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We had decided to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to hit the tables.. My husband was on a winning streak. He was up at least $1500. I whispered into his ear have fun I'll be in that cute little shop. ok? Then his luck ran out.. and before I knew it, he had lost the money we had to get back home.I was so mad that i had to just walk away. About 15min. later I went back to where I last saw him but he was not there.Just as I was going back to the room I saw him at the bar with a high roller guy that had taken most of our money at the poker table.My husband sees me and gets up to walk over to me. He tells me he may have a way to get all the money we lost back,($5000+) plus we get to upgrade our room to a master suit. I think to myself there is no way. He then tells me to look at the guy sitting at the bar. "the black guy from the poker table" I say.Yes he said. He told my husband that he wanted a night with the both of us and he'd give us our money back, so my husband agreed to talk to me.
As my husband and I talked, he said that this was my chance to fulfill my fantasies of being fucked by a black man.. after a while, I decided to make the best of the situation. My husband introdused him as Mr BigBlackMan. He greeted me.. with a hug. As I pull back, i feel his hands running up my sides to my supple breasts, he looked at me and all he could do was moan.. "mmmmmm.." I think he liked what he felt. So I turn to look at my husband, and say ok Ill do it. Mr.Big Black Man came to our room, I turned to Mr.big Black man, and I ran my hands down his chest, to his dick. Mr. big Black man had the nicest black dick I'd ever seen, thick head, 11" long, and I knew he could make me cum, he told me to enjoy myself, and let go.. that this would be the best night of our lives. I unzipped his pants, and right away I see his hard dick bulging out of his boxers. My hand is drawn to it. I slide my hand inside his boxers, and begin rubbing his hard, thick dick. I feel him reach around and unbutton my bra.. my nipples get so hard as I feel my bra slide right off. His big hands moving up to cup my titties as he begins sucking on my nipples. I look at my husband,, and he's sitting in a chair stroking his hard cock, then I continue to pull off MrBig Black Mans boxers, and his dick gets even harder, oh my god its so big..I look at my husband still in the chair, his cock even harder now and he has this look on his face.. it tells me to continue. As his boxers and pants fall to the floor, i push him on the bed, and he is laying on his back as I climb on top of him... I start grinding my pussy on his thigh.. as he sucks on my nipples, then as he feels my wet pussy leave juice on his leg, I begin to get up and feel his hand in between my legs, and he slides his 2 fingers into me and i let out a gasp as I lean back.. he starts fucking me with his fingers.. slow at first.. then he goes faster and faster, rubbing that spot inside my pusssy..I get up and his fingers slide out of me, and licks all my pussy juice off his fingers, he loves my taste... then I grab Mr. MrBig Black Mans Big Black cock i tell my husband to get over here and help me get the money back that he lost. He walks over and trys to kiss me but i push my husbands head down to MrBig Black Man cock, as he sucks MrBig Black cock I stroke the shaft as he does his best to get that huge black cock in his mouth, I begin to kiss my husbands mouth. tasting that cock on his lips was intoxicating My pussy has never been wetter "It's time" my husband says to me.. so I smile, I stand up to straddle MrBigBlackMan. I spread my pussy wide open, I make sure he gets a good look at my wet pussy right before I begin to slide down on his hard dick. Just as his head pops inside me, we hear him let out this long satisfying moan.. I slide up and down on his head ready to spread my pussy open. My husband is holding the shaft, I slowly take in more of his dick, I slide back up, then down again, back up. Over and over MrBig Black Man is begging for more, but we are in control here, and I want to build him up so good that when he cums, he cums so hard that it shoots straight up into me. As I slide up again, I tell my husband that I want to try to take all of him in.. balls deep. So he removes his hand, holds m pussy lips open. I begin to sit down on his hard cock.. Its too much for me, I move my husbands face down to my pussy, he knows exactly what I need, and he starts licking my lips to get me wet, then he licks the shaft as well. Now I can take in more of his dick.. So i place my hands on his chest, and i slowly sink down onto his dick, as my husband tells me "you have 2" left, now you have 1" left.. c'mon baby, take it all" I look over at my husband and I see his legs covered in his own cum.. Mmmhmmmm thats so fucking hot! I immediately get wetter, and i let go and take in Mr Black man balls deep.. at first it hurts, but as I grind my pussy, I feel his dick rub that spot in my pussy, that spot that makes me cum. So i feel my husbands hands begin rubbing my nipples, I lean back and keep grinding my pussy down on his this dick.. then I feel it, come over me like a rush, and I start moaning so loudly as I cum so good on his dick,, Im so wet now, but I keep riding so I can make his dick wetter .. As i climb off, I see my husband drawn to his pussy covered dick and devour it! He's sucking on him so good, licking every inch to get every ounce of my cum off