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when i was a middle aged teen f****y always took a vacation in the ,my s****r and father.well this particular year my s****r invited a school friend,karen.she was real shy,but kind of outgoing with my s****r mary and s****r mary was already 21 and so was karen.well , we reached the cottage on the lake.what a boring spot.,good thing we had a boat,to use.also a beer store down in the marina.after we settled in it was not to bad.also another f****y with 2 girls rented the cottage next door.they had a speed boat that seated 6 people.they were our age.we soon hit it off. one morning the 2 girls offered my s****r mary ,karen and i a boat ride.we accepted. no boat ride would be complete without a few beers and my s****r went to the marina to stock up.after a few beers we decided to go to the park across the lake to relieve ourselves., we were feeling pretty good by then.conversation loosened up and we started talking about our lives. i soon noticed one of the girls,named ann kept staring at me.she was skinny and tall, with a huge camel toe; her s****r nicole was a very fine young women,nice body, long blonde hair and brown eyes.she started to give me a hard on.we walked up to a secluded picnic table, i was keeping my beer bottle in front of my bulging cock so nobody would notice. yeah right,they all saw it. i tried to hide it but it was no use.the girls all went silent and starred.i said what the heck, so i spread my legs wide open in front of them on the picnic table. they were in awe. beads of sweat formed on thier upper lips.nipples got hard,stuttering speech.,came over them.they were guzzeling drinks., say something ,please,,,.my s****r broke the ice.she took karen by the arm and led her in front of me.she placed karens hand on my hot bulge.i almost exploded.nicole and anne huddled around us.they started tugging on my s****rs belt. shacking like leaves.anne rammed her hand down into the front of my s****r jeans.her s****r nicole started tearing my s****rs shirt off, wow.

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