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New Years Eve Entertainment and a Fantasy Come Tru

New Years Eve Entertainment and a Fantasy Come True!
The night I was the entertainment at a New Years Eve Party.
I did it and it was the most exciting and sexy thing I've ever had done! My husband says it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen!

I have been an exhibitionist all of my married life thanks to my husbands encouragement and dares. He really encouraged my sexuality and bought me a lot of the "show skin" clothes that I really liked to wear.

In our married years I've did a lot of flashing, public sex, I did a few wet T-shirt contests, and stripped in a few amateur contests. I've also stripped at parties and swingers clubs in Phoenix. I have even gotten naked in a couple bars that didn't expect it!

Even while dating my husband and I had always talked about how cool it would be for me to be able to strip privately or at a club for a group of strangers with no inhibitions and just be able to go nuts. I never thought it would really happen in private.

Well, it did happen and that's why I am writing this!

Let me describe my self and get that out of the way: I'm 5' 4," weighed 110lbs, had long black hair, brown eyes. My pussy had been waxed completely, I am a 34C-cup, my husband always said I was a 36 C-cup and I was 26 years old. I hiked, ran or worked out every day (still run) and have been proud of my body.

This is getting real long; I'll try to speed it up!

New Years Eve was coming up and we wanted to throw a party. My husband suggested that we only invite a couple of guy friends and let them bring a friend. I only knew 2 of the guys that are involved, and they had already seen me naked and will keep the secret, so when my husband said "do you want to strip at the party" I said oh hell yes!

Then I asked what he wanted for the show. He said: “strip nude, put on a sexy show, and a full contact show, the guys get to touch me. I gulped and said "sex with the guys?" he said only if I wanted. There would be 8 guys including hubby.

I asked him if going this far was OK with him, he said "my dream too."

New Years Eve night came real quick; I have never been so nervous or excited.

I took most of the day getting ready!

I was dressed in what I thought would be a good outfit to show off my body, I wore a black and red checkered flared short schoolgirl skirt, real short, barely below my ass, G-string and a wrap around white silk blouse that shows a lot of cleavage.

The guys started to arrive, I went straight to the room and introduced my self, and the guys all seemed pleased. My husband gave me an envelope that I just put on the table.

I was soooo nervous that I had a few quick drinks to calm down, it was just past 11pm and midnight was around the corner when one of the guys said let's see a show!

The music got started somehow (Hubby) and the guys all moved to the couches on both sides of a big coffee table, like 6' by 6.' Earlier my husband gave each one of them a Viagra pill, I didn't know what to do, I was so nervous an excited my legs were shaking. My husband walked up to me, took my hand and led me over to the table. I stepped up on the table and just started dancing; it didn't take long before I started to really get into it.

I did every sexy move I ever saw a stripper or dancer do; I really loved how intently the guys were all watching. I started taking off my top without even thinking about it and my already hard nipples got even harder.

I let the top fall to my feet and slowly turned around so every on could see my naked tits. I felt so sexy; the guys were clapping and cheering. I pinched my nipples and licked them slowly with my tongue while the guys watched.

I wanted to be naked! I pulled off my skirt and danced in my g showing every bit of my big ass, I was really getting turned on!

As I danced in my G string the guys couldn’t help it anymore and one by one pulled out their cocks and started stroking their now hard as rock erect cock.

I couldn't stand it any more and pulled off my g. As soon as I felt the air hit my bare pussy and looked at all the hard cocks I nearly came. I got right in front of every guy and spread my legs and then spread my pussy lips so that they could all see every thing. My pussy was so wet it was almost dripping.

I figured it was time to take it to the next level. I looked around at all the cocks and asked who has the biggest dick and stepped off the table and climbed right on top of him, to lap dance him. (A black guy who was invited by our friend Tony was not shy about boasting about the size of his cock). My pussy was rubbing against his dick; he had his hands on my ass and asked what the rules were. I looked him in the eye then looked around the room and said the only rule tonight is that there are no rules. They all went nuts and my husband very quietly smiled. I knew that my husband really meant "go for it"

The guy said that he really want to touch my smooth pussy, I grabbed his hand, leaned back so he could see it and put it right against my pussy. He put 2 fingers in me right away and I came for the first time! I let him do pretty much what he wanted and moved to every guy and had each one of them touch me, every one of them put 2 or 3 fingers in my pussy. I stood with my back to my husband, bent over and spread my ass while he put 2 fingers in my pussy then slid them into my ass, all the way in. I came again! The guys all cheered again! I got back to the BBC, the guy with the biggest cock and stood him up. I said I hope you are ready and pulled his pants down to his ankles and sucked his very thick 10” cock as far as I could into my mouth. It felt so good. Stretching my mouth as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it in as far as he could until I started choking, tears came out of my eyes as he shoved it deep in my mouth as cheers from the guys saying “deeper, deeper”. Gasping for air…

Then I laid him down on his back on the table, straddled him and just dropped. His cock went all the way in on the first thrust. I screamed in ecstasy and pain, I just started bouncing on him, fucking his big cock like crazy as my pussy stretched as far as it has every been tightly hugging his massive cock. The next thing I knew was that a guy was on the table near my head, with his swollen cock right next to my mouth I opened my mouth and he slid it right in. I sucked him as hard as I could and he started fucking my mouth. It was so hot.

I felt hands on my ass, looked around and saw our friend Tony getting right behind me on the table; I realized what he wanted to do and that he was going to put his 9” cock in my ass, (he was my first threesome with my husband and me, well that’s another story) while the BBC was still in my pussy. He poured oil in my ass and over my ass, his cock just slid right in. I came and just kept Cuming.

The BBC and Tony were tearing my pussy apart as each one took turns pumping his cock hard and deep in my ass and pussy, I was screaming in painful delight, and then the BBC finally came then Tony came in my ass, my husband shoved his cock in my ass right after Tony pulled out as I was not letting the big cock leave my pussy, squeezing it with every pussy muscle I had until my husband came in my ass. I loved it. We all got up and I just looked around and said who's next?

Before the night was over every one of the guys fucked me with his hard as a rock cock and came in and on some part of my body. I got 2 more DP’s, even one where two cocks fucked me in my pussy which was just an amazing feeling, and I must have come 100 times!  Some of the guys came more than once and were still hard. It lasted over 3 hours! Till like past 2 in the morning.

When it came time for them to leave we all chatted for a few minutes and we all, especially me, agreed that we should do this again.

I realized that I was the only one still naked. I stood up and said I need to go so last chance for a quick grope! They all did, I got fingered in my pussy and ass by every guy again!

I figured I needed one last rush, so I walked right out of the house naked, let the guys grope me as they were leaving the house, got in our car ( I needed to go!) and asked my husband to drive me around naked. I fingered my pussy as he drove me around and I was so horny that I started to suck his cock as he drove.

We got home after the drive, I got out of the car naked and lay on the front grass, raised my legs and spread them apart and dared my husband to come fuck me, he did and to my amazement we went inside after we fucked in the front yard that we fucked twice more before the sun came up.

Oh, the envelope, there was $2,000.00 in the envelope! You can bet your ass that there were more shows!

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