his dick.. and Mr Black just lays his head back, he's still hard as a rock, as my husband sucks him off so well. I cant move, I came so hard and good, it was nothing i have ever felt in my life! Then i see mr balck climb on top of me, spread my legs open and up in hte air, and i feel my husbands soft breath on my throbbing pussy.. as he licks me, i tingle everywhere, but I love the wya my husband licks my pussy so i grab his head and press him into me ... once im wet enough, i feel my huisbands hand holding his dick as he s guiding it indide me again. It is so deep, and so big.. but I want more.. Then i hear my husband tell him "you better cum inside her, I need to lick it out " so Mr. black agrees.. He begins again by rubbing his dick on my pussy and I keep moving down cause all I wanted was his dick inside me, I needed to feel his cum! Finally, I feel his head pop back inside me.. he slowly fucking me with just his head moving in & out.. I begin moaning and begging for more.. As I feel him grab my legs and put them up in the air, I feel him stretching my pussy slowly little by little until finally I feel his balls on my ass, then I know hes completely insde me. He moans that he loves my tight pussy, and he has to go slow otherwise he will cum quick.. So my husband comes up behind him, and grabs his hips and pushes him into me, letting him know that he needs to cum inside me now! MrBig Black Man gets the hint, and continues fucking me, harder and faster each time.. Im screaming for more, I need him to fuck me good and he does.. he continues pounding my pussy so hard that my titties are boucing and MrBig Black Man loves watching my titties boucne. He pulls out and slides back in, he pulls out and slides back in.. as he slams his dick inside me harder,and gives one last grone and holds him self deeper than any cock has ever been in side my tottaly drenched pussy and grinds my clit side to side with his pelvic bone. My husband, knowing what i need starts rubing my nipples and gives me the most passionate kiss ive ever felt. OMG I feel his warm cum shooting into my pussy,, Its so warm and thick, and I start bucking as a mind blowing orgasm takes over my body. He is rolling his dick inside me waiting to feel every inch of my tight pussy.. As the last drop is left inside me, he pulls out, and theres some cum left on the head of his dick so I tell my husband to come over and sucks it all off of his dick..he looks into my eyes as he cleans MrBig Black Mans cock with just the tip of his tung starting at the base then licking up to the head. he does that 8 times before milking a huge glob of fresh cum out. the cum drips half way down the shaft before hubby devours that cock gagging himself on that huge cock its too much for MrBig Black Man so he pushes my hubby off his cock. Then my husband comes and spreads my legs again and begins eating and drinking MrBig Black Man cum from my gaping stretched pussy... to be continued..
Cont.... Part 2: My legs are so sore from being fucked so hard, so my husband places them over his strong shoulders and devours my pussy. I am still so sore and sensitive from being fucked, having my pussy stretched wide and cumming so good, but my husband knows how to eat my pussy and make it feel better, so he softly blows on my clit and gently licks it as he reaches up to rub my breasts.. Then I feel him stretch open my pussy lips, all the way into my sweet cum-covered vagina, and strokes it with his tongue.. ever so gently, he licks me up and down, up and down... then I feel his tongue slide inside my pussy, so warm and wet, and I hear my husband moan with delight, and that's when I know he's found Mr Black's cum... It's all his! As i feel his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, I place my hands on my breasts and begin rubbing my nipples.. fuck it feels so good, " please fuck my pussy with your tongue honey.. please I beg you" ,as I'm arching my back I grab my husbands shaved head and shove it deeper into my pussy, my legs spread wider, welcoming this pleasure.. I beg my husband not to stop, then he looks up at me and says "we're not done with you yet".. Then, my husband grabs my hips, and turns me over.. I giggle as I ask him what he's doing, but he just asks me to get on my hands and knees, so I do.. my husband places a pillow under me to lift my ass in the air, then I feel his strong hands rubbing my ass, he's kissing my back and softly licking my skin all the way down to my supple ass, I can feel his hard dick wanting to enter my ass, mmmm he's so hard and wet, so much precum is leaking from my husbands hard, thick cock.. its dripping down my ass.. then I feel his warm breath in my ass and his soft tongue start to lick my ass hole... slowly, softly he flicks his tongue on my ass hole, I can't get enough, it feels fucking amazing! I push my ass deeper onto his face, my husband knows what I like, he knows how to get me off... I reach down and slide 2 fingers inside my pussy and I'm soaking wet, I need to be fucked again!
As I look over at MrBig Black Man , his dick is hard as a rock from watching my husband eat my sweet, supple ass, I watch MrBig Black Man as he turns and walks to the door, when he opens it, a beautiful black woman is standing there with a long coat on, he grabs her and kisses her, this must be someone he knows...
Then my husband tells me .. "I want to watch you fulfill your other desire," and I just smile as I look over at her, so beautiful, soft lips and nice big titties!
