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Anniversary Present

Brad knew he had to work quickly to get Jerri into a new phase of life before she got too settled. He had a simple theory. Being the good girl wife that Jerri was, she would never succumb to the fantasy if she were given time to think about it. It would have to be a surprise. Some conniving would have to take place. Brad knew what he had to do.

Little did Jerri know that he had searched the net long and hard and handpicked a handful of black men for Jerri. He told them all about his wife in great detail, including pictures so they could get a visual taste of his wife. He hoped this information would help seduce his wife one day.

October 22nd was their thirteenth wedding anniversary and, somehow, Brad convinced Jerri to leave the k**s with the sitters and head southwest with him for a weekend in southwest Pennsylvania and a stay at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa. She had been hesitant about leaving the k**s, but once he convinced her it was only for a weekend, she relented and decided it would be good. After leaving the instructions with the sitters, they made the five-hour drive southwest from Philly and arrived at 6pm, just in time to clean up for their 7pm dinner.

Upon opening her overnight bag, Jerri found that Brad had repacked for her. "Excuse me," she said, "But where are my clothes?" as she pulled out a skimpy little black spaghetti strap dress.

Brad replied, "Honey, c'mon it's our anniversary. Can't you be a little sexy for me?"

They ate a elegant meal in the Lautrec Restaurant and drank enough of the restaurant's fine red wine that Jerri was very relaxed and didn't notice that Brad kept checking his watch. He looked at his lovely bride in her little black dress that touched mid thigh. It clung tight to her body so that Jerri was f***ed to wear the thong underwear and push up bra Brad had chosen for just that reason.

On the walk back to their room, Brad caressed Jerri's ass. "Stop it Brad, not in public," she scolded.

Brad thought to himself that not even 3 glasses of wine was working. When they got back to the room, Brad relaxed. When Jerri went into the bathroom to fix her makeup, Brad grabbed his video camera out of his bag, checked his watch, hit record, and then shut the doors of the armoire just enough that Jerri wouldn't notice it aimed at the bed. Jerri came out of the restroom, embraced Brad and after a couple minutes of kissing, there was a knock on the door. Right on time.

"Who is that?" Jerri asked

"Jerri, I took the liberty of ordering you a Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Anniversary Private Massage in our room as a present."

Before Jerri could say no, Brad opened the door to reveal a tall black man dressed in white shorts, a white T-shirt, sandals and carrying a shoulder bag of what must have be oils.

"Hi, I'm Max. I'm here to give a massage to Jerri," he said.

"There she is," said Brad winking at Max.

"Great, I'll just get set up while you get ready," he said. Max dimmed the lights and set out a few candles and lit them on the night table and dresser.

Jerri was mesmerized as this tall and athletic black man moved around the room preparing for her massage. His well-defined arms bulged out of his T-shirt as he pulled back the sheets. Finally she uttered, "You said get ready?"

"Yes," he replied without looking as he laid out an array of oils next to the bed and placed his leather satchel at the foot of the bed. "Just undress down to your underwear, take off your shoes and you can lay face down on the bed. I don't want to get any oils on your clothes." She didn't notice Max and Brad shoot a grin at each other. These two had their plan working perfectly. Max wasn't a Nemacolin Woodlands Resort employee but a man Brad had been cybering with for a year. Brad knew this guy was what she needed and, as he brought a towel over to Jerri, he knew he was going to get his wish tonight.

Jerri was subconsciously aroused. The man did remind her of a fantasy lover that she wouldn't dare tell anyone about.

"Here, I'll hold up this towel so you can take off your dress, " said Brad.

"Don't worry, I'll just step outside and give you ten minutes to get ready," said Max, pretending to be respectful like a professional masseur.

As the door closed behind him, Brad moved to help Jerri out of her dress. Finally Jerri spoke up, "Brad, what is this? A joke? Did you ask them to send a black masseur?"

Taking her dress off, Brad replied, "No Jerri, don't worry. He's a professional. How am I going to sound asking for a black masseur? Besides, you have to admit he's more your type than some lesbian. Heck, it's a bonus anniversary present that he's an attractive black man." Brad then helped Jerri lay down on the bed, placed a towel over her shapely little ass and walked over to the side of the bed to give her a kiss. "I'm going to go to the Amber Lounge and have a drink or two so you won't be nervous with me hanging around. I ordered the Full Treatment, which should last a couple hours. When you get done, come meet me down there. I love you. Now I'll leave and send him back in."

