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My uncles friend

In december my uncle came up to my house for the weekend and he brought this fine ass girl. she was absolutley gorgeous! she was about 5/6 and about 115 pounds and nice little tits! she had a lip ring and bellybutton ring. we were all watching tv and my uncle fell asl**p.

She was laying on the one couch and i was laying on the other. it was about 1 AM. she looked over to see if i was awake. i said yeah im up. then she came over and layed with me. now i was 16 and she was 19. she was laying in front of me with my dick rock hard right next to her pussy. i was just laying there with my arm around her. she looked at me then we started to kiss.. my uncle looked up right after we stopped and then went back to bed. so to make it safe we went into my bedroom.

We were laying with eachother kissing and rubbing eachother. i took her shirt off and then started feeling those nice little tits. her nipples were rock hard. i started to pinch them a little then i sucked them. she loved when i sucked her nipples. she was moaning so loud. then i went back up to her and started tounging with her again.. then i felt her hand by my cock. she unzipped my pants and started rubbing my raging boner through my boxers. then she unbuttoned my pants and just pulled it out.. she started stroking it and it felt so good.

I reached down in between her legs and started rubbing are pussy through her pajama pants. i could feel how wet it was already. i then went under her pants and then under her panties. i started rubbing her clit and slowly putting one finger in her tight little hole. she then pulled my hand out and got off my bed.

She got down on her knees and started sucking my little dick. it was only about 6.5 inches because of my young age. she was deep throating it and it felt fucking amazing. she looked at me as she was sucking my cock and then smiled and came up to my face. we started making out like crazy and then i reached down and i put my cock right near her pussy hole. she grabbed my cock and lowered her self onto it. she was so god damn tight it was unbelievable. she started bouncing up and down and i was just playing with those tits..

We rolled over so i was on top and i started pounding the shit out of her.. i was going so fast my balls were slapping so fast it started to hurt.i took it out of her then got down and started licking her pussy juices. and sucking on her clit.. i was doing that then she started putting my head closer and closer and then started bucking her hips and she just came all in my mouth..

That made me so much more horny i hopped back on her and i started to fuck her so hard.. then i took it out and slowly put in her ass.. i could tell she never did it because it was so tight and i had to go very slow.. but after a while i picked up the pace and she loved it..

After about 10 minutes of fucking her in the ass i pulled out. she got on her knees and started to suck my cock and taste her ass. it was amazing seeing her suck the cock.. then i started to jerk it so i can cum. she just sat there with her mouth wide open with her toungue out. i put it in her mouth and just blew it. i came so much that it started coming out of the side of her mouth.. but she made sure she got every drop of it..

That was not the last time we fucked that weekend.. but all i can say was that was the best weekend i have ever had in my life

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