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Fucking a Mom and Son in Bangkok

I had read so much about sex tourism in thailand and I made up my mind I was going there! Cute women, trannys, gays..My idea of heaven! Went online, did some research and went ahead with the bookings.

One fine june afternoon, I landed in bangkok. Got a taxi and drove striagt to my motel. It was a decent place, a tad run down, but it didnt really matter much to me. I wasnt there for the ambiance. At the reception was a sweet middle aged lady. I checked into a single airconditoned room, had a short nap. Showered, and I was ready to go for the evening.

Went into a go-go bar "midnights princess"...a loud place that was full of people. After a couple of drinks, I headed to a private room with Kimi. She was one of the few who spoke english . She had a petite body, nice round boobs and a fabulous ass. She was gyrating to the music and all over me as we talked..she asked me what I was in thailand for, and I couldnt have been more honest. i spilled all my fantasies to her...which included being with 2 guys... having sex with a tranny and a girl at the same time etc. She laughed me off saying all that was way too tame for thailand....I could fulfill those fantasies in a flash she said. She whispered into my ears..

"do you want the dirtiest craziest fantasy you never thought possible fulfilled?"

I was apprehensive... I asked her what she meant...

"do you want to be with my mother and b*****r at the same time?"

OMG I thought to myslef.... She was pimping her f****y. This chick was wild.

I acted hesitant. She said that her bisexual b*****r and mom had been meeting guys together in thier home in Sakhon, about an hour from Bangkok. She said she could arrange a session the next day. There I was quivering with excitement at her words. i jotted down her number. She asked me to call her around noon.

She unzipped my pants, gave me sloppy BJ and I called it a day!

I was so excited, i hardly got any sl**p that night...despite all the jet lag.

Had breakfast, went for a nice massage (I avoided the happy ending) and took a stroll around the antiques market to calm myself down.

I was nervous.. what was going to happen this afternoon. At around 12, I called her.

She said her mom and b*****r would be ready and waiting for me by 2:00OPM. She quoted around 7000 Thai Baht, and said I would have to pay cash as soon as I entered their house. She gave me the address and a landmark mentioning a taxi to Sakhon would cost about 400 baht.

Yup, I was all set to fuck a mom and a son at the same time.

I went back to my hotel,had a light lunch of thai noodles. I was excited and a little nervous. I finished showering, wore on a pair of jeans and a comfy tshirt and splashed on some mild cologne. I called the reception for a cab.

Afte a halfhour drive through suburban bankok, we reached relatively sparsely populated area. The driver dropped me off at Rus street. I found house # 44.

Knock! Knock!

My heart was racing faster. What was I in for??


I was greeted by a cute middle aged thai woman, who was probably her early 40's.She was about 5' 5", dark eyes, long dark hair,nice perky tits, a reasonably flat tummy and and a perfect butt. She was wearing a tank top and track pants.

"Hi, Im Lanna " she said."Come in. Kimi told us about you"

"Adam" I replied as i walked in. She called me into the bed room. Which was a cozy little place with a nice big comfy bed.

I heard the bathroom door open and a cute thai guy with a close haircut walked out. Wearing just tight white underwear! He was hot, clean shaven and had a reasonably toned body. he was probably 18.

I was feeling a little awkward and horny at the same it.. We shook hands. Lanna introdued us..."This is my son Toshin", she said as she pinched his ass through his undies. "shes always so horny

"so adam" she said in her thick thai accent. DO you want to see what I have to offer you today, as she rubbed his groin through his underwear.

She pulled down his underwear..exposing her sons cock. "Yeah, My sons fresh Thai cock"
it was nice cut cock about 6 inches.. wasn't too big but looked awesome with perfectly round balls.

She made him turn around and bend down as she removed the back side of his underwear...
"And my sons tight little anus"

He has the cutest boy ass ever: a tight bubble butt,clean shaven, his hole looked fresh and inviting. She took a lick of his opening as he moaned.

"Now your going to be a good boy and please us" she said to him.

She got down to her knees and her sons stiff cock in her hands and began rubbing it. Gently ... then she moved her head towards him and begain giving him a tender blowjob. "mmm he loves it when mommy sucks his cock" she said. mmmm

Oh my gosh! This was crazy!

