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The boy in ladies panties

In all my years of being bisexual I have only once been turned on by a guy wearing women's panties.

Some years ago while I was still married we put up some neighbours' f****y who were visiting for a wedding. A middle-aged couple and their son. The boy was just 18 but looked 14 as he was short and slim with a boyish face that I doubt needed shaving. All weekend he wore jeans and a t-shirt, even to go to the wedding. I must admit, I found it hard not to watch him whenever we were in the same room. He was so cute.

They were leaving early on the Monday morning but the boy, let's call him Sam, arranged for a friend to pick him up later in the morning. The couple left, soon followed by my wife who was going to work. I could please myself when I hit the road, so decided to leave for work a little later. I took a shower and headed down stairs wearing a robe to get breakfast. On the landing I could hear Sam singing in the guest bathroom and smiled at the thought of him being naked in there.

Standing there letting my mind run wild I didn't notice the bathroom door open. Sam stood there, glowing pink from a hot shower, wearing a tiny white lacy ladies thong. He stepped back into the bathroom but didn't close the door. I said good morning and he gave me an impish smile when he returned the greeting.

There was not a lot to fill the panties and he looked like a little girl and my cock reacted in it's usual way. My robe suddenly had a tell-tale bulge and I was about to turn away. However Sam asked me if I liked his panties and I had to be honest and told him most definitely I did.

He slowly did a 360 and his butt cheeks were round and gorgeous. When he faced me again I noticed he had an erection in the panties. His cock was tiny, fully erect it was still covered by the tiny amount of flimsy fabric. I told him he was very pretty. He told me he hoped I would like him as he arranged to stay longer in the hope we could spend time together.

He asked me to open my robe, which I did. His eyes lit up as he feasted on my fit body (sigh, those were the days) and my engorged cock. He moved towards me and put his arms round my waist under the robe. My cock pressing against his stomach as his hands caressed my butt and we kissed. My hands explored his back and butt, his skin was soft and his kiss was passionate Sam moved back a little and kissed my neck and then my nipples. He told me he loved my hairy chest and stomach as he kissed and licked his way down.

Sinking to his knees he gripped my cock in both his hands and started stroking me. I looked down at him as he licked round my head taking a string of pre-cum on his tongue. He slipped a hand between my legs and, placing it on my butt, pulled me to him as he opened his mouth. He took half my cock in and closed his lips round the shaft. Keeping still he was sucking while his tongue worked the underside of my cock.

Sam started moving his head back and forward on me, slurping loudly as he made my cock wet with his spittle. One hand was caressing my balls and the fingers of his other hand were teasing my butt hole. He licked down my shaft to my balls and sucked them one at a time. He then licked under my balls and I raised my leg and put my foot on the banister. He got under me and licked at my hole. It was glorious, his tongue was working my hole while he stroked my cock.

I could have let him do it all day, but I wanted to play with him and explore his boyish body. I picked him up and carried him to his bedroom. He giggled as I put him on his bed and my eyes feasted on his small slim body. I ran my hands up his legs and thrilled at the silky smoothness of his skin as I caressed his thighs. His cock was hard and I could see it held tight against him through the lacy panties. It was the smallest, and cutest, cock I had ever seen.

My fingers teased his groin where it met the top of his legs and then I continued moving up. Caressing his tight stomach and hairless chest. He raised his arms and even his pits were hairless. I kissed and licked one of his pits and licked my way to one of his nipples. He squirmed as I sucked and nibbled on one then the other nipple. His hand on my head keeping me at his chest I ran a hand down his stomach and cupped his cock in my hand.

He groaned as I lightly squeezed his cock and balls. I sat up and looked again at his crouch. A wet spot was growing on the white fabric and I really wanted a taste. I pulled the little bit of fabric to one side and his tiny cock stood proud, the gland glistening with pre-cum. He was, as I expected, totally hairless there too. I bent over him and licked all round his groin and his balls. Then using just two fingers I held his cock upright and took his head into my mouth. His pre-cum was oozing and the head was hot and smooth on my tongue. He tasted fantastic and I was sucking and licking and taking him all the way in.

I was eagerly sucking on his sweet cock while he pulled my robe off me. At his suggestion I straddled him and we 69'd for a while. I then rolled him over and he spread his legs. Pulling the string of his panties to one side I was looking at the sweetest little butt hole ever. Pink and wrinkled it really needed a good licking. I was eagerly licking him while he moaned loudly. I then sat back a little and pressed a finger to his hole. He wriggled his butt as it slipped into him.

Sam was tight and hot as I probed and my finger explored. Soon getting two, then three fingers in him as his muscles relaxed. He asked for a condom which he put on me using his mouth, rolling the last bit back with his fingers. He then gently pushed me onto my back and straddled me. He held my cock upright and slowly lowered himself onto me. He looked into my eyes as my head popped into his very tight hole. He stayed still for a moment then wiggling his hips he lowered himself on my shaft until he was sitting on my hips.

Moving slowly at first Sam worked up and down on me. When he was taking it harder I started thrusting up to meet his downward movement. He rode my cock (still wearing his panties) while I pinched his nipples. His little cock bouncing with our movement. He got off me and laid on his back with his legs held high. I moved and pressed my cock to his now relaxed hole and it slid all the way into him. He had his arms hooked under his knees and I took my weight on my arms as I worked up to a power fuck our bodies jerking with every thrust.

He was moaning loudly as our bodies slapped together. His ass muscles working expertly on my cock. He called that he was going to cum, so I slipped out of him and took his cock in my mouth. I bobbed on him a few times and then he shot his cum. It was not a lot but it ejaculated with a f***e that surprised me. I eagerly bobbed and sucked on him as I swallowed his cum. When he was spent he asked me to fuck his mouth to finish.

Never needing to be asked twice to do that, I removed the condom and got over his face. He opened his mouth and was soon eagerly sucking on me as I slid my cock in and out of his wet lips. Not wanting to go deep I only gave him half my length, and could feel the back of his throat each time. He put one hand on my stomach and pressed to stop me moving. His other hand went on my butt and he slowly pulled me into him. He raised his head, gagged a little, then slowly my full length went into him.

Letting Sam make the pace I kept still as he moved back and farward on my cock. A few times he kept me deep in his throat and licked at my balls, then went back to bobbing on me. As I was getting closer he rolled me onto my back and eagerly sucked, stroked and bobbed his head on my throbbing cock. I warned him as the shakes hit my body. He gripped the base of my cock really tight in his hand and sucked on my head. When I came it was with a f***e I hadn't shot for years.

It was as if I had been saving my cum up for this boy, I shot load after load of cum. All of which he dutifully swallowed in time for the next jet. My body was jerking involuntarily as the climax ran through me. One of my best ever orgasms. Sam licked and sucked at my cock as it slowly went soft. The post-cum sensitivity of my gland was at it's highest and I was twitching as he continued gently sucking on my soft cock.

When Sam was done enjoying my floppy meat in his mouth he sat up, pointed at his hard cock and smiled. I smiled too, he wanted to fuck my mouth. I laid back with my head over the side of the bed and he got into position and in no time I again had his sweet little cock sliding into my mouth. From time to time he moved for me to lick at his ass then slipped his cock back into my mouth. He gave no warning, just slipped out of my mouth and shot his load. A few hard jets of thick white gloop over my lips and tongue, then quickly moved in to kiss me. His cum making our lips and tongues slippery.

We went for a shower and again gave each other a bj and were dressed just in time for the arrival of his friend, who was obviously his (top) boyfriend. I still have Sam's little white lacy panties in a draw :)

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