawing his gaze to her breast.

"It's my star sign...Virgo the Virgin" she said well aware that he was staring at her lovely globes of brown flesh

"Lucky man" Rob said with a smile

Azmat shone him a big perfect smile and asked "Room number 1206 isn't it sir?"

Rob nodded and thought "Fuck! I'd love some of that!" as he watched Azmat walk away; her lovely hips swaying as she moved. She turned back and smiled at him catching him as her stared at her bottom...

Later that evening; after showering and wrapping a towel around his waist, he lay on his bed watching the BBC world Service on the TV. There was a knock at his room door.

"Come!" He called out as he watched the sports report.

Expecting to see a bell hop with a message for him, he looked up and found himself looking instead, at a very attractive woman in a shalwar Kamiz smiling at him.

It took him a few moments to realise that it was Azmat.

"Sorry to disturb you Sir" she said "I am just going off duty and wondered if there was anything you needed before I left"

Azmat looked absolutely gorgeous in a pastel green cotton kamiz (long shirt) and white shalwar, (trousers) hiked just above her shapely ankles. Although the suit was technically loose, the thin summer material and the superb tailoring brought out the hour glass figure of Azmat, very seductively.

She had closed the door and stood at the side of the single queen sized bed, looking around at the room.

"That's nice of you ..; Azmat isn't it?" He asked aware that his cock was beginning to stir beneath the towel.

Azmat smiled and said "You have been sun bathing I see"

Rob rubbed his hairy chest and nodded.

Azmat then said "Well, if there is nothing you want..."

Rob took her hand and said "Well..."

She smiled and leaned down to plant a hot wet kiss on his lips.

He took her in his arms and pulled her down on the bed beside him, his leg moving over hers as he returned the kiss with f***e, his tongue pushing into her mouth as his hands moved over her breasts, hips and firm buttocks...

Azmat broke the kiss and looked into his hazel eyes, her hands playing with the thinning golden brown hair on his head.

"We don't have long "She said "My fiancé is picking me up in an hour from the coffee shop downstairs"

Rob squeezed her tits and pressed, his now fully erect 7 inch cock against her hip and thigh.

"Well" He said Licking her neck and kissing her earlobe "We mustn't waste time talking"

He pulled the towel away and got astride Azmat on all fours kissing her lips as she took his prick in her soft hands and pulled it gently.

Rob kissed her again hard on the mouth. His tongue exploring her mouth, as he lay down on her; while she pulled on his thick cock, and moaned in to his mouth.

"Take you clothes off" He whispered hotly into her ear.

Moving off her so she could stand and disrobe.

It was a surprise to see how quickly and easily, a shalwar Kamiz suit could be removed...

In seconds Azmat stood before him in her blue lacy, half cup bra and her blue satin, French knickers.

Rob sat up and pulled her between his legs, his hands stroking her back as her looked at the milky coffee colour complexion of her smooth flawless skin. She smelled amazing. A delicately light perfume seemed to hang around her as he pressed his lips to the big melons of her breasts bursting from the half cup blue bra. As he kissed and sucked them, his hands squeezed and pressed her full round ass. His hands moving up her smooth thighs to reach up under her knickers and pull and press her buttocks beneath.

She raised a leg, her foot resting on the bed as his hand moved over her butt cheeks, fingers teasing and feeling her butt crack, to the wet slit of her hot .horny cunt....

Rob felt the heat and wetness of her pussy and teased its slick hole with his fingers.

Before inserting the tip of his index finger in and finger fucking her hot insides. He soon had a good rhythm going. His finger sinking deeper and deeper in her wet hot box up to his knuckles... Then he added his big finger gently to the action... She groaned as the two fingers slowly began the lovely task of fucking her.

He had never felt anything as erotic as this. His fingers had found no trace of hair on her fuck box. The things he had heard and read were true, Pakistani girls kept their pussies clean and hairless.

His cunt fingering hand was now slicked up with the juice coming from her hole. As his other hand squeezed and held on tightly to the firm flesh of her butt; she pulled his head against her boobs, his face buried in the hot soft flesh of her full bosom

"I'm so hot!" She said "Need some sex now or I will explode"

She then unclasped her bra pressed Robs face against the hard brown nipple crowning her firm brown breast.

