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First Thoughts Of My Wife With A Hung Black Man

This is factual so bear with me. I am writing it in a story style so I hope it does not sound fake. There is a sequence of events that led up to my wife posing with the words "seeking hung black men" and I thought some might enjoy reading about a real couple. Enjoy:

I have been married to a wonderful woman for the past 27 years but I have this fantasy about her I could not tell her unless I 100% believed she would not get upset if I do. For as long as I can remember I have fantasized about watching her take a well hung black lover. And this has built up over the years to the point I was desperate to tell her.

It was my first attempt doing anything out of the ordinary, as far as sex goes, with my wife.

It's been a jouney of some sorts. This whole thing started the very first time I rented a compilation porn for us back in the late 80s and we watched an interracial scene in a very awkward silence as this massive black guy fucked this white woman. I was caught off guard by all of this because this was a first for both of us and I actually got really jealous because my wife watched this hung black man, who was "much" bigger than me, without any objection. Although when I asked her what she thought, she simply said she was not into black guys.

I have to be honest though, I was also very turned on by that interracial scene even though I got jealous. So, as time went by I worked up the nerve to rent another video, but this time I got one with only interracial scenes of nothing but this well hung black porn star named Ray Victory. At this point I can admit I wanted my wife to watch this man even though it made me nervous and I knew I would still be jealous.

When I brought the video home I actually fibbed to my wife, so it would not seem so obvious when she saw nothing but one black man in a bunch of scenes, that these video rentals were a luck of the draw thing because the contents were not the same as the pictures on the box. Anyway, I was prepared this time so I sat where I could watch both my wife and the video at the same time. We were both naked in bed as the tape started to play, she sittiing up with her tits exposed chatting away and me to the side and slightly behind her with a raging hard on and precum streaming all over me.

As I already knew, the guy on the video was Ray Victory (look him up). He entered the scene and as soon as he did my wife quit talking. As he made out with the white girl I watched my wife and I could see her tits slowly rise and fall because her breathing had gotten shallow. By her breathing alone I knew she she was aroused. We continued to watch and just to be reassured I asked my wife if "this" was okay and she looked over at me and said yes and turned her attention back to the TV.

As the white girl and Ray Victory made out she went to her knees and began to undo his belt and proceeded to pull down his pants. Just to inform you I am straight, but the cock she exposed was incredible to say the least. It was huge, muscular, intimidating and very "black" and when my wife saw how hung he was she made a very slight audible sound that I still think she believes I did not hear.

The girl in the scene started stroking and sucking Ray and I have no doubt we both watched in awe as his cock got very big and very hard. I'll admit I was intimidated and scared laying there by my wife knowing she was watching this very well hung black man, who was twice my size, and worrying about what she saw in him since he was so large and if she was curious about what he would be like in bed. And if she was curiious about hung black guys in general due to all of the rumors and stereotypes.

As we watched how big he got I eased over to my wife and put my hand on her pussy to finger her. I k** you not when I say this, her pussy was drenched like I have never felt it before. Her pussy had juices streaming from her and we had some amazing sex that night.

Shortly after our "little" porn discovery my military career moved along and we had to go overseas which put us out of the porn game for several years so I really never had a chance to pursue the issue. In the next blog I'll tell you how things unfolded once we got to our new base.

There is more to all of this situation with my wife to come. BTW we are a very conservative average white couple who likes boating and staying fit. I am retired from the USAF if that tells you anything about all this.

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