"I love you too. Thanks for the massage," she replied giving him a peck on the cheek as she lay on her stomach in her thong, strapless bra, and a small white towel d****d over her bottom.

As Brad walked into the hall, he and Max each gave each other a wicked grin. Brad couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. "I'll give you a couple hours," Brad told Max as he walked to the elevator.

Jerri lay there as she heard Max enter the room and heard him grab some oils, open the bottle, and start to warm them in his hands. She then felt the whole bed sink as he climbed onto the bed and then straddled her body.

"Now, Jerri, I'm going to first use some aromatherapy oils to relax you and your muscles. I will gently rub them into your skin beginning from head to toe and then move onto a lemon seed massage oil and work any particular muscles you find tight and bothering you."

"Please work my shoulders," she asked in a low tone.

Max slowly worked the first layer of oil all over her body in smooth long strokes getting Jerri relaxed. She was really enjoying it and commented about how soft yet firm his hands were. His apparent professionalism put her so much at ease that she didn't flinch when he asked if he could remove her towel. He undid her bra from behind, telling her how he didn't want to get oil on her nice silk bra.

As he moved around the side of the bed and leaned over, Max made sure that his cock was right in front of her face and on several occasions and made sure that his crotch accidentally brushed up against her face. As he moved down her body to her back, his bulge landed squarely in the palm of her hand, which lay, by her side. Jerri didn't need to move her hand to get a sense for how large this man was. As he moved around the length of his dick slid back and forth across her hand. It was like he was masturbating himself right in her hand. Just when Jerri was thinking of clenching her fist, he moved off the bed to get back around to the foot of the bed to massage her legs. This time he pushed his bulge up against her feet. Jerri estimated his cock was longer than her petite feet.

Max then said he was ready to work on her back and shoulders and kicked off his sandals, climbed on the bed, and straddled her. His hands were strong and Jerri was in heaven. This man was such a turn on and in theory she was paying this man to run his hands all over her body. So far, his shorts had hidden the fact that Max had a raging hard on that was pressing against her body. What she didn't know was that when he took off his shoes, he had also taken off his shorts. Had she turned her head the other way, Jerri would have seen her small white body underneath this muscle-bound black rock in the mirror over the dark mahogany dresser. She was in heaven with her eyes closed, and each long stroke of his hands brought an inaudible moan that came from deep within.

This beautiful black man was bringing her such sensual pleasure. As his hands reached her ass and rubbed her fleshy globes his thumbs swept deftly over the thin material covering her anus. Jerri bit her lip half in anticipation of Max touching her there, knowing that he would not, but half hoping that he would.

Max then explained he was afraid the massage oils would ruin her thong as he threw the towel back over her rear after he dried his hands. He slipped his hands under the towel to her hips and tugged her underwear off her hips down her legs and dropped them to the floor. He noticed her thong was moist and grinned as he hopped back on top and warmed up his next round of oils in his hands, he firmly placed his massive thighs and knees on each side of her thighs. Jerri knew she was pinned and helpless but it was so erotic to be nude except for a towel, alone in her room with this God, this black Adonis.

Max went quickly back to work on her back and shoulders. As he inched higher up on his body, he made sure his cock slid under the towel until it rubbed against her oil covered ass and slid easily between her cheeks as he massaged her.

My God, thought Jerri, it feels like his cock is sliding over my ass. No it can't be. It has to be one of the bottles of oil. Her arms were now like limp noodles and her body was warm with the oils and the knots in her muscles were now gone.

"How is this feeling Miss Jerri," he asked

"This is heaven," she replied, not realizing the head of his cock was rubbing against the entrance to her already moist pussy. There was neither a towel nor his shorts separating them.

"Are you ready for the Specialty of the House?" he asked.

"Sure, but I can't imagine this getting any better. You're an expert stress reliever. I'm at your mercy."

"That's what I like to hear. Have you ever had a Full Body Massage," Max asked sinisterly. Jerri said that she'd heard the term, but had never had one or any kind of a professional massage before this. Max moved Jerri's arms above her head and with one hand held them together in a fist. He then leaned down and started rubbing his whole body all over her back. She was now basically pinned to the bed.