As I sit up, my husband and MrBig Black Man both take a seat on either side of the bed, both men still naked, with their cocks hard as a rock, then Camille drops her coat.She is totally naked underneath and stares at me sitting on the edge of the bed, my legs spread open, both of us now naked and being watched by our husbands.. so I stand up and walk over to her, I thank her for coming, she smiles and says her name is Camille, I smile and reach for her hands.. I gently place them on my breasts, as I reach for her soft titties, so big and plump, and her nipples are so hard already, just like mine. I see her lean down and take my tittie into her mouth, sucking on my hard nipples, I close my eyes, and lean my head back with pleasure.. then I slowly move my hands down her tummy, rub her hips and ass, mmm fuck yea! Perfect in every way.. just what I've been fantasizing about.. She brings her body up against mine, as I'm holding her ass and kissing her neck, I move up to kiss her lips, and she welcomes me with open mouth, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth, she grabs my neck and takes me into her deeper.. I nibble on her lower lip, and lick them.. My pussy is dripping wet, I can't wait to taste her sweet cum... I look up at Camille, and take her to the bed, I lay her down and begin exploring her beautiful female body. As i kiss her mouth, her neck, and her breasts, I feel her grab my head and f***e me down to her sweet pussy... "Not yet," I tell her.. I spread her legs open, I let my long black hair tease her inner thighs, I want her to feel the utmost desire.. So i stand up and move over her face, spreading my legs over her face, in position to 69 her.. as i stand over her, she looks up at me, and i spread my pussy open and slide my fingers inside to scoop out my pussy juices.. as I do, she opens her mouth, ready to taste me, after, she grabs my legs and pulls me down on top of her and I am met with warm, wet pussy.. I grab her legs, spread them wider, and begin to lick her clit softly as I feel her licking mine, and fucking my pussy with her fingers.. oh fuck she feels amazing! I wrap her legs around me, and take her pussy deeper into my mouth, sliding my tongue in and out of her, as i rub her clit, I feel her legs tighten around me and I know Ive hit the spot. I don't stop, I slow down, sliding my tongue slower, in and out, in and out, feeling her get wetter with every stroke of my tongue.. then I feel her tongue on my clit, and her finger sliding into my ass.. oh yea, i like that! Nice and slow, she fingers my tight ass, and rubs my clit with her tongue as I lean down harder onto her face, I start bucking and grinding as I cum so hard, so fast and so good.. I continue fucking her pussy with my tongue, I need to taste her cum now, so I keep hitting that spot that's making her go crazy, as she pushes my head harder onto her pussy, I feel her pussy tighten up as she starts cumming, but I keep fucking her with my tongue.. I want to taste all of her sweet cum as it drips out of her.. To be cont..

As I slide my tongue deeper into her pussy, I can taste her.. its so sweet, warm and delicious.. its her cum, and I like it.. Just then, I look up at my husband, watching him stroke his nice big, hard cock, hes stroking so fast, as he pinches his nipple.. then I see that look on his face, his head drops back, his eyes close, his body trembles all while his cum shoots straight onto his stomach.. MMmmm.. He came so much, I know he's enjoying watching me lick pussy, so I grab Camille under her ass, she wraps her legs tighter around me as lift her up into my mouth, I need to lick it all out.. she trembles, her entire body so sensitive from the cumming, and I licked out every last drop.
