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Fucked By My Coach & A Masseuse!

Fucked By My Coach & A Masseuse!

Remember Coach Smith made me the team captain after our wonderful fuck? I had a responsibility towards the school, team and him. Well I have been living up to all 3 of them wonderfully.
Our team was better, We won loads of trophies for our school and I fucked Coach Smith as and when he felt like it. We banged all the time. After practice in his room, In the locker area, In the shower area and even on the fields after sundown. Coach Smith loved banging me bad. We both always had a great time. I owed it all to him. I was like his slut, He had me present when he demanded and we had an eventful time. ;)

Today.. During practice, Brit and I had a little tiff while lead her to kick me hard on the shin, It hurt and I fell and got a minor sprain. Coach Smith was pretty upset and called off practice and took me to his place and called for a masseuse for me to ease the pain from the shin and sprained leg as it was season time and I needed to play at my best. The masseuse was Coach's friend a hot and handsome hunk who must be in his early twenties, grey eyes, amazing tan, nice abs , tall and a killer body. He set up the bed and he asked me to strip down to my panties. Without hesitation removed my clothes in front of Coach and the masseuse, as i was used to being naked around coach. The masseuse's name was Mark. I was in my thongs now and he was staring at my breasts. The coach laughed at Mark's expression "Its ok Mark, She's the Captain I was telling you about" Coach winked. So they have discussed me. Great, I could feel a rush in my cunt right now. "Ah, She's a sexy piece. Nice catch Smith." Mark said and asked me to lay on the massage bed. I didn't bother to cover my ass as he knew what a slut I was and I so didn't mind being in my thong.

He started to apply warm oil on my shin and kept massaging it for a while. He worked up my legs.. His hands were working wonders on the shin and sprained leg. The pain had nearly vanished. He now reached my ass and applied a lot of oil on it, "My thongs will get dirty" I claimed to while he giggled and slid them down my ass and threw them on the corned. Coach smith was sitting besides me on the table stroking my back. Mark had now made his way onto my ass and was massaging it. Soon I could feel oil in my ass and on my pussy slit, I automatically spread my legs for Mark. I was pretty wet already. Mark slid 2 fingers on my pussy and was massaging my cunt well while his other hand's fingers had worked their way inside my ass hole. I was bald, My ass and cunt were tight. I had 36C round firm breasts and pink puffy nipples. They were always sore and pussy as coach loved to chew on. Seeing me spread out, I could see coach getting very turned on, I could see his hard-on through his pants, As he was stroking my back, He took my hand and lead it inside his pants onto his dick. Hard as usual, I giggled and began to stroke it. We had never had sex or done anything like that infront of any other person. I was stroking his dick fast as Mark was massaging my asshole and cunt amazingly. Coach dropped his pants and stood up and directed his dick inside my open mouth. He held my hair and was fucking my mouth gently. I could taste precum on his dick already. I sucked him while I played with his balls and made my way to his ass hole and stuck a finger inside, He immediately shot loads of cum deep down my throat and I swallowed it like a good student/slut.

"You guys are crazy" Mark said as he was massaging my back now, While he still had a hand working on my wet wet cunt. "Why so? She's amazing Mark. Try her. You will shot your best load ever" Coach winked at Mark. Mark jumped at the offer and pulled his pants down and came near my face, and held his cock out for me "Suck It!" He ordered me, I got weak under orders, I love them. Immediately open my mouth for his cock "That's my girl" Coach exclaimed as Mark entered my mouth. He was huge and hard. He too had precum, I hadn't even stroked him and he was super hard. He was trying to fit his whole cock inside my mouth and was deep throating/gagging me bad. Holding me hair shoving his cock deeper down my throat. I too worked my magic and started to play with his balls for a while and soon he shot loads of this thick creamy warm cum down my throat. "That was quick" Mark exclaimed at Coach Smith. "She has that effect on people" Coach told him.. While Mark was fucking my mouth Coach was behind eating my pussy and fingering my ass.. I came quick as he drank me dry. Now Coach turned me so my boobs faced up, It was Marks turn to return the favor so he got down to my pussy and started to lick it well.. "Umm, Ashley you taste amazing" Mark told me.. in the mean time Coach was now at my boobs, Squeezing them, nibbling on them, chewing on my nipples and sucking them.. they both were driving me insane.. Mark was digging deeper and deeper inside my pussy. He eat it well.. He too made me cum in no time.. My boobs were sore. "Ahh yeaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhh" i was moaning. Coach loved getting my boobs sore. After Mark finished eating my pussy and drinking me, I got off the massage bed and titty fucked them both using the warm oil. These boys came again, I love making them cum so fast and kept titty fucking them faster. Both shot loads on my titts and face. Coach loved me looking like a cum rag doll with cum allover my tits, stomach and face. The best he loved was to shoot his load inside my ass and pussy. Which he always did.