"How erotic, this is," she thought to herself. "I have to see what this looks like." She turned to look at the mirror and saw that his muscular black body was rubbing itself all over her. She was basically in a sexual position but this was a massage with a gorgeous stranger. The gyrations were amazingly similar. When suddenly Jerri realized she was going to come and felt warmth between her legs. "My God," she thought, "I can't let him know I'm going to cum," as she bit her lip. It was then she took another look and saw his bare ass on top of her, just as his cock slipped into her and he started kissing the back of her neck.

"Max, no! It feels so good, but no. I can't do this to my husband," she protested, but she didn't resist at all. She tried convincing herself that it was Max's fault and not her own.

Max held her hands tighter above her head and started thrusting into her tight wet pussy aggressively.

"Max, oh god, its my anniversary. It's just not right," she said weakly, as her body started to betray her.

Max adjusted his position to drive even deeper into this beautiful white wife. He continued kissing her neck, ears and cheek until he reached her lips and Jerri responded perfectly.

Somehow, Max knew she had been secretly fantasizing about this moment. He knew there was no way she'd resist the actual physical temptation. She was the classic case of her mouth saying no and her pussy saying yes. He could feel it by how wet she was and how her hips met his thrusts.

"I'm going to fuck you the way you need it," he said in a commanding voice.

Max swung Jerri's legs around without his cock ever leaving her pussy and maneuvered her body onto her back. He looked down at her with his big cock thrusting deep into her pussy. He looked into her green eyes and said, "You are so gorgeous."

Jerri's reach up and grabbed Max's head and started a deep French kiss that lasted for several minutes. As they were kissing, Jerri thought she should be feeling guilty about what she was doing, but she didn't. It was easy and pleasurable, like eating a second piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party. Jerri loved this feeling; she felt naughty, sexy, and a little slutty and she wanted more of this sinful chocolate cake that was fucking her.

"Suck my tits," she commanded. Then she lifted her legs up on his shoulders and started moving her hips faster as if fucking herself on his immense black cock.

"Oh, Gawd. I'm gonna cum," she cried as his tongue caught its first pass at her pencil eraser erect nipples. "Yes, fuck my cunt baby, fuck it hard." She exploded with the most intense orgasm, even more powerful than the first.

As her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and looked into her lover eyes. "Damn, you are just too good. I can't get enough of you. Use me, baby. I want to please your sexy body just as you have pleased me," she moaned as she stroked her fingers over his well-defined chest.

Max didn't wait a moment and began to kiss and suck Jerri's tits. He alternated his mouth between her hand-full size breasts. They were so soft and her aureoles were the size of silver dollars. This woman was really into it and Max just wanted to find any piece of leverage he could to drive deeper and deeper into this naughty MILF. He felt her nails digging into his back as they pushed their pelvises together frantically.

Max grabbed her ass and pulled her into him. "Oh yes. Max, squeeze my fucking ass!" she pleaded. This man was so strong and she loved it. His cock was a fiery storm inside her and she wanted more! He was driving her mad with pleasure.

Jerri didn't know how she did it, but she found the strength in her to pushed him off and get on top of Max. She maneuvered into a sixty-nine position and sucked his cum soaked cock like a porn star, taking his dick deep into her throat without gagging.

DAMN! This little marketing executive was being unleashed into a little wanton slut, Max thought to himself.

Max grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard then spread it wide open. He held her ass firmly, keeping her still as he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy. Then he licked her up and down over her throbbing clit. He could taste his juices mixed with hers on her pussy lips, which he rolled around between his tongue and lips. He fucked her with his tongue and she helped by grinding her pussy into his face, almost suffocating him. His tongue was making Jerri dizzy with bliss, but it didn't interrupt her sucking Max's cock with reckless abandon.

"Cum for me baby," Jerri said as she came up for air "Take it like you want it, take me please!" With that Max pushed her mouth back on his rock hard cock and wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her pussy on his tongue. With his free hand, he took his thumb and pushed it slowly into her tight asshole.