As we lay there.. worn out, all cummed out, my husband comes over to me and kisses my mouth, tells me he loves me so.. and he came so hard watching me eat Camille's pussy. Camille giggles as she rolls over and grabs my arms, I see Mr Black grabbing my husband and as we struggle, they are handcuffing us to the bed next to eachother.. I look at my husband, scared. He tells me that everything will be fine.. to relax. Then, I see Mr Black go open the door and in walks another beautiful black woman, and behind her, 3 more tall, delicious black men. Camille leans over us and says "the fun is just starting, Enjoy"
What comes next, I could never have imagined would happen to us.. As the beautiful woman drops her tight dress, she has supple, beautiful big breasts.. and a 14"cock. Instantly, I get wet, and I see my husband get hard. She walks over to him and starts stroking his cock, its already leaking a little precum, so she picks it up with her fingers, and tastes her fingers.. "Mmmm delicious!" As she strokes her long, thick dick, she shoves it into my husbands mouth and begins fucking his mouth.. obediently, my husband devours her dick, licking the head, licking the shaft, and taking so much of her dick into his mouth that I hear him gag a few times... As I look over at the 3 men, they are standing, watching her fuck my husbands mouth, stroking their long dicks, wow.. I couldnt believe how big their dicks are. Just then, the first guy comes over to me, gets on the bed in front of me and begins stroking his dick in front of me as his fingers slide up and down my pussy. I close my legs,and say" I can't take that big dick, I don't want to." But he grabs my legs, lifts them up over me and spreads my pussy open with his big cock head.. I moan so loud, Its so big, and I can feel his dick stretching me open.. He can feel my tight pussy with just the head popping in and out of my tight pussy.. Each time he pulls back out, his dick is covered in my pussy juice.. he tells me "You're going to cum all over this big dick, and I'm going to make you my hore. you will fuck anyone i tell you to fucking slut . you will never look at sex the same after i make you take my huge load" I look over at my husband, and he's licking her balls, and she's holding the back of his head forcing him to suck on her.. Then all of a sudden, this black thug slowly slides his dick deeper into my pussy, I moan and try to move, but he's got me all tied up.. he fucks my pussy slowly at first, feeling every inch of me inside, swirling his hips so his dick touches every inch of my pussy .. As he fucks me deeper, I feel my pussy stretched wide, painfully wide, but for some reason I need more now, I want to feel him balls deep inside me and I want to cover his dick in my cum.. As I look up, Camille is getting on top of my face, I look at her with a confused look, as she begins to slide down onto my face, just one smell of her sweet pussy and I know exactly what she wants.. I cant fight it, Im all tied up. Camille sit on top of my face, and spreads her pussy open for me and as I lean up to take her into my mouth, she tells me "Not yet," and just then i feel the black man's dick deep inside me, and with every stroke I can feel his head pop in and out of my pussy.. He's so hard, "fuck yea you slut.. take this dick" he tells me..
My husband is being flipped onto his stomach, and I see her stroking his ass with her long dick.. up and down.. up and down.. she drips a little juice onto his ass, Mmmm she wants to feel his tight ass stroke her dick.. so badly that she's already dripping.. She spanks my husbands ass and spreads his ass open to welcome her dick as he sticks his ass up and pushes back onto her dick, his way of begging for it, afterall he's still tied up and on his stomach.. Slowly she slides the head of her dick into my husbands ass.. I hear him moan so loud and shake his ass.. she pops her dick out, slides it back in, pops it back out.. Each time, her dick comes out wetter and wetter. She is so hard and needs to cum in his ass, as she holds my husbands ass open, shes pushing her dick into his ass again, deeper, then pulls back, a little deeper, then pulls back again. My husband is begging for all of it, he wants all of her dick, he begs for her cum.. and as he begs her, she is pounding his ass harder and faster.. grinding her hips on his ass making sure to feel all of him, "You have a nice tight ass" she tells him, "Now take my load" ad she pounds him harder and faster as finally she grinds her dick inside his ass as she shoots her thick, warm cum into him.. it's so much, so thick.. and he loves it! When she pulls out, she opens my husbands ass and his hole is huge, stretched and dripping with her cum.. Under my husband, I notice he himself came all over the bed, he came without being able to stroke his cock.. I guess he really did like her dick in his ass! MMmmhmmmm.. He's so sexy as he falls to the bed, as I see her stroking her dick with satisfaction.. they remove my handcuffs and ziptie my hands to hubbys ankles as his ass is high in the air.Camelle stands me over to look, and she spreads his ass open, I begin licking his stretched ass hole.. dripping with hot shemale cum. I start licking it all up, sliding my tongue deep into his ass.. he pushes his ass onto my face harder, shoving my face into his ass, my tongue slides in deeper as i lick out all her sweet, thick cum.. I slide my finger into my husbands ass to scoop out the last bit of her cum.. I slide my cum covered finger into his mouth, so he can taste her too..the rest of the night was a blur the last thing i remember is a intense pain as one of the two black thugs left in the room f***ed his 9" cock into my ass one thrust. he was smaller then the others but 9" is a lot for my ass to handle and I blacked out from the pain. I came too as the only one left out so far slides under me and pulls me down to the base of his 10" cock. my husband was positioned next to my ass and started licking my ass as that cock slid in and out. that was what my ass needed a loving kiss from my hubby. then i realize what they want. i panic. then i look up and the shemale is shoving her cock past my lips just as mr 9" slids into my ass. I remember thinking why am i enjoying this so much. I was and i never wanted it to end. all three came one after the other. first mr9" in my ass then mr10" and just as i started to feel them slide out of my the shemale shoots a thick load all over my face. then as they are about to walk out the door i beg them to let us loose you cant leave us like this. just as the door was closing one of them tells me those cuffs are fake they dont use a key dont act like you didnt know you fucking slut.

just so you all know, this was all true and we never did get the money or the room but we did not care because that was the best trip ever. we are hoping one or all of you see this because we dont care about the money we just would love a chance to do it again. we are in need for some action with a few Big Black Men that have over 10" a hung tranny and a bbw in the Los Angeles area please leave comments

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