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The Office Party

The Office party

It was that time of year again when we had to make our rounds to the office Christmas parties. I was never really happy to go to these things. But I always enjoyed watching the young girls at my wife work get all d***ken up and start make fools of them.
The night started out slow, my wife was in a tight fitting dress and she was sure to show me that she was wearing nothing underneath. My cock was so hard for the first few hours. Between seeing her before and watching the 2 young girls that worked the front desk at her office in their very short dress dance around and enjoy themselves.
It wasn’t long before Carrie made her way over to me at the table and seat down beside me. My wife was off talking and dancing with her co workers. Carrie was a drop dead killer, her firm ripe tits just breaking out of the top of her dress and her long tanned legs were firm and fit. She slipped into the seat beside me and we began to talk about the summer golf tournament we had been in together. Carrie had wear a pair of very short shorts and her tits was just able to stay inside her t shirt. My wife had caught me a few times looking at her with lust in my eyes but she knew I could win this young thing over so she had fun flirting with the guys on the other team. She even allowed David to slip his finger into her shorts and touch her wet pussy. I was upset but I was also kind of turned on by that too. Now Carrie was turned with her legs towards me and her tits almost stuck into my face. She had a few drinks but was far from being d***k. She reached out and slipped her hand over mine and drew it down under the table. She continued to talk about the golf game and sliding my hand over her smooth soft leg. The heat of her pussy was reaching out from under her dress and making my hand hot. I was trying to pull back; afraid my wife would see us together and walk over to check things out. Carrie smiled and with a firm grip she guided my hand right up under her dress and to the hot moist love box between her legs. My eyes must have given my shock away. Her smooth soft box was wet and clean of hair. With the touch of my hand her legs fell apart and allowed my finger to slide into her. She was so wet and hot. The smile on her face as I slipped my thick finger into her was all I needed to continue on with this adventure. Within a minute of my fucking her hole she was on the edge of a climax and she was now raising her hips off the seat to meet my thrusts. I glanced around the room but couldn’t see my wife. I knew Carrie was going to cum and she was starting to moan with excitement. In 4 thrust she closed her eyes and her sweet love hole began to run like a mightily river. Her tits were firm and her nipples now erect under her silk dress. I was still very nervous over being seen by my wife, but I also didn’t care at that point. Carrie had now completed her climax and was now slipping down into the chair. Her right hand now slipping under the table and rubbing my rock hard cock thru my dress pants. My shaft was aching to be released and I knew that I could stand up now. Everyone would see my unit and would know what was happening. Carrie skilfully released my cock from my pants and began to stroke the shaft with firm full strokes. Within a miniature I knew I was going to cum and make a Hugh mess under the table. My attention was drawn to the far corner of the room where I could see my wife now dancing with David. She was gridding her hips into her crotch with each move to the music. I could see that David was fully erect too and he was now working her hands over my wife’s firm ass. Sue my wife looked over at me and made eye contact. She mouthed the words “Let her suck you off “. I was lost, my wife of 20 years was now dancing with a Stanger and rubbing her legs against his cock and telling me to let a young girl suck me off. I was now on the edge of my seat and the cum was boiling in my balls. Carrie was still working my cock in her hand when she acted like she dropped something and slipped down under the table. Before I knew what was happening Carrie had her lips wrapped around my cock and I was Cumming in her warm wet mouth. She coughed as my hot thick seed shot out like a gun. But she knew just how to make it work and swelled all of my seed in 2 full gulps. Within a second she was now back up and wiping her mouth with the napkin on the table. Her hand still holding my shaft s my semi limp cock slipped back into my pants. Carrie turned and smiled at my wife. Sue smiled back and mouthed the words “Thank you “. Carrie then stood back up and made her way to the other side of the room. By this time David was like a horse and he was ready to fuck!! My wife had slipped her hand down between them and her working his member between her fingers.