"Ashley, Lets fuck that wet pussy of yours now" Coach told me after I gave them both a nice titty fuck. Coach led me to his room.. Mark followed. Sexy.. Both were going to fuck me this afternoon. We entered Coach's room. It was huge with a big bed in the center. He picked me and threw me on his bed. "Love how your boobs bounce" Mark told me as I fell on the soft bed.

"Come get me" I winked at them both.. Licked my fingers, spread my legs and started to rub my pussy. "You tease..." Coach got on the bed and spread my legs even further and scooped me and drilled his huge cock inside my wet tight pussy. He rammed it in, in one shot and kept pulling it out and pushing it in. That always gave me immense pleasure. He kept doing that while Mark just stood there shagging his cock. He then got me on all floors and slid under me and rammed his cock back into my pussy. Mark climbed the bed and slowly began to work his cock into my ass.. he was half way in and them thrusted it in, in one go. I was being double penetrated by both these marcho men. It felt amazinggggg.. "Oh yea yea yea yea, Ahhhh ahhh yeaaaaa Coachhhhhhhhh AHHHH" I moaned as Coach was thrusting me faster and harder. Mark was also not any gently by now "Oh yea Mark.. Yeaaa ahhhhhh deeperrrrrrrr ahhh yeaaaaa ahhhhhh MARK" I was moaning both their names as they kept ramming their hard cocks inside my ass and pussy. Coach was spreading my further while Mark was playing with my boobs. Both were having an amazing time while I was bouncing in the middle by their hard hard thrusts in and out of my pussy and ass..
After fucking me like their toy for a while now, Both had cum in my ass and pussy.. and I too had multiple orgasms Coach removed his cock from my Pussy and Drilled it into my ass while Mark was still fucking my ass well.. "Oh noooooo coach! Don't ahhhh no pleaseeee NOOOO" I was yelling as he was trying to fit his cock inside my ass along with Mark.. "PLEASE NOOOO" "Shut up you slut, Enjoy us" he slapped my ass and he was inside me now, Both synchronized... fucking my ass in-out in-out.. "Ahhhh, no no no noooooo... ahhh ahhh ahhhh" I was moaning as they fucked my ass... Mark them slipped his cock out of my ass and got under me rammed it inside my pussy. He was now sucking my breasts while spreading my ass cheeks and fucking my cunt bad. Coach was single handedly drilling my ass now.. "Oh yea Mark... yess yesss yessssssssss ohhh yes like that..." I moaned as me ate my boobs and fucked my pussy... "Ashley, Contract your pussy walls for Mark" Coach told me, It always made a guy come faster.. I did so and Mark shot loads inside my pussy. "Ashley!! That was ahhhhhhhhh" he moaned as he shot his load inside me as Coach enjoyed it.
Coach soon came in my ass.. "We are done with your ass now.. Its too gaped for today" He told me and was now back into my pussy with Mark "OH GOD NO! Pleaseeeee no ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO NO NO Coachh! Mark!! Stopp" I was pleading them as both began to fuck my pussy badly...

"Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah" Coach and Mark were moaning as they were using my pussy, Totally gapping it. It hurt like hell but it felt amazing... I was ozzing cum in no time We were exhausted now. Coach was sucking my boobs while Mark was playing with my cunt as we 3 were lying down on the bed "This was Amazing Smith.. Such a treat. Thank you so much" Mark told Coach.. "The pleasure is all mine" I giggled in the middle. "She's the best" Coach told Mark.

They got dresses while I showered in Coach's bathroom. I then got dressed and Marked kissed me goodbye and thanked me for the wonderful fuck I gave him. "Next time, You need a fuck like this, Call me" Mark told me and left. "He really enjoyed all your tight holes my little slut" Coach told me as we drove back to School. "You've gaped my tight holes bad today." I exclaimed as he giggled.. "So worth it."
"I must thank Brit for your minor injury. I gained so much out of it." Coach told me. "Hahahah, So must I, I got 2 hot hunks fucking me nuts" I replied.

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