Max felt her groan with his cock in her mouth. Each time she took him deep into her throat his thumb went further into her ass. She had never let her husband go near her ass before. Every time he tried, she would push him away or tell him no. Now she was taking immense pleasure in this sinful act.

He finger fucked her ass with two then three fingers while he ate her cunt out. Jerri's body convulsed uncontrollably so much that she didn't feel his cum splash against the back of her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but half of it spilled out of her mouth and back down his dark shaft. Instinctively, she lapped it up and cleaned every drop off Max.

Jerri was amazed that Max didn't lose his erection. She turned around and kissed him deeply. "That was fucking amazing," she said as she stroked his immense black cock with her petite hand. "You're still so hard!" she exclaimed softly, still stroking his cock and heavy balls.

"You need to take care of that," he motioned his eyes towards his cock.

"With pleasure," she said wickedly. She rubbed his swollen head between her succulent folds and then fed her greedy cunt with his dick. She watched as every inch slid deep into her salivating cunt.

Jerri thought she couldn't come anymore, but she knew that this was her calling. She wanted to please Max to no end. Her legs burned as bounced effortlessly up and down on his cock like a piston. Her body was dripping with sweat and sticky with cum. Her juices pooled at the base of his thick chocolate cock and trickled down to the sheets. She felt so dirty yet she felt so good that she had fulfilled a dirty little fantasy of hers.

She closed her eyes and bit her lips as Max pinched her nipples. Then it happened from deep within her. Jerri saw sparkles of light invade her eyelids. The air felt like it was charged with energy seeming to ignite a smattering of bombs deep inside her. Her body contracted tightly then expanded outward like a super nova. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Jerri cried out.

Max had never seen a woman cum like this before. Jerri went into convulsions and fell on top of him. Max still needed to still come, his balls were throbbing. He carried her twitching body over to the french doors, opened the doors and propped her over the balcony that over looked the nearby golf course.

Max spread her legs and then guided his meaty black cock in her ass. Jerri's body welcomed his gift of sin as he slid in perfectly. Snug with just the slightest amount of friction. Her ass felt so good. From below, any passerby who looked up would have seen Jerri's tits hanging over the balcony. Jerri was d***k with lust. If she had her total wits about her, the suburban mother that she was would have been humiliated by the couple below watching and taking pictures of her being fucked in the ass by a black man. But she wasn't herself at that moment; she audaciously enjoyed being put on display. She frantically rubbed her clit while Max fucked her ass. She looked right into the couple's eyes as the flashes from their camera burned her eyes.

Max exploded in her ass and his cum flooded out of her ass and down her thigh. He pulled out and whipped her around and brought Jerri to her knees. She instinctively milked Max's cock as he shot load after load into her mouth.

Max checked his watch, and was surprised to see two and a half hours had passed. Jerri was exhausted and was curled up against his thigh, sucking the last drop of cum off her bottom lip. He carried her back to her bed and wrapped her in the luxurious resort terrycloth robe and placed her in the bed.

He wet a washcloth and wiped her down. Jerri pulled Max down to her, then embraced him as they kissed.

Max broke the kiss. "I better go before your husband gets back. I had a good time."

"I wish you didn't have to go. I want to see you again. I want you to fuck me again, Max," Jerri spoke in a whisper that was barely audible.

Max left his number as he dressed and took Jerri's business card. When he was done Jerri was sound asl**p completely at piece with what she had done. Max left her room with a grin on his face knowing she would be begging to fuck him soon.

Max found Brad in the lobby. "That was fucking tremendous, Brad. Thanks for sharing that awesome piece of ass. You have yourself a slut for black cock now just like you wanted. I'll definitely be seeing you around." They shook hands and Brad ran up to the room to make sure his wife was okay.

Jerri was asl**p on the bed and he touched her to make sure she was okay. She opened her eyes and smiled. "Thank you sweetie. That was a great anniversary present. I am so relaxed. Max gave me a massage that was better than you'll ever know." She reached up and gave Brad a quick closed mouth kiss, knowing her mouth still tasted like cum. She curled up in the bed and instantly fell asl**p dreaming of Max fucking her in naughty ways.

Brad turned to head towards his hidden video camera. "Oh Jerri, I will see just how well in a minute," he mumbled to himself as he took the camera into the bathroom to watch as his wife become a complete black cock slut.

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