The next thing was another surprise to me, not that everything else hadn’t been so far. But before I could catch my breath Grace, David’s very prevent wife was making her way across the room towards me. I was sure this was not going to turn out good. Had she been watching her husband trying to dry fuck my wife on the dance floor? Was she going to yell and scream at me to control my wife? I could think straight , I only knew that my wife and David were now working their way off the dance floor and towards a back hallway where the washroom were and I knew that David was going to either get a blow job or maybe even get to fuck my wife soon . Grace was looking so hot , her c***d bearing tummy was tucked neatly into a very low cut dress and her firm young breast were scream to escape from the silky cloth of her dark red dress . With one eye on my wife as she slipped out of the room and another on the large firm tits of grace. I have always been a tit man I was in a land of the unknown. Grace smiled and slipped into the bench seat beside me. She began with some small talk and asked if I was having a good time. She reached across in front of me to pull the drink menu form the centre of the table. As she reached the entire chest was exposed to my eyes. Her Tits were so firm and ripe. Her dark brown nipples were topped off with bright pink nipples. They were so erect I’m sure they must have hurt to touch. Her baby bell was now pressed against my leg and lower body. My cock was now ready for another round of work out. And I knew she could feel the hardness of my cock thru my thin dress pants. She tokes a long time to pull herself back over. I had to actually help her straighten up; her balance was out with the entire baby she was holding. I remembered when my wife was with c***d, I could hardly satisfy her needs, She wanted to fuck 24 7 and she was wet and ready all the time. She would suck me off us very morning before work and then mount me likes a horse in the evening. I would even come home at lunch time so she could get herself off. And it seemed that Grace was also in that same form at this time. We continued with small talk and as the music got loader she would lean over and speak into my ear. Why she pressed her tits into my arm. Her nipples like rocks and her hot body pressed tightly against my side. Grace was a very hot young lady, she take care of her assets. She long toned legs and her ass of steel. She worked out everyday I’m sure and I could figure out why her husband was always messing around on her. If I had her it would be the last thing on my mind. Not that my wife wasn’t a prize!! She was so hot and perfect but if you had a choice between a 20 year old fox and my wife, well the answer would be 20 year old (sorry).
Anyways it had been at least 10 mines since David and my wife slipped out and into the back hallway. I existed myself and headed to the back hall way to see what I could see. My cock still very hard from Grace and she was going to wait for me to get back so I knew I would stay hard with that thought. I stepped thru the doorway that lead to the washrooms and headed down toward the staircase at the end of the hallway. As I approached I could hear a slight noise coming from above, I turned to ensure there was no one around and slipped up the stairs very slowly to ensure no one could hear me. After the first flight I could see another landing above and shadows moving in the darkness. I pulled myself up another few steps and then I glanced over the railing. There standing with her dress up over her hips was my wife. David was on his knees and his head buried between my wife’s legs. Her bare pussy was wet and being elated by David like a mad man. Nancy was holding his head firmly in her hands and forcing him to eat her out. Her tits were bouncing freely from her dress now and she would suck on each of her nipples as David continued to suck and fuck her with his tongue. I had never known that my wife would ever entertain the idea of getting fucked or eaten by another man. But my wife was now standing on a lading in a hotel being eaten by a younger man whose wife was back waiting for me to return to her downstairs. I knew that my wife was on the edge of coming and she was now facing fucking David so hard he was falling over with each thrust. As she came, David did his best to satisfy her needs and wants. As she came down from her high, I knew that David was going to want the same kind of treatment for his needs. David stood up and my wife toke her position on her knees now. With her skilful hands she reached up and began to strike his cock thru his pants. David was going to cum soon and he wanted to ensure he was inside my wife’s mouth when he did so. He reached down and unzipped his pants. They fell to the floor and his cock was now visage thru his boxers. I could see that David was no catch. His cock appeared to be smaller and much thinner than mine and I was so happy with that. I was afraid he would be a