"are YOU ready for the fun?" she quizzed

"Oh yes", I said nervously.

He came over to the bed and sat next to me...he slowly removed my tee shirt as I lay on the bed...and started sucking on my nipples...moving slowly down to my bellybutton and back up to my chest and nipples... I was tingling with pleasure. This guy was a pro.

His tongue gently lapped up and down... followed by a tender nibble...and then back to sucking motion. Never did I imagine that i'd enjoy having my nipples sucked. Heaven!

His mom was wathcing us...she looked really aroused and began removing her clothes and striiped down to her underwear.She came besides me...and began stroking my hardness through my jeans...

I couldnt bear the tension anymore... She helped take my jeans and underwear off. She grabbed my manliness.. and began stroking it with her hands... gentling teasing by licking the glans...and then moving up and down the shaft.

Toshin moved down ... focusing his attention on my balls...licking then and cupping them. He moved up to my cock sharing it with his mom...They kissed with my precum thick in their mouths

It felt amazing...having a mother and son give me their undivided attention at the same time.

I got up, and removed Lannas bra...her breasts were rounded, well shaped and had cute little pink nipples. Gorgeous! Toshin removed her panties....she had a nice pink pussy with a cute landing strip. It looked tight!

She lay on the bed... Toshin and I began sucking on her tits....gradually pleasing her. She was going wild... and fingering her pussy. I moved down to her pussy and begin licking her out.I ran my tongue up and down her clit she moaned.Then i pushed my tongue into her clit to taste her nectar. Mmmm..she tasted good. There was a hint of sweetness in her juices that just made me hornier. I began tongue fucking her.

By now, Toshin was moving on to her face, fucking her mouth. His cute little balls and ass moving to and fro as he went in and out of her mouth. I could see the crease of his anal opening every time as he pushed into her mouth.It was slightly tanned and tight as hell!it looked so inviting. I was so horny i stopped and caressed his butt and balls.

He got off his mom and lay on the bed...with his legs in the air..his cock, balls exposed. I begain sucking on his cock...he tasted felt good to have his throbbing cock in my mouth. I licked his balls and perinium. I was this close to his love hole. mmmm!

He sensed my instincts and pushed his legs into the air exposing his glorious litle hole. It was really hot: I parted it... It was clean, almost the same color as the rest of his body and was as tight as hell ! I took a whiff of him...he smelt great down there...I moved my tongue around the opening...took few licks and began inserting the tip of my tongue into his rectum. It felt great. He was moaning...deep in pleasure!!

She said...thats enough.. i want you to fuck my son!

I reached for a condom...

She grabbed it back and said "No way", "your going to fuck him WITHOUT a condom". crazy...but i consented thinking of the warm little shithole sliding down the skin of my cock....

She pouured a little lube around it...and gave my a light handjob

Toshin was leaning over now, doggie style... His mom licked his crack and poured some lube over it...and she slowly begain givin him an anal massage."your still tight as a ever baby boy she said" . putting her fingers into his rectum...followed by some deeper strokes. I could see... he had a really tight sphincter...I knew it was going to be a fuck of a lifetime!!

I got over him and mounted him... as his mom slowly moved my cock near his little hole.. I could bear it no longer...I gently pushed the head of my penis into him... he moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. It felt awesome! I slowly inched my way into his ass as his mom was playing with mine. Her head was buried in my ass crack as i lunged to and fro of Bryan.

His spincter was sqeezing my cock in all the right I moved in and out.I knew I was about to come... His mom lubed her fingers and pushed one into my ass. OMG...that felt great. Here I was fucking a guy in the ass and having my ass toyed with by a cute babe. She finger fucked me good...sliding her svelte fingers up my bum hole...

I took my cock out of his ass and stuck my cock into Lannas mouth.Giving her a taste of her sons love tunnel. This made me so horny that I pumped my thick hot semen into her!!

She licked every drop off it into and shared it with her son toshin. He took a mouthful from her and moved down to her pussy, licking it and finally spat a little into her love box!

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