Rob sucked it hungrily. His tongue teasing it as his lips held in hard between them.

"Ooooohhh!" She moaned "Ooooohhh Suck my nipples"

Her hands held his head against her boobs as her fingers pulled at his hair.

Suddenly, she pulled away and stared at his hard throbbing 7 inch cock; licking her lips she said "I should suck you..." She pushed him back on the bed, his hips and butt on the edge of the mattresses she bent down and tucking her long black hair behind her ears she began to pull up and down on his cock "Does it hurt " She asked

Rob shook his head and opened his legs a bit wider. He pulled a pillow and put it under his head so he could more comfortably watch the action.

Azmat stuck the tip of her tongue out and teased the purplish-red head of his cock as she pulled his foreskin back,

Her mouth opened and closed over his prick tip. He felt the hot wetness of her saliva filled mouth engulf his cock head and groaned slowly.

He had not had a blow job in months. He had almost forgotten how good it felt.

Azmat's head moved slowly up and down and then picked up pace, her hands moving through the rich carpet of pubic hair around his man root she toyed with his balls and moaned, her hand diving between her own legs to finger her cunt.

Suddenly she stood up and said "Do it now"

Then she bent down, her elbows on the mattress beside him, her fabulous brown ass in the air her legs parted she said "Do it like I'm a bitch"

Rob got to his feet and took up position behind her. Her took hold of her hips and pulled them back a little so that his ram rod straight prick pressed against the fabric of her knickers ...

Suddenly he remembered his pack of condoms and slapping her ass playfully, said "Don't move!"

Having fished his pack of condoms out of his luggage he pumped his hard on a few times, to get it nice and hard, more out of routine then need, the sight of Azmat' full butt wriggling at him suggestively as she pleaded "Hurry! Please", was all the incentive his dick needed...

His manhood now well sheathed he moved hard against her butt, pushing his column of hot man meat against the deep split of her ass.

"You like it?" He asked, his fingers again finding her amazingly wet fuck hole and fingering it.

"Ooooohhh" She Sighed "Please put it in. I want you to use me like a bitch. Fuck me hard like a dog"

Her hand reached between her legs and stroked his balls as she pleaded "Why are you wasting time? Fuck me!"

Rob took hold off her satin knickers and pulled them up hard, the crotch digging into the sensitive slit of her cunt.

She gasped and moaned in lust... "OH please...oohhh pleassseeee"

Pushing the shaft of his cock down he pushed aside the now cunt juice soaked crotch of her knickers and aimed his cock head at her dripping fuck hole

He pushed the head of his cock in and waited, she groaned "Yes! Yes do it"

He then took hold of her hips and adjusting his stance, he suddenly rammed his entire 7 inch dick into her wet hot box, with one savage thrust.

The f***e seemed to wind her... she gasped and reached back, her hand flaying wildly.

He grabbed her hand and with one hand holding tightly to her hip and the other her arm, he began a rapid in –out fucking motion. His dick pistoning in and out of her creaming fuck box as she moaned groaned and panted for breath.

This was the kind of fucking Rob liked. Quick hard and deep. His balls were quickly soaked with her cream as her horny cunt came over his pistoning rod.

Despite the air-conditioning, sweat ran all down his lightly tanned body as he fucked, rammed, and banged away at the Pakistani beauty bent over in front of him.

"OOOOOHHHHH" She groaned Muttering and panting away in her own language...

Rob gritted his teeth and hissed "You like it baby?"

Azmat's head bobbed about, as he fucked her. The flesh on her ass, back, and arms shuddered as he pulled out and thrust in...

Her breast swung like lanterns in a storm. Beneath her chest, as she took his lusty assault.

Feeling the impending signs of orgasm, Rob changed tack, alternating deep thrust with shallow hard ones... The change had the desired affect... Azmat deluged his cock and balls with another body shaking orgasm, her legs giving way beneath her.

Rob managed to grab her hips and stop her from falling to her knees... He pushed her forwards, refusing to let the adjustment unseat him.

With Azmat now face down on the bed, he lifted her hips and fucked her harder, and deeper until he blew his wad deep into her, his condom filled with the creamy white spunk ...

As he finished Cumming he pulled his cock out of Azmat's gapping hole and pulling his condom off, emptied the contents onto her sweaty brown back, and rubbed it in with his now softening cock

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