horse and that once he had my wife she may never want to come back to me. But I could see that was nothing to worry about. I was never a bragger but I knew that I was caring a good sized rod in my pants. My girlfriends in high school were always saying how thick and large I was and I would compare myself in gym class to see if they were jest saying that. I remembered the first time my wife had ever seen my cock. She was afraid she would never fit it inside her or that I would somehow ripper open when we fucked. Over the years she would grow to accept my width and she could now fuck me with little to no pain. Anyways getting back, I could see the disappointment in my wife’s eyes as she took his cock into her mouth and begin to suck him off. She worked his balls with her free hand and tugged on his shaft as she sucked his cum from his nuts. With a few controlled strokes David was Cumming in her mouth and he was moaning with each stroke of her hand. The only thing I could see that my wife would be excited about is the fact that he didn’t go limp right after his climax. His small rod stood at full attention and he appeared to be ready for round two rights away. I knew that he was going to fuck my wife next and I wanted to see how they would do it. So I slipped down and sat on the step and watched. David was a pro. He pulled Nancy up to him and without a word turned her towards the wall. His hands now locked on her hips and his cock was pointing towards her love hole. With a quick fluid motion he had slipped his entire cock deep into her hole and was now withdrawing to the outer edge. His hips were picking up steam and he was like a horse in heat. His cock was now rocking in and out of my wife as she moaned aloud with each stroke. Within seconds my wife was screaming that she was Cumming and to fuck her harder. His little cock was like a rocket and was shooting towards the moon. As Nancy slowed down slightly I notice David withdrawing his tool and repositioning himself. I could see that David had a plan to enter a part that I had never even thought of. His cock was at the outer edge of Nancy’s ass. He was now pressing himself against her and forcing his cock into her ass. That smaller cock might just prove to be a blessing. As my wife gasped with the center of his cock into her forbidden hole. David was a pro and knew just what to do to ensure he made his objective. My wife was now being fucked in the ass right in front of me. She was screaming with both pleasure and pain. More pleasure from what I could see and David kept up the pace. With every stroke he was closer to Cumming himself. And my wife had climaxed at least 3 times from his ass fucking that I could count. As he pulled himself back for the last time he drove himself deeper than ever and moaned aloud as he filled her ass with his thick hot seed. I could see it escaping from between her cheeks as he withdrew. I knew I had to get out of there now before getting caught. I was so horny now, my cock like a rod of cold steel. I passed the washroom door and headed for the floor. As I slipped out into the room I could see that Grace was still sitting at our table waiting for my return. Did she know what was happening? Did she want to teach her husband that 2 can play this game? What was the deal?
I made my way back to the table and slipped back into the bench seat. Grace slipped over again pushing her tits into my arm and asked “Would you like to slip out of here, the music is so loud and I’m little tried.” I said “Sure lets go outside and get some fresh air “Grace turned and lifted her hand to some her room key! We have a suite upstairs would you like to go there for a night cap! My cock almost blew right there!! Would a night cap include fucking her or maybe a group of others!! My head was still spinning from watching my wife. I said “Sure, you lead “
We left the room and headed for the 14 floor. Grace toke my arm and I knew I was going to treat her like a real lady!! I’m sure David didn’t do that and she was too great to mess with. As we got into the elevator I noticed that her tits were now very exposed from the top of her dress and her nipples were easily seen thru her dress. As the doors closed she slipped her hand into mine and then pled it towards her open dress. My eyes were locked on her tits and she was happy to show me the prize within her dress. Just as I was about to reach down and pull her dress aside and expose her breast the elevator stopped at the 10th floor. @ More d***ken parries got on and they were groping each other. They didn’t care about us and we didn’t really care about them. Grace slipped her hand down and brushed my hard cock. The outline of my member was easy to see and she was now rubbing it thru my pants. The outline of my cock head was clear and she whispered in my ear “Oh my god, you have a massive cock!! I can’t wait to see it up close!! “And with that the elevator stopped on the 14 floor and we made our way out and into the hallway. The suite was at the end of the hallway. I was still in shock of the events of the evening and what was inshore for me moving forward. With the key card now in the lock the Dorr was opened and we went into the suite. There was a long hallway whack lead to a bedroom at the end. A washroom to the left and a small kitchenette and living space to the right. As the door closed Grace Motioned me to head for the living space, Grace turned and locked the door after she placed a Do not Disturbed sign on the handle. Grace said “make yourself at home, I just want to go to the washroom and then I’ll be right out. Make yourself a drink and I’ll be right with you. I knew that going o the washroom was only to make time to slip into something more comfortable or maybe slip out of her dress altogether. I sat on the couch and made small talk , “ Nice room , this hotel is actually quite nice . “ it seemed like in no time at all the double doors to the bed room opened up and there stood Grace . She had taken off her dress and was no standing in front of me with her Breast in a cut out bra, nipples fully exposed and ready to be sucked. She had on black graders with black panty stockings. Her clean shaven nest was wet and crying to be sucked. I had almost forgotten she was 7 month pregnant. Her firm hard belly stood straight out in front of her. I smiled and stood up, crossing the room in 4 steps my head dropped and I locked on her left breast first. With a firm hard suck I begin to milk her. After 4 hard sucks and a firm grip on her tit her milk began to flow and fill my mouth. The warm sweet juice was so exciting to taste. I knew that Grace was enjoying my attention as she began to moan aloud with each stroke of my lips and flicker of my tongue. I pulled away from her just long enough to reach down and pick her small body into my arms. I carried her to the large King sized four posted bed and laid her down slowly. My mouth now locked on her right tit and working the milk from her nipple with y left hand. Grace was moaning even loader. Her hand was now working her hard clit and the sound of her wet finger slipping into her body was load and exciting. Grace knew what she wanted and knew I was going to help her reach her goal. Grace had now climaxed twice in less than a minute apart. She was a very horny young lady and knew that I would also need some attention as well. As she slipped off her second climax I pulled my head free of her tits and glanced down between her legs. Her firm, well toned legs looked so good and I knew that she would taste just as sweet as her milk. I stood up slightly to allow myself to remove my shirt and tie. Grace was now working her hands over my exposed chest and down over my hips. Her eyes fixed on the large lump in my pants and she was gear to release me and investigate my rod. I continued to work her hard nipples between each of my fingers, releasing her milk from each nipple and covering her stomach with her sweet juice. Grace was now gear to remove my pants and I was gear to allow her access to my tool as well. I knew that she would be surprised at the size compared to her husband’s rather smaller unit. Grace was now sucking on my cock thru my silk dress pants. Her hands between my legs and rubbing my balls. Her mouth now open and her long tongue darting out over my crotch. Her left hand reaching around to my ass and pulling me forward into her face. I slipped my other hand down between her legs and parted them slightly wider. With my middle finger I slipped it into her hot body. Her wet pussy now sucking on my finger with each stroke. Grace had released my button and pulled down my fly. My dress pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. With my pants now off my boxers did like to contain my rock hard cock. In one motion Grace had slipped her finger under the waist band of my short and pulled them down to my knees. There was a load Gasp as my cock leaped out of my shorts and into her face. The head of my cock was less then and inch from Graces open mouth. She was now moaning aloud as I continued to finger her hot wet hole as she inspected the size of my member. Grace smiled and turned towards me. Her lips were moving but I couldn’t hear a thing. I was lost in another world. Then I heard her cry out that she was Cumming again and to not stop!! As she reached forward she gripped the thick base of my cock and pulled it towards her open lips. With her tongue sliding out and round the head of my cock. Her other hand now cupping my balls and her other hand guiding my thick cock deeper into her mouth. It has always been a task to suck on my cock. The thickness would fill most women’s mouth and then they would gag if I tried to f***e any more in. Grace on the other hand opened wide and before I knew it she had half of my deep inside her mouth and starting to go down her throat. She had no gag reflex what so ever and she was working to get all of me inside her mouth. I knew she would get me all in and I knew that if she did I would cum like a race horse. I was now pulling on her nipples with each stroke of her lips over the inside of dick. Grace was a pro; she knew what to touch and when to touch it. She held me off till she was good and ready to get me cum in her mouth. As her lips reached the base of my cock, which no other women has ever been able to do I knew I was going to cum. I warned her that I was going to c*** den she moaned aloud with approval to do so. My balls were now pumping my thick cum up my shaft and it was about to spill into her mouth. Grace pulled back slightly and allowed my cum to fill her mouth. My wife had always enjoyed giving blow jobs but would almost never swallow my seed. She would jump out of bed and run to the sink to spit it out. I never really cared but always felt off because of that. Grace on the other hand was swallowing every last drop of cum that spilled into her mouth. Grace was now moaning with the cum filling her mouth. I could believe she actually swallowed my entire load without spilling a drop. As my cock began to go limp and drop from her mouth I said “Thank you that was the best blow job I have ever had in my life!! And you swallowed my seed like it was water. Grace smiled that special bright smile and said “Your cream was so sweet and your cock so big and thick. I’m so glad we did this; I love a big thick rod so much!! And I can’t wait to climb on top and take you inside me. And with those words she slide over on the bed and invited me to lie down beside her. I kissed her body all over and worked myself back into a ready mode. My cock now sticking upwards as Grace slipped her hips over mine and positioned herself onto. It was so great that she was fit and ready to fuck like we were in high school. I’m sure she was quite the goer back then too. As Grace balanced herself on top I toke hold of her hips to help guide her down onto my rod. Grace’s wet hole was now opening up wide and the head of my cock had passed her tight lips. Her silky smooth tunnel was now wet and lobed to accept my rod with little to no effort. As Grace lowered herself down onto me she cried out in excitement. Her hard clit rubbed the underside of my rod and she gasped as the last part of my cock entered her body. I was in shock, I was now being fucked by this young mother to be and she had my entire cock swelled up in her hole. She rotated her hips from side to side and climaxed within seconds of my enter. My cock was now being milked by her body with each second of me hitting bottom. Graces clean shaven love nest was sucking and squatting with each movement. Before long she was fucking me like we were high school sweethearts in the back seat of her parent’s car ate drive in. The bed was bouncing on the hard floor and her tits were hitting me in the face with each stroke. My hands guided her hips up and down with each stroke and my mouth was not locked on her nipple. Grace had cum 3 times before I felt I was getting close to climaxing as well. With 4 firms thrust deep into her perfect body I began to cum. My seed spilling into her open hole and lubricating our bodies together. As I came deep inside her I could hear the sound of my cock sliding out of her body. And then it was over. We lived in each other arms for an hour, kissing and sucking and exploring all regions. Then it was time to get dressed and back to the party. Grace was tried and said she was just going to stay in bed and wait for David to make it back. She thanks me for being gentlemen and d for allowing her to do what she needs to do that night. Grace smiled that great smile and said that we could maybe get together after the baby was born. She wanted to make sure that great cock of mine didn’t go away for long. I kissed her on the forehead and told her Thanks for the great time and I would up to meeting anytime she was up for it. I stepped out into the hallways just as the elevator rang out. I was unsure who would be there so I stepped into the fire exit and watched from there. To my surprise David had gotten off the elevator and was walking towards the room. I saw him pull out his key card and open the door. I heard him call out to Grace and say he was ready to wake her up. If only he knew she was wide awake already.
It was 6 months later that I was at the company picnic when I saw Grace again; she was breast feeding her daughter off to the side as I walked pasted. She made eye contact with me and smiled; with her mouth she said “The other ones for you later!! See you at the restroom at 2pm!! . I was ready and waiting for her at the small change barn off to the end of the park at 2 pm Sharpe. That afternoon we fucked like to wild a****ls!! She was going crazy and I couldn’t satisfy her needs. We counted to meet for 2 years after that night at the party. Until David toke relocation out of state. I never spoke to my wife about what I saw that night in the stairway dew broke up 4 years later.

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